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*Set after Z-one is defeated in the Ark Cradle but before the season ends.

*The only duel monster's card that is mentioned in this card is made up.

Chapter 1: The Journey

The twin's apartment at the Tops never seemed like home until now. Team 5Ds had saved New Domino City once again. Upon returning from the Arc Cradle, they all decided to stay at the Tops to celebrate. They walked off the elevator and into the expensive home, not forgetting to let out a sigh of relief. Crow immediately walked to the couch and fell face first and Leo dove onto the carpet that covered the floor.

"Just to think, for a while I was starting to think that I wasn't going to see this place again!" Leo exclaimed as he kissed the floor.

Yusei smirked at him, "I told you everything would be okay." He walked towards the couch Crow laid on and sat in the chair that was beside him.

Akiza slowly walked behind everyone. She was beyond relieved that Yusei was right because for a moment back there she thought she had lost him. She lowered her head and closed her eyes. Without her even realizing, her eyes began to tear up a little, but not enough to be noticed. She did not think she could fathom life without Yusei, after all, he was the only person that managed to get close to her; he was her best friend.

She then felt a strong hand on her shoulder. She quickly opened her eyes to look up at the person. "Jack..." she said softly.

"I know you were worried about Yusei back there, but I figured knowing and seeing that he is okay would calm you down a little." Jack said as he looked at her, then back at the others. The others had already begun to talk about how amazing Yusei dueled back then, with Leo adding numerous sound effects here and there.

"I know," she said looking at the rest of her friends. She then subconsciously grabbed her marked forearm. "It's just scary, all we've been through. You guys are my best friends, if anything were to happen to any of you-"

"Stop thinking like that." Jack cut her off. She looked him in his eyes and saw the same determined look she saw in them when they first met. "It's obvious you were terrified of losing Yusei," his voice was quiet as he was making sure that the conversation stayed between them. "But that is behind us now. No one wants you moping around because of something that almost happened."

Akiza sighed. She knew what he was trying to say, and she knew the slight feelings that she held in her heart for Yusei, but she did not that think that she was so obvious about it. It was hard to act like nothing happened. But she looked at Yusei, and he was smiling. He was happy. So she should be too.

"Your right, Jack." Akiza smiled softly. It was rare that Jack was actually being nice to her.

"Hey you two! Join us! Crow wants to make a toast!" Luna said turning her attention to the psychic and the previous King. She was carrying wine glasses with Sparkling Grape juice. Without hesitation they made their way over to the other signers.

Crow was the first to grab his glass when Luna was finished pouring. "Alright guys, I won't bore you with all the mushy stuff, but I'm glad these marks brought us together!" He said standing up.

"He's right, we make an amazing team, and with all of the support you've given me, I know I can do anything." Yusei said with a smile, raising his glass.

"We finally aren't lonely anymore!" Leo said jumping to his feet and almost spilling some of his drink. "Before you guys came it was just me and Luna!"

Luna smiled. "Without realizing it, you guys have changed our lives for the better. We don't have to feel sad anymore!"

"And I don't have to feel like a monster anymore. You accepted me for who I really was and not who I was forced to be." Akiza for a moment made slight eye contact with Yusei. If it wasn't for him, she wouldn't be who she was now.

Crow looked around and sighed. "This was supposed to be my toast to you guys..."

"Shut up Birdbrain." Jack mumbled loud enough for everyone to hear. They all laughed. "I'm just happy that I only had to deal with you guys. I wouldn't be able to stand anyone else" Jack said rolling his eyes.

Yusei smirked. "Did you actually say something nice Jack?"

Akiza started to nudge Jack with her elbow. "Yeah, Jack, you aren't getting soft on us are you?" she giggled.

"Absolutely not!" He quickly said turning his head.

Crow crept up slowly. "Are you blushing?" His grin then continued to grow.

Jack placed his palm on Crow's faced and gently pushed him back. "Just make the damn toast already!"

Yusei laughed and stood up. He then held his glass up towards the others. "To Team 5Ds!"

Everyone touched their glasses together and repeated him in unison. "To Team 5Ds!"

Later that evening, the gang decided to spend the night with the twins since Luna was still a little freaked out about what happened. Akiza lay in her bed wearing a pink v-neck t-shirt and red short shorts and her eyes half closed.

