Hi guys, Johnny here with the fifth chapter of Naruto Make-Out Heroes. Like I said in the list chapter, I had something already planned. And that plan or rather the lovely lady for this chapter is, Female-Kurama. I'm that kind of guy who knows what readers want and a very sexy vixen is what Naruto is going to get. That and I also got some big news! Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 1 to 3 will be Remastered for the Ps4. I also saw Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker as well. I'll tell guys more of what I'm going to do at the end of the chapter. Let's get started. I still do not own Naruto, so please enjoy: The Kyuubi in heat.

Naruto was walking in the streets of Konoha, once more, still horny. Even having sex with his hot mother, Anko, Ayame, Ino, the blonde Uzumaki still had his needs. Naruto thought if he could get Anko, Ayame, and Ino, then he can get any girl. But the true question is who is the next lucky girl?

"Hmm, maybe I can have sex with another girl, but whom?" Naruto said, while thinking.

Naruto walked, while he thought about the next girl. But then the next thing that had happen was that Kurama also known as the Kyuubi (Nine-Tails) called Naruto in his mindscape.

"Hey, Kit..." Kurama said.

"What's up, Kurama?" Naruto replied in his mind.

Kurama would always sleep in Naruto for days, weeks, and months. Naruto knew when Kurama wanted to talk to him it would be to eat, train, and even just let Kurama out of his body to let Kurama ran around for a while.

"It's been awhile, Kurama, so what's up? Do you want to eat? Train? Or just stretch out your legs?" Naruto replied.

"Hmm, something like that. Let's go back to the training grounds." Kurama said.

"Right!" Naruto replied, as he went back to the training grounds.

XxxxX Training Grounds XxxxX

"Okay, Kurama, it's just us. What do you want to do?" Naruto asked.

"Go and mediate under that tree." Kurama said.

"Training it is, then." Naruto said, sitting under a large tree to mediate.

"Now come inside your mindscape, Naruto." Kurama said.

"Huh? Well... okay then." Naruto replied, closing his eyes.

XxxxX Naruto's mindscape XxxxX

Naruto was in his mindscape, where Kurama was waiting.

"Okay, Kurama, I'm here. So, what are we going to do?" Naruto asked.

"You know, you've been having a lot of sex today, kit." Kurama said.

"Ugh... you know about that, Kurama?" Naruto asked, while his sweat dropped a bit.

"Yeah. First it was your mother, then that snake-Jonin, that ramen girl, and finally banging that Ino-girl really hard." Kurama stated with a smile.

"You saw all of that? But I thought you were asleep all this time, Kurama." Naruto replied with a nervous smile.

"And I also know that you're still horny." Kurama stated.

"Okay... but what does that have to do with anything, Kurama?" Naruto asked.

"Well, you see... I'm in heat... and well..." Kurama stated, making fox made love-eyes to Naruto.

Naruto took Kurama's look the wrong way, as his sweat drop even more.

"Ugh... Kurama, I..." Naruto said, rubbing the back of his head.

"Well, you see..." Kurama stated, as the fox was taking it's real from.

"Wait, what?" Naruto replied.

Kurama transformed into a beautiful woman. Kurama had long red and black hair with two long bangs. Her fox ears were red, her skin was flawless. Kurama was also naked, and what Naruto noticed about Kurama was her large breasts is N-cup, which were bigger than Tsunade's. Even Naruto couldn't believe it. She had a big formed rear-end with her large curvy hips, as her tails swing around, and she was taller than Naruto. The blonde Uzumaki was speechless, as his penis become hard as wood.

"W-Wait... you're a woman, Kurama?" Naruto asked, still in shock.

"You never asked, Naruto-kun. But yes, I'm a woman." Kurama stated with a smile.

"And the reason you wanted me here was..." Naruto said with a nosebleed.

"Heh, heh..." Kurama chuckled.

Kurama saw her Jinchuriki's cock hard, wanting to penetrate her.

"Is that a sharp kunai in your pants, or are you just happy to see me, Naruto-kun?" Kurama asked with a foxy smile.

"Well..." Naruto said with his own smile, not taking his eyes off Kurama.

"I am in heat, Naruto-kun. And you're still horny, so... how about you help me with my needs." Kurama said, waving her finger to Naruto.

