A/N: For I'll Cover Angel And Collins! Just a cute little one-shot. Takes place during TDWT, after stupid Gwuncan happened.

"You realize this is illegal right?" Courtney told Chris. Everyone was in first class or loser class, trying to fall asleep.

"As long as we keep it secret." Chris replied. They were in Chris's section of the plane, chilling in his hot tub.

"Why pick me anyway? I thought you liked Lindsay." Courtney said.

"I like that you're a feisty woman. And that you can actually remember my name." Chris rolled his eyes on the last part. Courtney giggled.

"She thinks my name is Caitlyn still. That girl needs to go to school for once, or pay attention."

"I'm surprised that you're so calm right now Court. I'd expect you to be a bitchy mess, because of Gwuncan." Chris said.

"It's probably the fact that I got with you first, so I technically cheated on him first. Still though, that asshole kissed Gothy Whore a few days later, so I guess we weren't attracted to each other anymore. They can go die in a hole for all I care anyway." Courtney stated. Chris smirked.

"Language missy." He laughed. Courtney playfully slapped him!

"Please, I'm sixteen, I can use whatever language I want." Courtney said. Chris stifled another laugh.

"Okay then!" Chris said and leaned back. He had a sip of his vodka. "Want some?" He offered.

"Did you just not hear that I'm sixteen?" Courtney asked him. "I'm not one to break rules." Chris set the bottle down.

"Fine. You're really missing out."

"Whatever." Courtney splashed him with water. Chris put up his hands in a futile attempt to try to prevent the water from hitting him. Courtney laughed again and leaned over to him.

"You're a sadistic bastard." She said.

"You're a preppy bitch." Chris replied, and they finally kissed.

"And that's why I like you." He said after the kiss.

"Weirdo." Courtney smiled. She scooted back over to where she was earlier. "Am I sleeping with you tonight?"

"Of course." Chris said.

"Thank god. I won't have to put up with the gothy whoreo." Cpurtney said. Chris was confused.

"What the hell is a whoreo?" Chris laughed.

"Gwen as a cookie." Courtney solemnly replied. Chris snorted.

"A whoreo? Really?" He questioned.


"I'm going to start using that." Chris said.

"Go ahead." She said.

"Well then...shall we go to bed whoreo?" Chris asked.

"I didn't mean for you to use that on me!" Courtney crossed her arms.

A/N: Ha, that was an awkward ending. I thought about ending it with the "And that's why I like you." I decided it was too short though, so I added a couple of lines to at least make it longer.