Dani grabbed her purse and walked out of her office towards the parking garage. Where are my keys? Dani rummaged through her bag absentmindedly, not paying much attention to her surroundings. What could I have done with them?

Just then a bag was thrown over her head from behind and quickly cinched at the neck. She dropped her purse, fighting with her attacker. What the hell? Dani got in a few good swings. I just heard him grunt. Let's go for that area again. Dani went to punch again but was stopped mid-swing, with her arms pinned behind her back. All right how about kicking.

"Hey Frank, I need some help over here" Dani's attacker called, just as Dani nailed him with a heel to the calf.

"Get. The. Hell. Off. Me." Dani yelled, as her attacker let go, cursing at the damage Dani had down with her shoe.

Dani tried to scramble away, but with the bag still on her head that was hard to do. Dani reached for it. How do I get his off? Dani fumbled with the strings just as she was picked up from both sides, feet dangling above the ground.

"Put me down!" Dani yelled.

"She's a feisty one; I can see why he warned us" the man from Dani's left spoke.

"Not enough. My leg is bleeding from where she nailed me with her shoe!" the man on the right responded.

"Just get her in the car and stop acting like a baby" the left man spoke again.

What is going on? Who warned them? Why do they want me? I need to get away.

The man on the right shifted Dani in order to open the car door and Dani took that opportunity to kick the guy on her right with all her might, nailing him lower-back. The man swore as he dropped her, the left guy completely holding her weight, but only one arm.

Again Dani swung. She nailed the ill-prepared man in the face, giving him a broken nose. "You've got to be kidding me. There is no way she is worth this!" the man spoke to his partner as if he was drowning, releasing her altogether.

As Dani was already scrambling away, the first man, recovering slightly from Dani's kick, pursued her while shouting "Frank, give me your cuffs". There was the jingle of metal and Dani felt handcuffs close around her wrists as her attacker caught up with her.

Dani sighed. I really am screwed now; there is no way to get away from them. "What do you want with me?" Dani asked.

"We don't want anything. We are to take you to a secure location. Now, get in the car." The man said, quickly pulling Dani across the pavement and into the back seat of a car. The two men got in the front seats.

Dani felt around in the back seat, as best she could. She encountered another person sitting to her right. Oh my God, I'm not alone. What is going on? What is this?

"What is going on? Let me out! I have friends who will come after me! He will make you pay!" Dani yelled.

The men in the front seat laughed.

"Is that so, Doctor Santino?" the man seated to her right spoke, a smile playing in his voice. "And just who might come to your aid and make your enemies pay?"

Is he serious?! I'd know that voice anywhere. What the hell is going on!