"I shouldn't be so paranoid. Everything is fine...right?" she said, asking no one in particular. Her eyes finally shut,

"Akiza, wake up. Your test is complete." A familiar voice echoed in her ears.

She snapped her eyes open and quickly scanned the room. She noticed that she was back in a room that she saw many times when she was a part of the Arcadia Movement.

She sat up but was pulled back slightly. She glanced at a machine that was close by her bed and had numerous of wires coming from it. Those same wires were connected to small pads that were stuck on her head. Her eyes widened.

"How did I end up back here?" She thought as she tried to think what happened prior.

"Akiza, you must rest. You have provided me with a large amount of energy and it took a lot out of you."

She swiveled her head quickly in the direction the voices came from. Several feet away from her stood a man that she never thought she would see again. "...Sayer?"She breathed.

"You will fill better in no time" He said smirking.

"What did you do to me?" Her breathing began to become a little unsteady. She felt a negative vibe from him. He just didn't seem like the same man she knew before.

"Don't worry. I'm just going to help you unlock your true powers."

"My true powers? What are you talking about." She was confused. She already knew the power she had, or so she thought.

"There is so much potential in you. You do not realize how great you can be...how powerful you are..." He walked closer. "With your power, you can reach potential and break limits that you never thought you could. The world could be ours..."

"The world? I don't want the world! If you think I am going to help you hurt other people again then you are wrong!" She suddenly got fired up. "You lied to me about the true intentions of the Movement!"

He slightly frowned. "If you want me to rejoin the Movement then you are wasting your time." She said firmly."I have people who actually care about me now and who wouldn't lie to me!"

"Are you sure about that?" Her eyes narrowed.

"Yes!" Then before she actually saw what was happening, the whole scene in front of them changed. She saw her parents sitting at the kitchen across from each other.

"Honey, maybe we should tell her. She isn't happy and this lie has gone on long enough.." Setsuko said, her head down with tears forming in the corner of her eyes.

"We aren't able to make decisions like that." He said with a stern look in his eyes.

"So we are just supposed to always listen to this..this man that we know nothing about?" She said looking in his eyes. He sighed.

"The deal was that we take her in and I keep my job. I need a way to support us."

"I just don't understand why we have to lie!" She said raising her voice. Without talking his eyes off of her he reached over and grabbed her hand on the table.

"We aren't allowed to say a word, or my reputation and my job will be on the line. I know that we aren't Akiza's birth parents, but we can't let her find out the truth." Hideo said closing her eyes.

Akiza eyes were wide. She could not believe what she had just heard. "They...lied?" She whispered to herself. She fell to her knees. "They never cared..."

Just then a strong hand rested on her shoulder. "Now that you know the truth, it's time to let me help you. Let me back into your life and I can give you the answers you desire. You can trust me."

Suddenly Akiza knocked his hand away and stood up. They were now standing face to face and the scene is the background faded. "I did trust you, and you lied! You lied about experimenting on those young kids..you hurt them!" Tears threatened to form in her eyes, but she wouldn't let Sayer see that she wanted to cry. She had to stay strong.

"You lied then and you are lying now! This isn't real! You aren't real!"

"Why don't you go find out for yourself.." Sayer said with a smirk. He then pulled out a card and handed it to her. "Here, you'll need it." And just like that, he disappeared.


Akiza woke up with a start. She waited for her eyes to adjust to the darkness of the room. She was still at the twin's house. She glanced at the clock and saw that it was a little after midnight. She quickly jumped out of bed and put on a red long sleeve shirt and black pants with white flip flops. She sprinted out of her room and out the house, not even seeing if anyone saw her or not. She didn't care, she was upset and she needed answers. Getting on her duel runner she sped to her house.

Upon arriving she noticed that all of the lights were off. Their car, however, was in the driveway. She knew they were home. She hopped off her runner and ran towards the door, not realizing that her powers knocked the door off its hinges.

Upstairs Hideo and Setsuko woke up startled. "What was that?" Setsuko asked worriedly as she clutched onto her husband's arm.

"I don't know.." He rushed out of bed and out of the room, with his wife following closely behind. They stopped in the living room to see Akiza staring at them. Her breathing was heavy and although she was angry, she kept her fists at her side.