"Hai, Kurama-chan! I'll help you with your needs!" Naruto replied.

"Oh, Naruto-kun!" Kurama shouted with joy.

Like the vixen that saw was, Kurama pounced on Naruto taking all his clothes off with lightning speed. Kurama then took her Jinchuriki to her fox-den. Naruto is now butt-naked on the soft bed of the fox goddess with his cock hard. Kurama drooled over the young Uzumaki, liking what she sees.

"My, my, Naruto-kun... you have such a nice body, and a big cock, no wonder why Tsunade-chan and Kushina-chan always want you to fuck them. Now I'm going to have some fun with this big dick..." Kurama said with a smile, grabbing the hard member.

", Kurama-chan, I want to have some fun with my Biju. (Tailed-Beast)" Naruto said with a smile, as he relaxed himself on the soft bed in Kurama's den.

"Heh, that's what I like to hear, Naruto-kun." Kurama replied, as she went down between Naruto's legs.

The vixen was face to face with her Jinchuriki's hard penis.

"My God... It's so bigger up close..." Kurama said with a smile.

Naruto smiled, hearing, Kurama liking the size of his member. Kurama kissed the large meat-pole. Naruto moaned, feeling Kurama's soft lips. Kurama then used her tongue, getting the blonde Uzumaki's cock harder. Naruto watched Kurama licking his cock. Kurama did not want to wait any longer, so the vixen wrapped her lips around the mushroom head.

"Ugh!" Naruto groaned in pleasure.

"Hehe... Naruto-kun is so cute when he groans like that..." Kurama thought with a smirk, as she took 5 inches inside her mouth with ease.

"Ahh, Kurama-chan, your mouth feels so warm..." Naruto moaned, holding his head back in pleasure.

Kurama then took the rest of Naruto's cock. Naruto's eyes rolled back, moaning loudly. Kurama sucked her Jinchuriki's big dick. Naruto continued to moan loudly, feeling the vixen's tight and warm mouth. Kurama suckled Naruto's hard member for his seed, as she used her hands to squeeze Naruto's ass. Naruto moan even louder.

"Ah, Kurama-chan, that feels so good!" Naruto moaned.

Kurama smiled, as she released her tight grip.

"Did you like that, Naruto-kun?" Kurama asked.

"H-Hai..." Naruto replied with a smile and blush.

"Well, you're going to love this..." Kurama replied.

"Love what, Kurama-cha... AGH!" Naruto moaned.

Kurama wrapped her large breasts around her Jinchuriki's monster cock. As for the young blonde, Naruto was amazed how soft Kurama's breasts are.

"My tits feel good, right, Naruto-kun?" Kurama asked.

"H-Hai..." Naruto moaned.

"That's wonderful to hear, Naruto-kun... just relax and let me take care of you, darling." Kurama said with a smile.

Kurama massaged Naruto cock between her breasts, making him moan louder again. Naruto's cock became even harder from the pleasure. Naruto growled, feeling Kurama's soft breasts milking his penis.

"Ah, Kurama-chan... your breasts are so big and soft..." Naruto moaned.

"And they're all yours, Naruto-kun." Kurama replied.

"Damn, they're so large that I can't even see my cock between them... Fuck, I think they're bigger than Tsunade-hime's tits..." Naruto stated, as he moved his hips.

"Oh, someone is enjoying my tit-fucking..." Kurama said with a smile.

"Yes, I do love how you're using your tits, Kurama-chan..." Naruto moaned with a smile, feeling Kurama's soft tits.

"Well, I should make you cum, so we can get to the best part..." Kurama stated with a smile, as she continued to hold Naruto's cock between her breasts.

Kurama then took Naruto's cock back inside her mouth. Naruto held his head back in pleasure; Kurama gave Naruto a blowjob again. Kurama then wrapped her breasts tighter around Naruto's member, while sucking the head of Naruto's member. Naruto drooled, loving the feeling of his Biju's large soft tits, milking his cock. Even after his multiple orgasms today with his mother, Anko, Ayame, and Ino, Naruto was about to cum again.

"Ugh, Kurama-chan, I'm going to cum...!" Naruto moaned.

"Oh, my... Well, do you love my tits, Naruto-kun?" Kurama asked with a smile.

"I love them...!" Naruto replied smile and a blush.

