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No, I'm not Victor Hugo.

Dear Èponine,
If you're reading this, then I've died in service or am MIA or something.

I just want you to know that I love you and always will.

Remember the feeling of my lips on yours, remember us lying together on the couch.

Remember how I was the big spoon and you were the little spoon.

Remember the feeling of us curled up together, watching sucky movies and going to the Musain.

Remember us holding hands.

Remember R telling us to name our first son after him.

Remember it and be happy, Èp, because I love you.

Love, Enjolras.

Dear Èponine,

Remember to take care of Gav for me. Remember to feed our son. Remember to wake up in the morning, because if you don't I'll be very disappointed in you.

Remember that I love you. Remember me when you view the scars on your arms and promise yourself that you won't go back there.

Remember to not lose any sleep over me.

Remember that you're gold.

Remember us sitting on the couch singing Owl City and thinking up baby names.

But remember not to live in the past, because people here need you, too, Èponine. Promise.

Love, Enjolras.

Dear Èponine,

Promise me you won't forget me. I know you'll probably move on, and I can handle that. But remember that I love you, even where I am now.

Promise me you won't burn these, Èp. Promise me you'll keep them as a reminder of the love that never was, as a reminder of the wishes and hopes and dreams.

Keep them, and remember that you've got something worth living for. Remember your Jolras, and promise me to live each day like I was next to you.

Remember that, Èp, and remember that I love you. Always.

Love, Enjolras.

Dear Èponine,

You're pregnant. With a baby boy. He's mine. He'll be born healthy, and you'll live each day for him.


Don't succumb to the alcohol, Èp. You're better than that.

Don't even look at it.

Remember R? Yeah. He's here, too. Two lost souls, right? Sitting next to each other watching you.

I know that this is just a letter, and I wrote this before I died, but remember the baby boy.

It signifies your thing worth living for.

Remember him, Èpona, and don't let him go.

Don't lose yourself. You'll lose what I love.


Love, Enjolras.

Dear Èponine,

I see you're giving up.

I don't want you to.

Don't come to me.

Please, Èp!

I know you're going to give up before you read this.

But remember that no matter where you are, I'm here.

Remember that you can talk to me. I won't think you're crazy.

R's here, too, if you need your best friend to talk to.

It pains me to see you like this, Èponine.

Don't release your hold on the world.

Don't drown yourself.

Don't be like R, Èp. Be yourself, and be the girl I love. Please, Èponine. Please.

Love, Enjolras.

Dear Èponine,

If you're reading this, I'm alive. I've brought it home in the pocket of my uniform, and I remembered you.

And R loves you, Èp. He fought a hard battle, but he's gone now. He left.

I killed the man who killed him. And I enjoyed it. I felt the kick of the gun.

I never thought I'd describe murder as an enjoyable experience, but that one was enjoyable. I relished in it, I ran off the energy it gave me for three days.

Fact of the matter, Èp, I'm a monster.

One who loves you.

Love, Enjolras.

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