"Akiza? What are you doing?" Hideo said slowly, not wanting to upset her more than what she already was.

"You lied.." Their eyes widened.

Setsuko spoke up, but being sure to remain behind Hideo. "Honey...what are you talking about.."

Akiza narrowed her eyes at them. She was scaring them. The last time Akiza saw them like this was when sent Hideo flying against the wall when she was little. They had the same expressions on their faces. They were scared of her. "Are you, or are you not my parents..." Akiza finally said with anger in her voice.

"Akiza, why would you-" Her "father" began but Akiza cut him off .

"Are you, or are you not my parents!" She said louder. She was on the verge of tears. That was when she heard Hideo sigh.

"No..." he said quietly. The wind in the room began to become out of control as objects were flying in between them.

"You lied!" Her stabilizer reluctantly fell out of her hair and she began to cry. Hideo and Setsuko held each other, hoping that they would not get hurt.

"Akiza, please! Stop!" Setsuko tried to get her to realize what she was doing but it was no use.

"You never cared about me! You used me!" All of the lights in the room shattered and the couch was thrown against the wall. Her bangs covered her face but they could see the hurt in her eyes. "You will pay for what you did!" She shut her eyes and screamed. Everything in the house was being destroyed. The Hideo and Setsuko crouched to the ground with their hands over their heads.

"Akiza!" They heard someone's voice and looked up towards the door. The two looked up and saw Yusei trying to hang on to anything to keep him from blowing away. Akiza didn't seem to hear him and the wind kept getting stronger.

"I don't know who to trust anymore! It's all your fault!" Akiza screamed. Yusei lowered his head, trying not to get hit in the face by anything. He managed to look at his body and he noticed he had cuts everywhere from the shattered glass flying around. He knew he had to get to get to his friend and get her back to her senses. He fought against the wind in the room until she was just inches away. Her back was facing him. With no ideas, he grabbed her from behind and embraced her. His eyes were clenched shut as he laid the side of his face on her shoulder.

"Akiza! This isn't like you. Stop!" Her eyes shot open and the wind immediately stopped. Yusei felt the tension leave her body.

"Yu..sei..?" She asked quietly looking down. Sadness was written all over her face.

"I'm here. It's okay, Akiza." He said to her, slowly letting her go. He looked at her parents and they looked absolutely terrified. "What just happened?" He thought. He turned his head to Akiza, who was still crying.

"I need to get back..." She said as she turned and quickly ran out. Yusei took a step towards her direction. He wanted to call out to her, but Hideo spoke before he got the chance to say anything.

"Don't!" Yusei swiftly turned his head towards him, but he didn't say anything. "She is out of control. She's a monster.."

Yusei balled his fists and clenched his teeth. He knew the kind of person she was, and he knew that there had to be a reason behind all of this. He knew that she did not want to be the Black Rose anymore, so he was wondering what pushed her over the edge. He saw that her stabilizer rested on the floor in front of him. Ignoring Hideo, he picked it up and briefly looked at Hideo and Setsuko once more before taking off.

The next morning Crow, Jack, Yusei and the twins were sitting around the breakfast table. Leo was talking about this awesome dream that he had where he was a superhero. Luna tried calming him down but Crow kept egging him on. Jack remained silent. He did not want any interruptions while drinking his coffee. Yusei, however, just stared at his food. When he came back to the Tops last night, Akiza's runner was sitting outside. He knew she was back, but when he found the room she was staying in, he knocked, but no answer. He tried to open the door but it was locked. He looked down. He wanted to help her, but how could he if he didn't know what was wrong?

"It could have been something that her parents did. Akiza would never act in such a way if she wasn't angry.." He couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong. He was working on his runner last night when he saw Akiza sprinting out of the mansion. He called out to her but she didn't seem to hear him. He had to follow her. If he didn't know any better, he would say she looked..scared.

"...earth to Yusei!" Crow said, waving his hand in front his face. Yusei blinked twice and looked at him.

"Sorry, what did you say?" Yusei said feeling somewhat bad that he hadn't acknowledged that his best friend was talking to him.

"Bro, what's wrong?" Crow said, forcing everyone at the table to turn their attention to Yusei.