"Release your cum on my tits, Naruto-kun. Use your milk to mark me as your mate, Naruto-kun." Kurama said, tit-fucking Naruto harder and faster.

Naruto growled knowing he was about cum again. Kurama felt her Jinchuriki's cock twitched wildly between her breasts. Naruto not hold it anymore.

"Ahh, Kurama-chan, I'm cumming!" Naruto roared, releasing his orgasm on the vixen.

Naruto then burst a large amount of his seed on Kurama's face and large tits.

"Oh, Naruto-kun!" Kurama shouted with joy, as she loved the warm semen on her face and breasts.

"Oh, Kurama-chan, I'm still cumming! It feels so amazing~...! Fuck...!" Naruto growled.

Like always, Naruto's orgasm lasted for a minute. After that minute had passed, Naruto's stream of his warm seed ended. Kurama smiled, as she cleaned herself off by using her fingers to wipe her face, while she sucked on her own tits. Kurama really loved the taste of Naruto's warm semen on her face.

"It's so amazing... Naruto-kun's milk is so thick and tasty..."Kurama stated with a foxy grin, licking her lips.

"That felt amazing, Kurama-chan." Naruto said with a moan.

"I'm happy to hear you said that, Naruto-kun." Kurama replied.

Kurama licked herself clean. The vixen was finish cleaning herself off Naruto's milk. She noticed even after his orgasm, Naruto was still hard. Kurama knew that it was time for the next part of their so called "training."

"I see that your big cock is still hard, Naruto-kun..." Kurama stated, getting close to Naruto.

"Yeah... How about I start helping you with your needs, Kurama-chan?" Naruto replied.

"I would like that a lot, Naruto-kun." Kurama said, crawling on top of her Jinchuriki.

Naruto blushed, feeling Kurama's wonderful soft body against his bodies. Kurama buried her Jinchuriki between her large breasts.

"Whoa..." Naruto said.

"Hmm?" Kurama said.

"Your body and big tits are incredibly soft, Kurama-chan." Naruto replied.

"Oh, thank you, Naruto-kun. Mmm, I feel your cock against me." Kurama stated.

"Hai... I really want to stick my cock inside you, Kurama-chan." Naruto said still between Kurama's breasts.

"And you will, Naruto-kun." Kurama said.

Kurama grabbed Naruto's penis adjusted it against her womanhood. Naruto forgot that Kurama was a fox demon, and unlike regular women take their time with large cocks, but Kurama wanted all his cock inside her. Kurama growled in pleasure, feeling her Jinchuriki's large cock stretching her insides out. As for the blonde teen, Naruto felt his Biju's insides tightening around him. Not only that, Naruto also felt how warm and how wet of the vixen's pussy is.

"Grraahh, Naruto-kun's cock is going inside me..." Kurama moaned with a dark blush.

"Oh, my God... You're so tight, Kurama-chan..." Naruto moaned.

"Yes, Naruto-kun... I've been in heat for so long, so I thought it was a great idea for us to get together like this." Kurama moaned, resting her hands-on Naruto's chest.

"I-I'm glad you did, Kurama-chan..." Naruto groaned.

"Heh..." Kurama chuckled, starting to move.

"Ahh~!" Naruto moaned.

"Mmm, your cock feels so big inside me..." Kurama moaned.

The busty vixen slowly moved her hips, letting out a moan of bliss. Naruto let out his own moan, feeling his Biju's insides starting to wrap around his member. Naruto stared at Kurama's large breasts, jiggling lightly with each time the vixen moved. Kurama noticed this, and smiled.

"Naruto-kun..." Kurama said.

"Y-Yeah...?" Naruto said, not taking his eyes off his Biju's breasts.

"You seemed to love how big my tits are." Kurama stated, as she came close to Naruto.

Kurama pushed her breasts into Naruto's face.

"Yes, they're so amazing and soft." Naruto muttered between Kurama's breasts.

"I'm so happy you love them, Naruto-kun." Kurama replied, wrapping her arms around Naruto's neck, smothering him.

Naruto blushed, loving the vixen's sweet scent. Kurama increased her speed, while her rear-end jiggled and her tails swing around. Naruto moaned loud, feeling Kurama's insides tightening around his cock more. Naruto getting turned on, grabbing Kurama's large cheeks, while he started to use his own movements. Kurama let out a growl of pleasure, feeling Naruto's tip rubbing against her womb.

