Author's Note: Alright, everyone this is new well new to me anyway and sadly I'm sure most of you have read something similar…Yes, everyone this is one of those Harry goes back in time to save everyone stories, hopefully it will have some originalness to it. I've just always wanted to try my hand at it. Hope everyone likes this I'm mostly trying this prologue out to see if anyone will read it. By the way this is not Beta'ed because I don't have one so you'll have to ignore any blatant errors I try to catch them but I miss them occasionally. Cheers and I hope I have a few takers on this!

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The Raven's Time


The dark marble walls of the corridor were as foreboding as always to him, after all this is where everything began to fall apart for him. This was where the first person he ever cared about and who actually cared about him left him forever. Of course, that was several years ago now, ten long years of nothing but death, terror, and loneliness. How could they have even hoped to accomplish anything of importance at that age? Searching for items lost to time for centuries at the age of seventeen, with nothing but a story book, a snitch, and a lighter that stole lights from anything. No, Dumbledore was a senile old fool and he was an ignorant naïve child to believe that he could do anything against the Darkest Lord of history with only a pathetic attempt of six years of school. How he had survived that thrice cursed Hogwarts Battle he still didn't know, but he was one of the few that did. A year had been mostly wasted in finding Horcruxes, only mostly because they had at least found and destroyed six of the foul things, but otherwise he had simply sat in a tent studying a child's book with Hermione and not studying magic like he should have been doing.

He shook his head clear as he continued down the hall, for once letting his boots click on the polished floor. None of that mattered now anyway, the Dark Lord was finally dead, the last Death Eater tossed through the Veil, and all of his plans had finalized just an hour ago. He would save everyone, Sirius, Remus, Hermione, Ron and the rest of the Weasleys, he would even save Snape. A half smirk managed to lift a corner of his scared mouth at that bizarre camaraderie. After that battle Snape had somehow been one of the few to survive and had finally explained to him what all he had actually seen in the Potions Master's memories, then continued on to train him in what he needed to succeed. Once more he pushed thoughts of the past to the back of his mind as he reached the door that was his destination. Without a second thought he opened the door to hear the spectral shouts of spells, screams of his friends being hurt, and then the insane laughter of his godfather's murderer. He let out a small sigh as he spotted two men at the bottle of the arena like stairway next to the empty looking archway.

"I figured you would turn up here today," the deep croak of a voice that belonged to his boss echoed off the walls as he came to a stop in front of them.

"Yes, and here I thought I had finally managed to erase the last of your Gryffindor stupidity," the other sneered without any real venom. Harry arched an eyebrow at the former Potions professor, the slight but constant shaking of the man's hands the only sign that he was in constant struggle to remain alive against Nagini's poison.

"What are you doing here?" Harry asked ignoring the familiar barb.

"Well, for one, I'm here to talk my best Unspeakable into not breaking every rule that we have and leaving me short one good agent," Croaker stated as he crossed his arms.

"This is a chance to fix everything, to end that war years before we managed it now. I'll be able to save lives that should never have been lost in the first place. Severus, I'll make sure you will actually be able to continue your passion," Harry retorted, looking from one to the other, he watched Severus close his eyes for a moment.

"That's not the point, Harry, you are not God, or the Fates, or even Destiny if you so desire to test her. Death came for those he chose and you can't deny him anymore than you already have. I know you are lonely but that is no reason…" Severus started but was cut off by Harry's hollow laugh that sent shivers down his already shaking spine.

"Lonely, Sev, oh no, loneliness and I are old friends, this is ending what should have ended Halloween 24 years ago. Croaker, I've already settled everything, now get out of my way. I still need to rearrange a few things here," Harry brushed between to two men to step over to archway and begin to press individual runes that were faded from time.

"And just how do you expect no one to recognize you?" Croaker asked with a sigh. Harry paused to look at them once more.

"Do I look anything like the naïve anger teenager I was at fifteen, Sev?" Harry watched with a smirk as Severus attempted to find something, but failed.

"Unfortunately, no, the eyes may give you trouble though," Harry rolled his eyes at that.