Yusei tried to force a smile, but it wasn't at all convincing. "Nothing, I was just up all night working on my runner," which wasn't a complete lie, but it certainly wasn't the only thing keeping him up last night. He wanted to tell the others about what happened, but it wasn't his place to say anything. It was Akiza's business, and if she trusted them, she would tell them.

"Where's Akiza?" Luna asked innocently as she looked at the other signers at the table. "We shouldn't eat without her." She sounded a little worried. She didn't know everything there is to know about Akiza, but she did know that she was an early bird. She never really liked sleeping in is what Akiza told her once when the twin was wondering why she wasn't tired at school. Classes at Duel Academy started at 7:30am and she never looked sleepy.

As if on cue, Akiza walked into the kitchen. She stared at her friends. She had some news to break to them but she did not know how. Her eyes were different. They seemed like they were filled with sadness, confusion, stress, but they were also determined. Yusei stared at her. It was obvious he was very concerned about his friend, but he was also happy to see that she was in one piece.

Leo smiled brightly upon seeing her, but almost nothing could get past Luna. She knew something was off, though she didn't know what. She was just fine yesterday, but she felt a strange energy coming from the burgundy haired girl. Although Luna didn't have the powers that Akiza had, she always felt a strong connection to her.

"Geez Akiza, you look like hell." Jack said suddenly. Everyone turned their attention to him.

Crow slightly slammed her fist against the table. "Do you think you could be anymore rude, Jack!" He shouted.

"What? It's not like I'm lying." He said taking another sip of his coffee. Crow growled.

"Akiza! Come join us! We are eating waffles, and I made them!" Leo said proudly as he lifted his head up high, shut his eyes and pointed to himself. Luna rolled her eyes.

"It isn't hard to use the toaster..." She said to him.

Akiza looked at the two twins as they began to argue about whether Leo could actually cook or not. Jack and Crow were also having a "not so friendly argument". You could tell in their faces. But Yusei...Yusei's eyes never left her. She felt like she was being watched like a hawk. She could see that he cared, and knowing what she had almost done last night, she knew he sensed that something wasn't right.

She looked to the ground and closed her eyes. There was no easy way to break the news to them.

"I'm leaving the team..." Akiza said in a soft voice. She was hoping that no one really heard her and that she could sneak out while everyone was still talking, but just her luck, silence filled her ears. She knew that they heard her, but she dared not to look up. It was silent for a solid minute before anyone decided to say anything.

Leo hopped out of his seat and yelled "April Fools!". He then began to laugh hysterically. " Boy you almost had us there, Akiza!"

He then felt a strong grip on his arm. Jack was pulling him back into his seat. "It's June, Leo.." he said quietly.

Everyone was shocked. She knew all eyes were on her. She didn't think it would be so hard, but she could tell through the silence that she didn't want to leave.

"Why?" Yusei finally said with sadness. That was the million dollar question, but Yusei was the only one brave enough to ask it.

She clenched her fists. She could tell that she would have a hard time explaining to them. Sure she loved that she had friends who she could turn to and who cared about her, but just for this moment, for this one minute, did she wish that they wanted her gone; that they did not care about her.

"It's just something that I have to do." She said in return.

"But Akiza...just yesterday we saved the world and now you want to leave? It doesn't make sense.." Luna said in her soft voice. She looked down too. Since they all became a part of Team 5Ds, she looked up to Akiza. She was the role model that she always wanted growing up. Sure she wasn't perfect, but she knew Akiza would so anything for her. If she was serious about leaving, Luna did not want to face that reality.

"Was it something we did? Are we the reason why you're leaving?" Crow said to her. She finally looked up and looked him in the eyes. She looked helpless.

"No!" She immediately said. "This has nothing to do with you, any of you. I couldn't ask for better friends..." It was true, she cherished the relationships that she had with them.

"Then why leave? You know you can talk to us.." Yusei said, trying to persuade her to stay.

"I know..It's just..." She trailed off.

Jack had about enough as he slammed his empty coffee cup onto the table, shattering it. Everyone jumped, clearly surprised at his sudden outburst. "Stop being selfish! Obviously something is wrong and you are trying to shut us out. Last I checked we were a team, and when you are a part of a team one person can't just make such drastic decisions like this!"