"Oh, Naruto-kun~! I feel your cock moving!" Kurama moaned.

"Ah, yeah~! I feel your pussy tightening more~!" Naruto moaned, burring himself deeper between Kurama's breasts.

"That's it, Naruto-kun! Use my body!" Kurama growled, riding her Jinchuriki with great power.

Naruto moaned, feeling Kurama slamming down on his pelvis. Kurama growled louder, loving the fact, she and Naruto are mating with each other. Naruto and Kurama continued their position, while the blonde teen thrust his busty vixen harder and faster.

"Ahh! Keep thrusting your fat dick inside me harder, Naruto-kun~!" Kurama moaned.

"Y-You're so amazing, Kurama-chan~! Your pussy is getting tighter!" Naruto moaned, groping Kurama's large ass.

"You're such a good boy, Naruto-kun! Fuck my pussy and grab my big ass!" Kurama moaned with a smile, loving how big and fat her Jinchuriki's penis is.

"I will, Kurama-chan!" Naruto replied, slapping Kurama's ass.

"That's so naughty, Naruto-kun! I love you so much, Naruto-kun! Slap my ass so more!" Kurama moaned, biting her lower lip.

"Yes, Kurama-chan! I love you, too~!" Naruto replied, slapping and squeezing the vixen's ass more.

"Ahh!" Kurama moaned.

Naruto and Kurama thrust each other, having a wonderful time. Kurama picked herself up, riding Naruto harder. Naruto watched the massive breasts jiggled freely, grabbing Kurama's hips. Kurama's eyes rolled back, feeling herself getting wet. Truly, Kurama glad that she asked Naruto for special training. Kurama licked her lips, letting out loud growls of pleasure.

"More! More, Naruto-kun! Mmm, Naruto-kun, please keep thrusting me till I cum~!" Kurama growled.

"Ah, I'll end up cumming too, Kurama-chan!" Naruto moaned.

"Let's cum together, Naruto-kun!" Kurama growled louder, pouncing on Naruto more.

"Ugh, yes, I'm feeling my cock swelling up, Kurama-chan!" Naruto moaned, feeling his balls tightening.

"I want you to release that delicious milk deep inside me, Naruto-kun~!" Kurama growled.

Naruto and Kurama both increased their speed, soon about to reach their climax. Naruto picked himself up, getting between Kurama's breasts again. Kurama growled more, wrapping her arms around Naruto, putting him deeper between the soft marshmallow breasts. Naruto felt his cock getting more swollen, Kurama's pussy getting wetter, and soon going to have their orgasms.

"Yes, Naruto-kun! I'm about to cum! I'm going to cum~!" Kurama moaned.

"Ah, I'm about to cum too, Kurama-chan!"

"Yes, Naruto-kun! Yes! Just release all your children deep inside me, Naruto-kun~!" Kurama growled with a smile.

"I'm cumming!" Naruto roared.

Both Biju and Jinchuriki reached their climax. Kurama let a growl of bliss, feeing the thick sticky seed, spraying inside her womb. Naruto moaned, still releasing his children inside the busty vixen. As for Kurama, the vixen loved the large orgasm.

"I'm still cumming, Kurama-chan..." Naruto moaned.

"Yes, my darling... Keep releasing all your milk inside me..." Kurama moaned.

Naruto let out more moans, still releasing his seed inside his Biju. After a long minute, Naruto's orgasm came to an end. Kurama let out a moan of pleasure, feeling her womb filled with her Jinchuriki's semen. Kurama leaned close to Naruto, kissing him on the lips. Naruto's member become soft, slipping out of the vixen's wet hole.

"That was amazing, Naruto-kun…" Kurama stated with a smile.

"It sure was, Kurama-chan..." Naruto replied, burring himself between Kurama's large breasts.

"Oh, Naruto-kun..." Kurama moaned.

Kurama lay Naruto down on the bed, going between Naruto's legs, once again. Kurama wrapped her lips around Naruto's tip, then taking the soft penis inside her mouth. Naruto let out a moan, feeling his Biju sucking him off. Kurama not only tasted Naruto's milk, but her juices as well. Naruto let out louder moan, feeling his cock getting hard again. Kurama then released Naruto's hard cock.

