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Chapter 1


Standing outside the Gilbert house, Damon finally found the courage he hoped the several glasses of Bourbon would provide. Waiting until he was sure Elena was in the bathroom, Damon climbed in through the window and sat on the end of the bed.

Finally, after what could have been minutes or hours later, Damon's keen senses picked up movement from Elena's connecting bathroom and her thumping, erratic heartbeat alerted him to her entrance into the bedroom.

"You scared me"

With his usual smirk missing, the Vampire replied "Just doing my part in the neighbourhood watch."

"Thanks. For looking out for us. For me." Sincerity and gratitude rang in every word.

"That's me. Trusty bodyguard. Calm in a crisis." Again the Vampire's word lacked his usual sarcasm and smirk – he actually sounded upset.

"Have you been drinking?"

"Eh" Damon shrugs.

"And you're upset. That's not a good combination."

"No, I'm not upset. Upset is an emotion specific to those who care."

"Come on, Damon" Is it wrong that Damon enjoyed the way his name rolled from her tongue "That's a lie. You care."

Now he was angry "You're surprised that I thought that you would kiss me back. You can't imagine that I'd believe that you'd want to."


He ignored her and carried on "That what we've been doing here means something. You're the liar Elena. There is something going on between the two of us and you know it. And you're lying to me and you're lying to Stefan and most of all you're lying to yourself. I can prove it."

Damon took a step forward, Elena stepped back. He grabs her face, goes to kiss her.

"No! Damon! No. No! Listen to me! Damon, I care about you. I do, but I love Stefan. It's always going to be Stefan."

Just then Jeremy walks down the hall and stops in the doorway. Damon snaps his head round to glare at him. Elena looks up, surprised, and realising what their position must look like to an outsider unsuccessfully tries to remove herself from Damon's strong grip.

"Elena. What's going on in here?" Jeremy is suspicious.

"Nothing, Jeremy. It's ok. Just go back to bed." He doesn't move, doesn't believe her in the slightest.

"No. It's not ok Elena." Damon interrupts, still glaring at Jeremy.

The next thing she knows, Damon has gone from her side and pinned Jeremy up against the wall.

"No, Damon. Stop it!" Elena pleads, a lump in her throat, the tears nearly escaping.

Damon looks back over to Elena then back to Jeremy. Silently debating. An emotional war raging inside. In the end, his anger and betrayal and upset win. Damon has snapped Jeremy's neck.

"Damon! NOOOOOO!" Elena runs to Jeremy's lifeless body and falls to the floor. Failing to notice he wears his Gilbert ring. Jeremy will be OK.

Guilt starts to eat at him. He failed to notice the ring too. Dropping his mask firmly in place, Damon blurs from the room.


That was three hours ago. Since then Damon has sat unmoving in the Salvatore Boarding house Living room. Countless glasses of Bourbon, yet he is still not drunk enough. The same memory playing over and over and over. He is sure Stefan must be with Elena now, knows what he did. Finally he has had enough, he gets up and paces the length of the room. Suddenly, before Damon has time to register his actions he is up the stairs and entering his room, while the shattering of a glass against the ornate fireplace rings through the room. Damon grabs his duffle bag, grabs the first things his hands touch and shoves them into the bag, blurring around the room.

They don't need me. I just cause problems. They'll be better off if I just leave.

One last look around the room to assure he has everything; Damon closes the door behind him and is sitting in his 1969 Camaro. He briefly entertains the thought of leaving a note. Then decides against it.

No destination in mind, Damon starts the car and just drives. All he knows is he has to get as far from Virginia (and the people in it) as soon as possible.


Days, weeks pass. Voicemails and text messages go unanswered. Countless dead left in his wake. It was time Damon went back to his old ways; answering to no-one…Especially not St. Stefan and Ice Queen and Witchy.

But being five hundred, give or take, had its drawbacks; the switch wasn't as easily turned off anymore, Damon had seen more than anyone could imagine and there were only so many places around the world that could be visited, and enjoyed, more than, say, the first three hundred times. So it was with a heavy heart, and soul that Damon actually contemplated, several times during his drive, finally ending it all. Finding a nice spot, removing his ring and letting the sun have him.

Only, whenever even the briefest of thought about suicide entered his mind, did Damon feel an absolute crushing sensation in his chest that just wouldn't allow him to go through with the stupid plan. Damon finally realised that maybe the sensation was hope. Hope for what, he didn't know, but hope all the same.


Damon didn't know where he was, nor did he care. All that mattered was that there were plenty of sorority girls for him to bed and feed from – not necessarily in that order – in the anticipation of chasing Elena and Hope filled thoughts from his head, although Damon knew that even if he got the peace he wanted, it wouldn't last very long. He should know, Damon had done the exact same thing in every place he stopped in since leaving Virginia.

After Damon had had his fill of girls, he decided it was time to move on. Maybe find a nice small town, and try to cause some serious chaos and mayhem. After all, that's what Damon lived for now.

This is how Damon found himself driving into the state of Washington. Forks, Washington to be specific. A town with a near-constant cover of cloud and rain and a population of 3,545. Small enough for people to know mostly everyone and each other's' business but large enough to have a nice tasty selection and also a completely different environment than what Damon were to normally chose, should St. Stefan try to find him.


Later that night as Damon was driving down Main Street, he came across Forks Diner. A place teeming with people. A good place to get a feel for the town, the people Damon thought to himself. So he pulled his '69 Camaro into the parking lot and strolled into the diner, instantly focusing on a group of teenagers who seemed like possible snacks for Damon's duration in the small town. He also took note of the two pretty waitresses arguing about who was to wait his table; the table of fishermen; the four tables holding four different families, obviously out as a treat; the various singles sat at the bar; and finally the cop – with the best pornstache he'd seen since the 70's – with who looked to be his teenage daughter.



Charlie noticed the newcomer first, since Bella's back was to the door, not that she was particularly interested in anything going on around her, ever since Edward's leaving and then Jacob telling her they couldn't be friends, but Charlie had insisted she come tonight. Thought it would be good for Bella to get out of the house. So it was with disinterest that she turned around to see what had occupied Charlie's interest –it was a man, probably the most beautiful man – human man – she had ever seen. He looked tall, about 6'1", black as night hair that fell across his forehead and the most striking, iciest, blue eyes Bella had ever seen, even from where she was sitting, she could see them. Bella could just feel her mouth drop and her eyes widen, she was sure she looked like an idiot – cue the familiar pink blush that so often coated her cheeks.



Once sat in the booth he had chosen, Damon could feel someone staring at him so looked up. What he found was the most expressive – but at the same time, blank, obviously hurt – chocolate brown eyes framed with long dark eyelashes, gorgeous blush painted cheeks, full, kiss-me lips – the top one slightly fuller than the bottom one – and an overall beautiful heart-shaped face framed by long, wavy mahogany locks. She was beautiful and Damon had to know her name. It was in this moment that his plans for chaos and thoughts of Elena and Mystic Falls went flying into the rain-filled night.

Damon had finally found what he didn't know he'd been searching for; the reason he couldn't actually go through with his plans of suicide.

Not that Damon was consciously aware of any of this. Not yet, at least.


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