Well, here it is. The epilogue and ending to my first story. I've heard a lot of ideas from you guys, and I while I've made the decision to end the story here, I may just write a sequel eventually.

I still own nothing.

Danny smiled as he soared above Jump city.

'Innocent.' The word had been ringing in his head for the entire week following the trial.

It was amazing how quickly the League had shut down the GiW. The second Danny had been proclaimed innocent the league's founding members had gone to speak with the President himself to get them shut down immediately.

Valerie had been ejected from the League for assaulting a defendant before the trial was over, but was made an honorary Titan before returning to Amity Park. She promised to visit whenever possible.

Vlad had given Danny his number, giving him a pat on the shoulder and telling him that he was welcome anytime to visit his mansion.

While Danny was almost sure that he wouldn't accept the offer anytime soon, he was happy that Vlad was now more of a friend than an enemy.

In the end, everything had worked out better than Danny could have hoped.

He continued flying around the city, noticing that it was a very quiet day considering the usual problems in Jump City.

'I should head back to the tower' He thought. 'I've got nothing to do today.'

Soon he was over the T-tower, where he descended and laid down on the roof.

After a few minutes of just staring at the sky, he heard footsteps approaching him.

He turned to see Raven, who walked over to his side before lying down next to him.

For a moment they laid there in silence.

"With all the problems you faced, did you ever think it would work out as well as it did?" Raven asked.

"I never thought it would." Danny admitted, remembering how he hid his secret from his parents for so long, worrying about what they might think. "It all came out all right didn't it?"

A small smile formed on Raven's face as she thought over her experience with Trigon.

"That's what happens when you've got great friends." She said, grabbing Danny's hand.

"You're right." Danny said, squeezing Raven's hand before turning his attention to the sky once more, this time imagining the days to come.

Though, there was one question from his time with the Titans that still plagued him.

'How did Technus get to Jump City?'

Danny sighed, figuring that he would find the answer to that soon enough.

He didn't know just how right he was.

There's the end to my first story. Sorry for the epilogue's shortness. If you all support it I will write a sequel, though I want to dabble in a few other series first. My next story will be a Ranma ½ fic! Thanks for following this one, and if you're a fan of that series, I will be happy to see you there!