"Whoa, Kurama-chan, you really know how to get me hard so quickly." Naruto stated with a slight blush.

"I just want you to be happy Naruto-kun. As another lover, I'll do anything for you." Kurama said, stroking the long rod.

"Mmm~! Y-Yes, Kurama... Oh, I want to fuck you again..." Naruto said.

"Don't worry, my darling... I've got a special treat for you..." Kurama stated.

Kurama turned herself around, getting on her knees and hands. Naruto blushed, seeing his large ass. Kurama spread her ass apart, showing her small rosebud.

"Come here, Naruto-kun... and use your big cock to have your way with my ass~" Kurama said with a smile.

"Yes, Kurama-chan..." Naruto replied.

Naruto went behind Kurama, leaning on her back. Kurama rubbed her face against Naruto's face, feeling the hard cock between her cheeks. Kurama smiled, knowing that Naruto loved would love to have anal sex with her. Naruto grabs the tip of his member, rubbing it against the small hole. Kurama purred, loving how big her Jinchuriki is.

"Mmm, that's feels so good, Naruto-kun..." Kurama moaned.

"Oh, you've got such a big ass, Kurama-chan..." Naruto stated.

"What are you waiting for, my sweet Naruto-kun? Shove that big delicious cock inside my ass..." Kurama purred with a smile.

"Yes, Kurama-chan, I won't make you wait." Naruto replied, as he pushed his tip inside Kurama's anus.

"Ahh, my ass~!" Kurama moaned, with a smile.

Naruto let out a moan, feeling the busty vixen's anus sucking him inside. Kurama growled in pleasure, loving the feeling of her Jinchuriki entering her anus. When Naruto has anal sex with most of the girls he has been with, it would take time to getting adjusted to his size. However, Kurama is a fox demon, so she can handle anything that her mate can do. Naruto pushed half of his penis inside Kurama's ass.

"Yes, Naruto-kun! That's it! Keep shoving your big cock deep inside me, my darling! More!" Kurama moaned.

"Ugh, I might cum, but I'm only half deep inside you~!" Naruto moaned.

"Oh, don't cum, yet my dear! I need you fuck me, Naruto-kun! Now finish putting the rest of your cock inside me!" Kurama moaned.

"I-I will, Kurama-chan! Ahh, you're so tight~!" Naruto moaned, still pushing his member inside Kurama's asshole.

"Yes, my Naruto-kun! Don't stop till all of your massive cock is inside my ass~!" Kurama moaned.

Naruto bit his lower lip, trying not to climax. Kurama's eyes rolled back, wanting more of Naruto's penis deep inside her anus. Naruto pushed his all his member inside his busty Biju's anus. Naruto fell on Kurama's back. Kurama smiled, seeing Naruto blushed, not moving.

"Are you okay, Naruto-kun?" Kurama asked.

"H-Hai... I've almost cummed..." Naruto moaned.

"Of course, Naruto-kun... Oh~... When you're ready to move, move..." Kurama moaned, kissing Naruto.

"Oh..." Naruto moaned.

Naruto felt Kurama's kisses, feeling the tightness of Kurama's anus. Naruto moaned with a dark blush. Kurama continued to kiss her Jinchuriki.

"Ahh, I feel your cock, Naruto-kun~! It's so deep..." Kurama moaned.

"Yes, it feels really good..." Naruto moaned.

"Come on, Naruto-kun... I want to feel your cock coming in and out my ass~..." Kurama purred.

"Okay, I'll start moving..." Naruto moaned, moving his hips.

"Oooh~... That's it, Naruto-kun... Use my asshole as much as you like..." Kurama purred, feeling the Naruto's penis pulling her anus inside out.

Naruto moaned, feeling Kurama's anus started to squeeze him. Naruto felt Kurama's soft large ass against his abs and pelvis. Kurama wrapped her tails around Naruto's waist and body, wanting him closer. Naruto continued his slow thrust; if he went fast, he would just end up having his orgasm sooner. Naruto wanted to make sure that he and his lovely Biju are both pleased.

"Mmm, just like that, Naruto-kun... Right there..." Kurama moaned.

"Ahh, your asshole is tightening around me..." Naruto moaned.