"You don't understand, Jack!" She said challenging him.

"What's there not to understand? You are trying to leave the team! If that's not selfish then I don't know what is! If you haven't realized this decision doesn't just affect you!" Jack said with anger hanging on to every word.

Yusei put his hand out towards Jack. "Stop." He said softly. He knew that Jack was only acting this way because he was hurt. It was obvious that he didn't want her to leave, but he would never just outright say it.

Akiza sighed. "I'm not trying to be selfish, Jack.." She said looking down again. "I just don't know who I am anymore.." Yusei listened to her words, trying to tie them into last night's events.

"What do you mean, Aki?" Crow asked, calling her by the nickname they had given her.

"I found out that my parents aren't really my parents. They have been lying to me this whole time." She spoke, earning a gasp from everyone and she was pretty sure that she was getting some confused looks too. "I'm not leaving with the intention of being selfish, and I'm not trying to just think about myself, but everything I know has been a lie. Sayer was using me, and Hideo and Setsuko forced me to live a life I didn't want to live."

No one knew what to say. What would they do if they were in their situation? No one in the room had a good relationship with their parents, if they even had any at all, but for Akiza to have experienced what a true family was like, even for a little while, and to have that taken away from her...they couldn't image what she was going through.

"I have to do this. I don't want to leave you all, but I need answers. I have to do this on my own." She gained confidence and looked at them all. Maybe she shouldn't have because the looks they were giving her were making her want to cry.

"I guess there's nothing that we could say to change your mind, huh?" Yusei asked hoping that this wasn't the only way. She shook her head.

"Just, do us a favor." Crow said, forcing her to look at him. "Wait until tomorrow, you know, so you're not rushing into this. If you feel like this in the morning, then we won't stop you."

She didn't want to waste time, but if this was going to be the last time she was going to see them for a while, she didn't want to leave so quickly.

"Okay." She agreed, but it didn't lighten up the mood in the room at all. They were all taking the news pretty hard, especially the twins who began to cry quietly.

Later that night, she sat down on the edge of the pool and skimmed her hand on top of the water. She decided to stay at the Twin's place since she obviously did not want to go "home", and the others felt it would make sense if they stayed too.

She talked to everyone today. Leo and Luna seemed to be doing a little better, and they even dueled a couple times to try and take their minds off of things. Crow brought back from work a bucket of chicken to give to her. He wanted to give her something as a present but he couldn't really get anything last minute. She and Jack sat down and drank coffee together, although they did not speak that much, she knew what Jack was trying to say.

One thing upset her though. Throughout the entire day, not once did she see Yusei. She was hoping to get some alone time with him, to hear his voice, to see his eyes look right through her, but he never came back to the house. She knew that he was the one to leave her energy stabilizer on the living room table though. She left it at her old home and he had to be the one because no one else was there and she knew that Hideo and Setsuko did not know where she was.

"Who am I kidding.." She whispered to herself. She wasn't expecting this great big scene from him but she did want to at least get to say bye. He was her first friend after all.

"I knew I'd find you out here." A voice came from behind her. She widened her eyes. Turning around, she saw Yusei walking towards her.

"What are you doing out here?" She asked softly. She wasn't complaining, but she was shocked that he actually came to find her.

"I wanted to talk to you." He said, sitting next to her.

She looked him in his eyes. She hated how she could see through him how he could with her. "About what?"

There was a couple moments that went by until Yusei spoke up. " I just wanted to see if you were okay from...you know.."

He knew it was probably a touchy subject to bring up her family situation right now. She sighed.

"I thought I was able to control my powers." She said to him, looking at her reflection in the water. "My powers never got that out of control before." She pulled out her deck. "I didn't even have my deck with me last night. I thought I could only really use my powers if I had my deck..."

Come to think of it, Yusei didn't see her use her deck last night at all.

"I have to leave. Last night proved that I possess a change in power that I didn't know I had. My power has no limits right now, and maybe if I find out who my parents are, then just maybe I will be able to find out who I really am."

Yusei knew that he couldn't talk her out of this, and that was why he disappeared. He needed to think. He knew there was a way to help her.

