Chapter 7: Extraordinary Experience

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It was one of a quiet morning in Winter Woods; everyone was sleeping peacefully, including the Princess of Pixie Hollow. She was resting under the light purple blanket made from purple tulips from Summer Glade.

Suddenly a hand shook her shoulder gently, waking up her up. "What…?"

"Aurora, wake up my Darling." Milori said, shaking his daughter's shoulder again.

"Sleepy…" Aurora slurred, covering her face with her pillow. "And Fairy Mary isn't here yet…" she mumbled against the pillow.

"Fairy Mary is busy at the warm side of Pixie Hollow. That is why today you're going to help me here in Winter Woods." Milori explained, "Now wake up Sleeping Beauty."

Aurora groaned in protest but eventually got up. "Alright! Please go out from my room, I'm going to change."

The Lord of Winter smiled, "That's my girl." He ruffled his daughter's hair before walking out from the room, shutting the door behind him.

Aurora sighed and changed into her comfortable princess attire. She opened her bedroom door, a bit startled that her Father already waiting for her in front of the doorway.

Milori looked her daughter up and down, narrowing his eyes slightly when he saw that she chose to wear a dress. "You should probably change into pants."

Aurora groaned, "Why didn't you say so before I changed?! Now I need to go change again!"

But the Winter Lord only chuckled. "I'm sorry, my Princess…"

The Princess rolled her eyes. "Yea, yea, whatever… Wait here, I'm going to change."

And Milori did what his beloved daughter asked him to. He waited there, a few paces from the door. After a few minutes Aurora came out, wearing a light blue short sleeved shirt and dark blue pants just above her knees. She also wore dark brown matching boots and had her hair tied up into a ponytail.

Milori smiled at the sight of her daughter, she really looked like Clarion when she was younger and more carefree. "You look beautiful…"

Aurora rolled her eyes and smiled. "Such a flatter, Father… Should we go now?"

Milori smiled and nodded, offering his hand to his golden brown haired daughter. "Yes, come on."

Aurora took his hand and started walking down with him. "So, anyway… what are we going to do, exactly?"

"You'll see…" Milori said, chuckling at the thought of what he has planned on…


"NO! It is an absolute no!" Aurora shrieked, "I would never ride any of them anymore! It's just a no!"

"Aurora…" Milori began, running his hand against his owl's white feathers. "This is what planned in your schedule for today."

"Father! Riding an owl?! You know I hate it!" Aurora argued,

"You haven't got over that first time you ride an owl with me, huh?" Milori asked, chuckling softly.

"No!" the Princess answered, her face red in embarrassment at the memory of her shrieking while riding Milori's owl when they tried to save the Pixie Dust Tree months ago. (AN: Check it out in the prequel of this story called 'Aurora the Sunset Fairy'!)

Milori chuckled, "You'll be fine, Aurora… I've got a perfect owl for you to ride."

Aurora narrowed her eyes suspiciously. "You've planned this all along, weren't you Father?" earning another chuckle from her father, the princess sighed. "Well… you got me."


"Are you sure it is 100% safe?" Aurora asked nervously to her father. She was currently already on a white owl with marvelous green eyes, holding it's necklace for dear life until her knuckles turned white. (AN: Just imagine like us riding a horse of sorts…)

"Relax…" Milori soothed, petting the owl's neck. "It's safe, Aurora… This one is Aeolus; he's a professional snowflakes basket pickup."

"Are you sure? Because I think I prefer to do Mother's job ins- AAA!" Aurora couldn't finish her sentence because Milori has signaled the white owl to fly into the air.

"Good luck, Aurora!"

Aurora shut her eyes closed and gripped on the necklace so tight that her pale knuckles turned whiter as ever. But Aeolus glided smoothly in the air, making it almost like Aurora was flying on her own instead of riding an owl. (AN: Her fear is similar to Megara's when she rode Pegasus)

Slowly, Aurora opened her eyes and relaxed slightly. The cold breeze of Winter Woods soothed her, and Aeolus' way on flying was also not so scaring. She started to enjoy her ride and smiled, patting her owl's neck gently.

Carefully, she started to let go off her grip on the handle and spread her arms widely, enjoying the wind and her ride. Her laughter rang through Pixie Hollow as she and the other owls that were going to pick up the baskets crossed the border, her wings turned their color back into golden.

She patted Aeolus' neck and smiled. "Thank you… for giving me this extraordinary experience."