"That's the point, Naruto-kun... My ass was made to please your big cock..." Kurama purred.

"A-And it's really big soft butt, Kurama-chan..." Naruto moaned, still thrusting Kurama slowly.

"My body is just for only you~... Ah, Naruto-kun, your cock is swollen up... You're getting my pussy wet..." Kurama moaned, using her own movement to please her mate.

"That feels so right, Kurama-chan..." Naruto moaned.

As the blonde Jinchuriki continued his slow movements, Naruto used his hands, groping Kurama's massive breasts. Kurama purred, once again, loving how Naruto used her body. Naruto slightly increased his speed, while Kurama clawed her bed. Naruto and Kurama continued their mating session.

"Grrr, that's a good boy~! Use my ass, Naruto-kun!" Kurama growled in pleasure.

"O-Okay, Kurama-chan, I'm used to your tightness~! I am going to fuck you faster, now!" Naruto said with his own growl, thrusting faster.

"Ahh, Naruto-kun~!" Kurama screamed in pleasure.

Naruto grabbed Kurama's hips, thrusting hard. Kurama let out purrs, growls, and pants, feeling her anus being pulled in and out with such speed and power. Naruto was happy his Biju wanted to do some training with him. Naruto leaned close, dominating the busty vixen. Kurama welcomed it.

"Yes, Naruto-kun! Yes~! Dominate me! Make me your bitch! Fuck my ass with all your power, my love~!" Kurama moaned.

"Agh, your asshole is getting tighter and tighter~!" Naruto growled, thrusting more.

"I love it! I love you! I love you, Naruto-kun~!" Kurama moaned.

"I love you, too, Kurama-chan~!" Naruto moaned, leaning close, kissing Kurama.

While Naruto and Kurama shared their deep kiss, Naruto thrust harder and wildly, losing control over himself. Kurama felt the powerful thrusts, and loved it. Kurama slipped her tongue, pulling Naruto closer to her with one of her tails. Naruto and Kurama broke the kiss to breathe. Naruto then pulled out a few inches of his penis, and then slammed it inside of Kurama's anal-tube, hard. Kurama's eyes widen, letting out a scream of pleasure, and getting her wet again.

"Oh, my God! My body is trembling from you using my ass, Naruto-kun~!" Kurama moaned.

"Y-Yeah, if this keeps up, I'll end up cumming!" Naruto moaned, slightly biting Kurama's neck.

"Oh~!" Kurama moaned, feeling Naruto bite.

With that small bite, Kurama knew Naruto was planning to make her all his, and his alone. Naruto used his hands, to pick up and grab Kurama's massive breasts. Naruto then slowed down his thrusts, still playing with Kurama's breasts.

"Whoa..." Naruto said.

"Hmm? What is it, my darling?" Kurama asked.

"Your tits are really big and heavy..." Naruto stated, pitching the nipples.

"Thank you, Naruto-kun... Nothing makes me happier than you are praising my beauty and body..." Kurama stated, kissing Naruto on the forehead.

"That's just how I am, Kurama-chan." Naruto said, squeezing Kurama's breasts harder.

Sometime later, Naruto stopped his actions, positioning him and Kurama on their side, spooning her. Naruto lifted Kurama right leg, thrusting fast again. Kurama let more moans, watching Naruto's member thrusting in and out, along with his balls. Naruto then suckled on right breast, and continued to squeeze the left breast.

"Oh, my... I love the way you're fucking me, Naruto-kun..." Kurama moaned with a smile.

"I can't get over how good Kurama-chan is... I just can't help myself..." Naruto thought, continued his actions.

"More, Naruto-kun~... Give me more!" Kurama moaned.

Naruto then thrust faster and suckling and played with Kurama's breasts. Kurama let out louder moans of pleasure, feeling Naruto's cock swelling up again. Naruto and Kurama continued their mating, Kurama let out more moans. Naruto then release the hard nipple, then he used his other hand, squeezing both breast, and thrust harder. Kurama growled, feeling her anus getting tighter around Naruto's cock.

"Grrr, Naruto-kun, you're the best lover~! Please keep fucking me, Naruto-kun~!" Kurama moaned.

"Ah, your ass just keeps squeezing me~! I don't know how much I can hold myself!" Naruto moaned, still thrusting hard.