"I can't be the only person with green eyes," He pressed the last rune to listen to many whispered voices go silent and for the filmy invisible curtain to all but him finally become solid to the others. He glanced back one last time.

"Take care of yourself, Harry, and don't let yourself become to unattached to people," Severus said while Croaker nodded his head in agreement.

"No promises," Harry muttered just before he stepped through the curtain that flashed a bright white before going back to the invisible curtained archway that it had been for centuries.

The icy blackness constricted his chest to the point of agony as he forced himself to continue forward towards the slowly growing circle of light that he needed. He listened to everything that he had already gone through flash by him once more. He paused as he finally came to the tall archway to peer out into an empty room, his every breath now labored and a stab of pain like a Crucio going through him with each beat of his heart. He was so cold now; ice crystals formed in his eyebrows and froze his hair into icicles. He glanced down at his shaking hands to see his skin was a pale blue while his breath came out as vapor.

"Just a few more seconds," he whispered as he watched his watch going back to the correct time. He lifted the hood of his Unspeakables robe up to obscure his face as he stepped out to hear the battle come closer. He heard his younger self cry out Hermione's name, quickly he tapped the top of his head to disillusion himself, just before the door burst open and six teenagers stormed into the room. Two of them were being held up by the others, Harry watched himself stare at the Veil in puzzlement only to be brought back to reality by the Death Eaters following them and then for the cavalry to arrive. Now the fun would begin, Harry smirked to himself as he spotted Moody and winked at the ex-Auror. The familiar screams, spells, and laughter echoed in the hall as he glanced over to see Sirius and himself battling Bellatrix Lestrange and instantly went to their aid. He stepped in the way of cruciatus that Bella had sent at Sirius to knock him into the Veil the first time and as he did he became visible to everyone else.

Sirius gaped at the sudden appearance of the stranger in concealment robes simply shrugging away his cousin's Torture curse.

"Prisoner 10318121, I would step away from the Veil if I were you, and take Mr. Potter with you please,"

Sirius shook his head at the deep monotone voice and nodded his head. He stepped back from the platform dragging his godson away with him while his cousin and the stranger now dueled each other. Who was he and where did he come from?

"Sirius, watch out!" his godson's shout brought his mind back to the battle going on around them and he turned to dodge a spell and began to return his own. He never noticed his cousin running off cackling with his godson right behind her until he had his little duel finished and Remus came up next to him.

"Sirius, where's Harry?"

"What do you mean? He's right…" he answered glancing around in search of him. He stared at his werewolf friend then took off through the only door open quickly being followed by Moody, and Tonks while the rest remained behind with the other injured and teenagers.

He froze at the sight of the stranger standing with his godson behind him, protecting him, while Dumbledore and Voldemort dueled with spectacular elegance. Sirius instantly ran towards Harry just as Voldemort sent a wave of glass shards at the stranger in attempt to get to Harry. In an instant Harry was writhing on the floor as Voldemort tried to take over his body. Sirius stared at the sight of Harry's voice telling Dumbledore and the stranger to kill him all the while an evil smirk was on the teens face. He absently heard the floos flare to life as Voldemort's form was ejected from Harry's body. Dumbledore said something but it nothing but noise as he crumbled next to his godson's form.

Sirius' hands shook as he tenderly brushed back the dirty black hair to reveal hazy green eyes that were filled with pain but a small spark of light glittered when the teen saw him.

"You're alright…good," Harry managed just as his eyes closed.

"Harry…" Sirius gasped as he pulled the thin teenager into his arms, tears cascaded down his face at the thought of his failure in protecting his brother's son. He jumped slightly at the hand on his shoulder, looking up he saw the hooded stranger standing there.

"He's alive, but I believe it best to allow Mr. Lupin here to take him away from this madness that is soon to arrive. I'll see to it that you are not Kissed,"

"Who are you?" Sirius asked as Remus gently made sure Harry was still breathing; Sirius' shoulders slumped in relief at his friend's nod. His godson was still alive.

"You can call me Bran for now,"