This is the rewritten version of my older story which I have decided abandon. This story will not have any Sherlock Holmes characters in it, along with a few other changes, such as a change in some of the previous flashbacks and how they are written.

Full Summary: Tony Stark built the Iron Man suit to protect him in battle with the Avengers. When testing out a new weapon for his suit, named the Jericho, the compact missile is hit mid-course, causing an explosion. Tony is captured, and all of the events from Iron Man I happen. When Tony returns to Manhattan, he is a different man. He suffers from PTSD and depression.

Warning: Language, dark themes, self-harm, and some light male/male Stony slash

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This chapter is sort of the prologue.

Chapter One: The Jericho Missile

"I don't understand you sometimes, Tony. Sure, the suit is great for battle, but it would have been safer for you if you had built it to fly itself or something. I don't like it when you risk your life to show off how cool your suit is."

"So you admit it's cool," Tony replies with a smirk.

"You know that's not how I meant it. Besides, why did you have to leave the country just to test your new upgrade? There are plenty of testing sites over here in America that you probably could have just bought if you had wanted to."

"Aww, but that's no fun. 'Sides Pep, some people actually like to take a break from their crazy lives every once in a while for a little vacation."

Pepper sighed, giving Tony an exasperated look over the phone. "Just test your stupid new toy and get back here in the States. You do remember the board meeting we have tomorrow, right?"

"Wha- Oh yeah, yeah. Of course I remember. Don't worry, I'll ever try to get there early," Tony gave his best convincing smile.

"I need to go now, I'm getting another call. Just try to show up to the meeting less drunk than you were last time. I really don't want to have to cover up for you again when you're puking your guts out in the lobby restroom again."

Tony grimaced. "Alright, I'll try. Bye Pep."

"Bye Tony."

Tony Stark closed his Stark-phone with a sigh. He looked out across the deserted hills in the far off distance, spotting the small target markers standing in a row. Tony grinned. His new compact missile would have a better accuracy than the current model in his suit. It would be easier to use during flight, could fly twice as far as his current model could, and it was small enough that Tony could fit in two of these missiles in each arm, instead of just one of the old ones from the Mark IV. Tony walked towards the small tent area to a wooden crate, the sides stamped with "Jericho Missile."

Tony picked up an old and damaged Iron Man suit glove. The hand repulser had been damaged beyond repair in a past fight, but his suit had a shiny new glove fitted to it by the next afternoon. Besides being used to test newer models for compact missiles, the old glove was completely harmless. It had been an annoyance to hold up the heavy metal glove without the rest of his suit, so Tony had simply taken out any piece of unneeded wiring or metal in the glove, besides those used for the compact missiles.

Placing his right had into the glove, Tony used his left hand to load a single missile into the correct spot. Tony walked a few yards to the right, away from the tent and his car. Aiming his hand towards the far off hills, Tony lined it up with the first target.

Time seemed to move in slow motion. The missile shot off towards its target at lightning speed. About half way to the hills, a small, almost invisible object collided with the Jericho. The desert valley was covered in an intense, blinding, white light.

Tony looked up, dazed and confused. He was lying on his back, and people he had never seen before were surrounding him. When had they gotten there? Where were they taking him? Why did his chest hurt so much? And why was he so damn tired all of the sudden?

The last thing Tony was aware of before losing consciousness was being forced into the back of a Land Rover, which gave a hard jerk as it rushed off to a place unknown.

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