I open my eyes as I read 6:56 A.M on my alarm clock. Dang! I rubbed my eyes, jumped out of bed, and ran to the bathroom to get ready. I slipped into my usual attire with my red plaid mini skirt, white blouse with my yellow vest and tie and trench coat I also taped down my C cup chest. I put my temporary brown dye in my ash blonde hair, making my hair look light brown. I put on my fake glasses and quickly replaced my long hair into two even pigtails. I slipped on my black combat boots and ran to school as quickly as I could. I burst through the school doors and fell to my knees in frustration, grabbing my head with both hands. I can't believe I was late again, my manager(Azusa) is going to kill me! I saw a hand being held out to me as I looked up I saw I beautiful tall girl with jet black hair smiling with her eyes closed. Suddenly, I remembered I forgot to put my blue contacts in! As she opened her eyes I quickly took her hand and she helped me up. I slightly bowed my head to conceal my eyes with my bangs, partially because I was shy, but also because I didn't want her to notice my eye color. I thanked her while retrieving my bag off the floor still acting shy. If she saw me then she would be given a hint about my other identity! I'm famous rock star Utsukushi-sa No naka, which if you put all together in Japanese it translates 'walk in beauty' though my real name and school name is Maka Albarn. I'm in a famous band with four other guys called Stolen Voice.

I scurried off to class hoping she didn't notice my green eyes, I put in the contacts in my eyes in the hallway as I rushed. Once I got to crescent moon's classroom door I cautiously opened the door only to find Dr. Stein in his computer chair dissecting a huge bird with some scalpels. I bowed my head in apology and went to my seat avoiding contact with all the people glaring daggers at me.


I glared at her holding her head low and go back to looking at the gossip on the internet on my iphone.

I silently shrieked as I saw how beautiful Utsukushi looked at the red carpet with her flawless skin and straitened hair with highlights in it. She was wearing a long-short white dress that ends at mid-thigh, you could see her rockin' legs with the see through cloth that continues the dress until her ankles, she wears a beautiful pair of white heels and a silver diamond ring on her hand with her pale skin. She is turned toward the camera with a smile on her face, eyes closed so you can see her golden eye shadow and pink lip gloss on. her head is tilted slightly and she is waving making her look innocent.


I hear Liz shriek as I look at what she is excited about, a pretty girl with a huge chest and a wonderful white dress and make-up on. the whole outfit made her look… innocent? No she looked like… an angel! She looked very angelic in the attire. As I heard more compliments I could see a nerd looking our way with a questioning look on her face.