Chapter 2: The New Fairy

Aurora came just in time when the dandelion flower turned into a young girl with a pair of wings. The young Princess floated down to greet the new fairy.

"Born in laughter, clothed in cheer, happiness has brought you here. Welcome to Pixie Hollow."

The new fairy turned to Aurora and bowed. "My Queen…"

Aurora laughed lightly, "I'm not the Queen, dear one. The Queen cannot be presence and so she gave me the word to take the responsibility to rule Pixie Hollow for a moment."

"But you wear…" the new fairy made a circle above her head, indicating Aurora's crown.

"We will discuss about this later. Now, we shall look at those wings." Aurora used the talent her Mother has taught her to make the fairy's wings worked.

The new fairy seemed amaze by her wings; she started to flap it and began to lift off the ground. Aurora held her hand before letting her swirled in the air and then came back to the ground.

Aurora waved her hand, mushrooms started to appear around the new fairy. One from every talent fairy placed their talent's symbol on each mushroom.

"What is this mean?" the new fairy asked,

"This will help you find your talent…" Aurora explained,

"What should I do?"

"You'll know."

The new fairy started to come to every talent's symbol. Aurora bit her lip as she waited for the new fairy to get her talent. Was her Mother also got this nervous every time she waited for a new fairy or sparrow man to get their talents? And when the fairy got her talent, what should Aurora name her? Of course, she can't give a random name; it had to be special and meaningful.

And then her nervousness ended when one particular talent glowed brightly, indicating that the new fairy has found her talent…

Thump, thump, thump! What is the new fairy's talent? And what is her name? You all can give me any idea for the talent and name! But I would only pick the best of the best! So give me your best shot!