There was many things that Haruhi Fujioka did not understand. Whether it was calculus to politics, she didn't really question it unless she had too. But there was one thing to Haruhi that she just couldn't stop thinking about, and it puzzled her to no end. Haruhi Fujioka didn't understand what Tamaki found so amazing about the supermarket. It was just a building with many things in it- nothing new, really. After all, the idiot lived in a huge house. Why would he be so interested about a little supermarket? That was the thing about Tamaki; he found everything fun. Even the boring supermarket.

So there they were, Tamaki running all around the store while she tried to buy the things she needed. "Senpai, will you please calm down?" she snapped, looking at fair haired boy. "It isn't necessarily easy to do this when you're acting like an idiot."

"Oh, Haruhi," The boy gasped dramatically, playing his usual act, "You should never use mean words like 'idiot'! Didn't I teach you manners?"

"Whatever," she sighed, her chestnut hair going over her eyes for a brief moment before swiping them away. "You're so dramatic."

"I just want what's best for my little girl!" he shrilled in reply, pursing his lips as he pouted. He didn't say a word as he followed her, watching the back of her head with little interest. He couldn't help but wonder what she was thinking about- Was she thinking about what she was going to buy? Maybe about how cold it is or how long it took to stack those cans of green beans into a pyramid. Or maybe.. him? It wasn't impossible, after all. He was right there after all. Maybe she was thinking nice things. Upon thinking of that, red hit the blue the blondes face, and he stopped walking and began to think even more.

"Tamaki senpai?" Haruhi asked once she noticed that he had stopped walking. "Something wrong?"

Hearing the brown eyed girls voice snapped him out of his thoughts, and he shook his head frantically. "N-No..!" he replied quickly, "Nothings wrong..! Why do you ask?"

"Well. You're all red, and you seem pretty deep in thought," she replied, watching as he shook his head and put on a cheesy smile.

"It's just.. really hot in here, that's all," he lied through his teeth, immediately regretting it. Haruhi was way smarter than that, and he knew it. She would figure out that that was a lie, she wouldn't even have to think. But to his surprise, she just nodded, turning around and continuing to walk. She couldn't help but wonder if Tamaki was getting sick, after all he did run all the way from his house to hers in the rain, and that couldn't have helped him at all. She didn't say anything though, not wanting to worry him.

"If you want anything, just ask. Just nothing super expensive, ok? I'm not rich like you," she reminded him, wondering if he would want anything. At first, Tamaki was about to immediately say yes; but he immediately changed his mind seconds later, remembering about all the trouble he had already caused her. She was already doing enough, he didn't want to be a bigger bother. He shook his head No, failing to hide the guilt on his face though he didn't realize so.

She was surprised when he shook his head no, and tried not to question it. But it seemed just so unlike Tamaki. If she had offered that when he was acting 'Normal' he would have been ecstatic about Haruhi wanting to buy him something. That silent shake of the head that Tamaki had given made her feel empty in a way. The fact that Tamaki could act like his goofy self and immediately get serious proved that he was hiding how he felt. "Ok… but if you change your mind, don't hesitate to say so," she told him, receiving a small 'Ok' back.

Tamaki remained quiet for the remaining time after that, following Haruhi's every move until the reached the cash register. After she payed for the stuff she needed, they left. The walk back to her house wasn't any different, accept for the occasional small talk the Haruhi tried to start. She didn't like seeing him quiet like this, she didn't like it unless he was happy. Happy was just the emotion that fit Tamaki, and she was so used to seeing him like that that it was strange when he wasn't. She wondered if it was all an act the whole time, and he wasn't really happy. Could he hold on that mask for so long? Was it all fake?

No, it couldn't be. It just couldn't be. There's no way Tamaki could put on that mask for so long, besides, Kyoya had told her that the blond was a happy idiot before he even made the Host Club.

