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He was running. Always running. Not once stopping to think about the past, that is, until they forced him to.

It had been almost 2 years since the Guys in White had found out his secret, his biggest secret. The secret that he dared not tell his family for fear of being ripped apart "molecule by molecule." The GIW had figured out what nobody else seemed had. Danny Fenton was Danny Phantom, and what did they do?

Respect his rights as an American citizen?

Pardon him because he was a poor kid who half-died in an accident?

No. They hunted him, like an animal. After two years they had finally captured him. The experience was terrifying. During his time with them they had attacked him psychologically, convincing him over time that the death of his family and friends had been his fault.

He managed to escape them though, but not before they left a large scar on his chest. He appreciated said scar though. The deep cut, which was made with a blade of ectouranium, had been so painful that it forced a ghostly wail out him that destroyed most of the facility, allowing Danny to escape.

"I made it," he stated, as he surveyed the demolished facility from his place in the sky. He began thinking about all those who had perished when it collapsed, all those whom were ignorant of his existence there, all of those who took no part in his torture.

"but at what cost?"

Silently he flew off hoping to find a hospital or a clinic in the nearest city.

Short chapter, but I hoped that you liked it. I can't exactly promise regular updates on this until after the summer ends but I can try. I have yet to decide who Danny should be paired with but I am thinking DannyXRaven. I apologize to any DXS fans, but Sam has come down with a sudden case of death, which will be explained later. If you have input about whom he should be paired with, put it in a review. I cannot guarantee that I will listen, but if you give good reasons for Danny to be paired with someone I just might give it some thought.