"Akiza, I-" He paused. He was trying to find the right words. "I know this is something that you have your heart set on, so I won't try to get you to change your mind." Akiza looked at the ground, but shortly after, she felt Yusei's index finger touch her soft skin to lift her head. He made sure that she looked him in his eyes to see how serious he was.

"I'm coming with you." He said.

Okay...she was wasn't expecting that, at all. "What?" She asked surprised. "No, Yusei. You can't."

"Why not?" He asked.

She stood up. Looking down she said, "Because, this is my problem. I need to find out who I really am."

"I understand that." He replied, looking at her eyes the whole time, even if she broke their eye contact.

"Okay, then you should understand why you can't come!" She stepped back a small step. "You can't leave New Domino City. They need you." She said a little sad. But why was she sad? He was practically doing what she had hoped. Out of everyone, she was going to miss Yusei the most. Ever since he saved her from The Arcadia Movement, she looked at him as her savior.

He let a sight quietly escape his lips. He also stood up, and in doing so, grabbed both of her hands with his own. "And you need me. You need someone to stand by you, someone who will give you support along the way."

She wasn't going to lie, she did need him. She was a stronger person because of him. He made her want to change, and he made her want to be a better person. He gave her something to look forward to, something to smile about, even if it was just knowing that she had someone in her corner. But she wasn't sure.

"But, New Domino City-" she began but he placed his index finger over her lips. She immediately stopped her sentence and slightly blushed.

"-will be fine," He finished for her. Removing his hand he said "The city is safe right now."

Her shoulders slowly dropped. "I guess you've made your mind up.." He nodded.

"You are my friend, Akiza, and I care about you too much to let you go through his alone." Her eyes softened. Yusei really was a great guy. He had no idea what to expect on this journey, neither did she, but he was willing to give up his life in the city to help her find out the truth. A small smile crept onto her lips and without thinking she embraced him in a meaningful hug.

"Thank you," She whispered as she felt him hug her back.

The next morning Akiza slowly walked in the living room. She waited until the next morning, but her heart was still pretty set on leaving. It was a little crazy to think that it would be a while before she saw this place again, assuming that she would get that chance.

She failed to realize Yusei walking up behind her. "I have to ask one last time. Are you sure you want to do this?" She nodded without hesitation. She was scared of what she may find, but at least she wasn't alone.

"Aki, Yusei," They heard a young voice calling out to them. It was Luna, with Leo following closely behind.

"Hey, what's up guys?" Yusei asked

"Nothing.." Leo said before he made direct eye contact with him. He blurted out "Okay, is it true that you are going with Aki?"

Luna nudged him. "Leo! We said we weren't going to bring that up!"

"I know but-" Leo countered but Akiza spoke over him.

"You were spying on us?" It was the only conclusion considering no one else knew about their decision yet.

They both nervously laughed. "You see funny story.." Leo began.

"Yeah, we wanted to find you to ask you something but you were already with Yusei." Luna finished, rubbing the back of her head. She looked so innocent.

"What did you want to ask me?" Akiza asked, now even more interested in what they had to say.

The two looked at each other while Akiza and Yusei patiently waited to see what was on their mind.

After several moments, Leo raised his fists with determination in his eyes. "Pleeeeeeease let us go with Aki!" Okay, it wasn't really a question, but he was asking for permission. They had been nervous to ask, knowing that their answer was probably going to be

"Absolutely not!" Yusei said without a second thought.

"But why! You're going!" Leo spat back, but not meaning to sound rude.

"It's too dangerous!" Yusei said back even more serious than he was the first time. Akiza step forward to speak, but Luna beat her to it.

"Guys...I know we are just kids but I understand how Akiza feels.." the green haired girl said softly as her head hung low. Leo turned to look at her, he knew that this was a sensitive subject for her, and surpirised that she was open to talk about it. "I don't know how, but me and Akiza are connected somehow. I feel her emotions, and they are telling me that she is not only confused, but hurt. I can feel the desperation she has of just wanting to know where you belong..."

Surprised was written all over Akiza's face. She had always felt a connection to Luna as well, but she couldn't quite put her finger on it. Luna knew how she felt, without even having to talk to her.

"Ever since I knew I was able to go to the spirit world, I felt that I was capable of much more. It bugged me. I'm asking to go with you because maybe I can find out the truth about my powers." Luna said looking at them.