Haruhi's thoughts were interrupted by Tamaki's voice, "Haruhi! Your house is over here, where are you going?" The girl looked up to see that she was passing where she lived. She must have been so caught up in thought that she wasn't really paying attention.

"Oh, right," she responded, walking up the stairs to her room, a curious Tamaki following behind her. She hoped Tamaki wouldn't pay too much attention to how much she dozed off as she walked. Tamaki pretended not to notice.

"So, what do you want for lunch?"

Tamaki thought for a has the opportunity to taste Haruhi's cooking, and there was no way he was going to pass that up. "You can make anything!" he said, his happy personality slipping out, "I don't care, you don't have to make me anything at all if you don't want to!"

"Well, I've got to make you something. I can't let you starve, right?" She thought for a moment, "It's supposed to be your breakfast, so what about Miso soup and rice? You can have some coffee, too."

"Ok, if that's what you want! I don't care as long as it's made by you!" That comment caused her to roll her eyes once more. Typical Tamaki. There was nothing even remotely special about her cooking, yet he was always so excited about it. How could her food taste anything close to the luxurious meals that he had everyday at his home?

"Alright," she started getting out the supplies and cooking materials she needed, "I'll get started on that. You just sit there and don't make a mess."

Of course Haruhi would say something like that, I'm always making trouble for her, especially now. I'm making trouble for father and grandmother as well. It's always me, Tamaki told himself once again, determined to not be a bother for the host. So he sat still, asking once or twice if the girl needed help only to get turned down. After about twenty minutes, the food was done and they were both sitting on their knees at the table.

Tamaki was excited to try the food, and thanked Haruhi immediately. She decided that she was going to have some too, since watching over Tamaki takes up a lot of energy and she was starting to get hungry. Not a sound was said as they ate (other then Tamaki's slurping); they were too busy enjoying their meal to talk.

"So.. Tamaki," Haruhi hesitantly said, "What are you going to do?"

Tamaki lifted up his head, pretending to not know what she meant by the question. She wanted to know what he was going to do about his grandmother. "I'm not sure what you mean," he said, avoiding eye contact with the younger classmate.

"You're not dumb, I know you know what I'm talking about. What are you going to do about your grandmother?"

He had no idea. The only thing he could think of at the time was going to Haruhi's house, he never thought about what he was going to after that. If he could, he would just never go back. But that obviously wasn't an option. "I… I don't know. I don't want to go back, then she'll punish me for running away and I won't even be allowed out of the house. I won't be allowed to see anyone.I don't know if I can stand that. I was stupid for running away and now I'm avoiding the punishment, god, I'm so stup-"

"You're not stupid, senpai," Haruhi blurted out. She didn't mean to interrupt him, she just couldn't watch him insult himself for doing something anyone would do. "Stop saying that. You don't have to go there right now, you can stay here for a little while. She wasn't treating you right and I wouldn't want you to go back right away. But, you'll have to stop bye and get your clothes, because tomorrow's monday and you have school."

Tamaki shut his eyes at the thought of going back. He didn't want to listen to his grandmother yell at him again. "I don't have to go to school tomorrow, I mean," he stumbled on his words, "I could just stay here, and not go."

"Are you really that scared to go back, senpai?" The look in his eyes said yes, but she wanted to hear it for herself.

"I am."

Silence followed after, but Haruhi interrupted it by saying, "I'll go get them for you."

The golden blond haired boys eyes widened, and he immediately said, "But she'll never let you in, and even if you somehow convinced her, she'd demand to know where I am, and she's probably yell at you and-"

A finger to Tamaki's lips stopped him from continuing, and Haruhi replied with, "It's not a problem, we can go together. She can't prevent you from coming in, and I'll be there to defend you if anything happens, got it? You won't be alone." She wanted to do something to help Tamaki, and if this was how, then so be it.

"-Ok," Tamaki murmured, knowing that the commoner wouldn't take no for an answer.

"Good, we'll leave right after we're done eating."

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