William POV:

It was a normal day at the shinigami dispatch office,well for all except one man. Who is this man, well none other than William T. Spears. Who is currently awaiting some very special guests, guests sure to cause trouble. He is awaiting a group of young shinigami that are here for training and another reason he does not like. You may be wondering whats so scary or why William is pre-pairing for the worst. It's just some new recruits no big deal right he's dealt with this before, well your wrong. These new shinigami are special not only are they expected to be extremely powerful. They are...

William is pulled out of his thoughts by the sound of a portal opening in front of him. He stands up straight and pushes up his glasses as the first person walks through. It's a woman about his height with shoulder length brown hair and the bright yellow-green eyes of a shinigami. She is dressed is a womans business suit that is a deep blue in color,black heels, and her glasses are a simple design with small hearts on them. After her 4 children step out of the portal, all wearing simple white dresses and no shoes. Each girl has long white hair and normal blue eyes, they may all look similar because of their hair and cloths but they're not. Each girl is doing something different, and has their own personalities that they are not afraid to show.

The woman tells them to line up and introduce them selves to we. So after giving my introduction i stand in front of them and wait. The first girl seems a little too energetic and introduces herself as Seria. The next girl was slow and seemed bored with everything, her name was Lia. The third was shy and hiding behind the woman, but told me her name was Ro. The last girl i couldn't tell what she was feeling, she was hiding behind her bangs that cover most of her face. She didn't say anything for a while, only stood there staring at me through her hair. After a while the woman told her to say her name and not to be rude. The girl sighs and says her name and I have to strain my ears to hear it. After the introductions the woman says her goodbyes and leaves through the portal. I turn to the girls after closing the portal.

"Seria, Lia, Ro, and Skullina." I say their names looking at each in turn. "Do you know why your here, and if so how much do you know?"

They look at each other then at me as if using a language of their own. But they all nod yes to my first question and say they are all ready for their apprentice or starter jobs. I nod in understanding and tell them to follow me, and I force myself to walk slower so they can keep up. When we get to the main entrance the trouble started, I knew this would happen. When I open the door and hold it for the girls to go through , all eyes are on us. I expected this reaction because about 90% of the english dispatch center is male shinigami. Most of them have never seen a young female shinigami, and there's a reason why.

"Hey William whats with the kids?" a man from the glasses department asks as I walk past him.

"You will find out soon enough." I say pushing up my glasses. I then head into the front office and tell them to call a meeting for all male shinigami. Even the retired ones, not all shinigami that are retired are old, some have just gotten badly wounded. When this happens they usually retire or take a job as a doctor, or desk worker at the offices.

I step out of the office to see the girls being stared at by most of the staff here. I sigh and tell the girls to follow me to the meeting room, which they happily do. On the way we pass a few other shinigami heading out to collect souls. The girls would try to avoid the males and bow to the females. I can understand the respect they have for their female elders, they were raised that way. Just like male shinigami are raised to respect their male elders. They are taught to respect both but more is supposed to be given to their respective genders.

We reached the meeting room I choose and walk in, the girls eyes go wide when they see the size. It is as big as a theater and has chairs placed in a similar pattern. I lead the girls to the stage area in the front and help them up onto it. By the time I have gotten myself up as well the announcement is herd on the intercom. A hyper female voice echoes through the building saying : ~ All male shinigami please report to meeting room 10. ~ ~ I repeat all male shinigami report to meeting room 10. ~ ~ This includes retired males too, thank you. ~

I sigh and look at the girls. They are sitting on the floor and just waiting patiently. 'Are all females this behaved?' I ask myself as I hear the sounds of the first few shinigami approaching. And an all to familiar yell accompanied by a flash of red going down the hall. My eyebrow twitches in annoyance at the stupidity of the gender confused redhead. For in his rush to find me he ran right past the meeting room. The opening and closing of the doors to the room caught my attention as the males started to file in and take their seats. After about 5 minutes all the reapers are assembled, Undertaker having dragged Grell into the right room. The two are currently sitting in one of the middle rows, next to each other. I motion for the girls to stand and wait for the senseless chatter to stop, when it does I push my glasses up and start to speak.

"You all are wondering why I have called you here, and why only the male shinigami." After a few yells of yes from younger shinigami and soft chuckles from the older ones I resume talking. "The reason is the four girls behind me" i say waving my hand for the girls to move forward. "Some of you senior shinigami know what I'm about to say, and I ask you to remain quit while I explain to the others." A few yells of What! and the like are said but I continue on."These girls are female shinigami and are here for training." I say looking at the crowd of men.

"How are they shinigami they don't even have the eyes?" yells a young reaper in the back row.

"If you will all be patient I will explain it" I say coldly and glaring at the boy. "As I was trying to say, these are female shinigami ready for training. The reason for their eyes is because they haven't fully matured yet." I state looking to Seria and motioning for her to walk forward more. "The eyes and hair of each girl will change once they are fully matured." "And the best way to explain that is to have an example." I push Seria forward and gesture to the crowd of males in front of us. She looks at me as if asking permission and when I nod she smiles and turns to the crowd again.

She jumps off the stage and runs down the aisles her hair constantly changing color and her eyes now a bright yellow. After a minute she stops in front of one of the young shinigami from the administrative department, and smiles even bigger.

"Yay I Found him!" she yells jumping up and down in joy "Okay I claim my mate!" she yells jumping and kissing the male on the lips. Startled gasp and yells echo through the room, as the girl is enveloped in a bright light. When it fades the girl has been replaced with a woman that looks to be around 20, with long blond hair and traditional shinigami eyes. She has what you would call a perfect figure and is about 5'ft tall.

"What the heck!" yells the young reaper she kissed. I ignore him and address the others in the room.

"A female shinigami does not fully grow until she has chosen a mate." I state letting a small smirk slip out. "She gets the hair color of her mate and her full shinigami eyes when she makes the bond with him." "Even if you were to leave the room, if you are the females mate, she will be able to find you" I hear some protests and complaints from most of the younger reapers. "Now there are three more girls that need to find their mates." " But four more males are to be chosen."

"Why four more and not just three?" asks pops the master glasses maker.

"Because an alpha shinigami female takes two mates." I state simply pushing up my glasses. "Girls" I say motioning with my hand towards the crowd. They all give small smiles and jump off the stage, and do the same as Seria. Ro was the first to change getting the same body shape as Seria but with orange hair. Lia was after her and was the same but with black hair. Skullina was last and seemed to be having a difficult time. But she did stop eventually and where she stoped surprised everyone.