"And I'm asking to go because you guys are all we have, especially since our parents don't acknowledge us." Leo was hoping that his puppy dog eyes were working. "We are always by ourselves. We look up to you guys and we don't want to see you leave!"

"Besides, In case you have forgotten, we are signers too! We aren't just some helpless little kids!" Luna said lifting her marked arm.

After several moments of silence, Akiza sighed. "Okay."

Yusei looked at her and the twins' ears perked up.

"You can come with us." She said to the two. Luna and Leo then cheered up as they looked at each other, rewarding themselves with high fives. They began talking excitedly.

"Are you sure?" Yusei asked her. He didn't have a problem with her decision. In fact, he would love to have them around, but he wanted to make sure that this was what she wanted and that she wasn't just saying yes because of Leo's puppy dog eyes.

She looked at him and nodded. "Think about it, Luna needs answers too. Whether she will find what she is looking for, I don't know, but if they are going to go regardless, I want to make sure that we can keep an eye on them. Who knows what they may get themselves into."

She looked at them and smiled. "Okay," he replied smiling back at her. "As long as you're sure."

"So, I guess you all are leaving too." Crow said as he walked into the room with Jack.

Yusei nodded. "I wish I could go, but if I miss any more days from work, I'm going to get fired. The kids in Satellite need the money, and I'm the only one who can send it to them." Crow said, feeling guilty.

"And while you're gone, someone needs to make sure nothing happens to New Domino City." Jack said with his arms crossed.

"But, we hope you find all that you are looking for." Crow said to Akiza.

Akiza smiled. "I understand. Thank you Crow." She really did have great friends.

She held her fist out towards everyone. "No matter how far we are, we will always be a team."

The others put their fists together also. "Come back in one piece." Jack told them.

"Don't worry, we will." Yusei reassured them.

Crow looked at the twins and said with a smirk, "And make sure you keep an eye on Yusei and Akiza. Make sure they don't get hurt."

"Gotcha!" They said in unison.

Just then the group saw a small but very noticeable light in the room. It was coming from Akiza's deck that was sitting next to her duel disk on the table. She swiftly walked over to it and picked up the first card that was on the deck. It was Speed Spell - Different Dimension. She never had this card in her deck before, but she then realized that it must have been the card that Sayer gave her in her dream. How it ended up in her deck? She did not know, but she knew it could not have been a coincidence. She turned to Yusei and the twins.

"It's time. We have to go." They nodded. She knew that this was some sort of a sign. They nodded and rushed towards the door, but not forgetting to look back at the two that they were leaving behind. Crow and Jack gave them reassuring smirks. They then held up their arms and let their marks of the dragon shine bright. "We will be here when you return." Crow said.

The four lifted their arms too, as they chanted "5Ds!" one last time before they were off.

Yusei and Akiza rode their duel runners towards the old Daedalus Bridge that reached up towards the sky. The twins were on their duel boards, with Leo hanging on to Yusei's runner and Luna hanging onto Akiza's. "I don't know why, but something is telling me that going back to the Daedalus Bridge will get us to where we need to go." Akiza said drawing the speed spell card that she was going to use.

"You must be using your psychic power to get us there." Leo said looking at her. She nodded. "Cool!"

They were almost at the bridge. "This is it." She said. "Are you ready, guys?"

Yusei, Leo, and Luna nodded as they prepared themselves.

"Alright," Yusei and Akiza sped up and went as fast as their runners could go. "Speed Spell – Different Dimension!" She yelled as she played the card. Their runners and duel boards made it onto the bridge before a bright white light blinded them. They squinted to get a better look. A hole was opened in the sky for them. Yusei's life and the fate of the New Domino City were not on the line. This time was different. This time, this was Akiza's journey, a journey that she didn't have to face alone. She would do whatever she had to do to get the answers she wanted. Looking at Yusei, he flashed her a sincere smile. It was as if he was reading her mind. He wasn't a psychic, but he didn't need to be one. He promised that he would always have her back, and he was just glad that she gave him the chance to prove that. Akiza knew that she could trust him, and she knew that the twins would do anything to help her. She was going to find out who she was and where she came from, but she would not let it stop her from seeing who her true family was. She smirked, and their wheels rolled off the bridge and into the light.

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