"Don't hold yourself, Naruto-kun, just keep making like a woman! I'm all yours~!" Kurama growled.

Naruto stopped his movements, pulling his member out of Kurama. Kurama wondered why, her lovable mate stops. Naruto positioned Kurama on her back, lifting her up. Naruto grabbed his cock, and reentered the busty vixen's asshole. Kurama moaned, while her fox ears dropped down in pleasure. Naruto buried himself between, resuming his thrusting.

"Ahh, so that's what my Naruto-kun, wanted..." Kurama thought with a smile, watching Naruto thrusting and whispering her body.

As Naruto thrust, he smelled Kurama's sweet scent. Kurama moaned, loving how Naruto made love to her. Kurama wrapped her arms and legs around, Naruto's body, smothering him. Naruto and Kurama both growled, Naruto felt his cock twitching, Kurama felt her juices overflowing, both Jinchuriki and Biju were soon about to have their orgasms, once again.

"K-Kurama-chan, I'm going to cum!" Naruto moaned, picking himself up, and thrusting wildly.

"Grraahh, I'm going to cum, too, Naruto-kun~!" Kurama growled.

"Kurama-chan, I'm going to cum inside your ass~!" Naruto growled, thrusting harder and harder.

"Yes, Naruto-kun~! I want to feel your warm seed deep inside my tight asshole~!" Kurama roared.

"I'm cumming~!" Naruto roared as well, grunted his teeth.

Naruto showed his dominates, Kurama's eyes rolled back while her tongue hanged out in pleasure. And with one powerful thrust, Naruto and Kurama roared, and had mind blowing orgasms together. Naruto let out another roar, falling between Kurama's breasts. Kurama purred, feeling Naruto's warm thick seed, shooting in her ass.

"Gugh, K-Kurama-chan, your asshole is squeezing me dry~!" Naruto growled, still between Kurama's massive pillows.

"Yes, Naruto-kun, I feel you cumming~! Keep blowing all of that delicious seed inside my ass~!" Kurama moaned, holding Naruto tight.

Naruto was breathing heavily, feeling Kurama's ass still draining his member for its sweet love nectar. After a long minute, Naruto's climax ended. Kurama let out a sigh of bliss, feeling Naruto's semen inside her anus. Kurama lifted her lover's face, planting a kiss on his lips. Naruto and Kurama kissed, with his penis still deep inside of her anal-tube. After the kiss, Naruto's member slipped out covered in juices.

"That was amazing, Naruto-kun..." Kurama said with a smile.

"Yeah, it sure was, Kurama-chan..." Naruto replied with his own smile.

"I see why those girls like you so much..." Kurama said.

Naruto smiled, getting an idea.

"Hmm..." Naruto said.

"Huh?" Kurama said.

"Remember when you said, you wanted to train, Kurama-chan?" Naruto asked.

"Of course, my darling..." Kurama said.

Naruto made hand signs.

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu! (Shadow-Clone jutsu!)"

Naruto made 4 clones of himself. Kurama's eyes widen, seeing Naruto's clones with hard erections.

"Ohhh... I see what you mean, Naruto-kun~..." Kurama said with a foxy grin.

"Yeah, so, let's train, till we can train no more..." Naruto said, as he and his clones stood over the busty vixen.

"Then, let's get some more training done, Naruto-kun." Kurama said, grabbing each of the clones' members, stroking them.

Kurama licked, suckling, kissed each large cock, and played with the large balls, loving the training she is doing with her Jinchuriki lover and her clones. Naruto and his clones moaned, loving Kurama's mouth and hands. Naruto and his clones moaned, getting harder from Kurama's actions. Kurama loved the idea of her Jinchuriki giving her a gangbang, and filling her up in more ways than one.

"You're getting us really hard, Kurama-chan~..." Naruto said, as he and his clones moaned.

"Yes, my darlings... get hard for me, and have your way with my body..." Kurama purred, still playing with Naruto and his clones' cocks.

After a few minutes of pleasing her blonde and his clones' penises, Kurama stop her actions, seeing Naruto and his clones' dicks are hard. Kurama smiled, seeing the blondes wanting her.

"I want to be the first one to use Kurama-chan's pussy." Naruto Clone-1 said.

"I'll take her ass, then." Naruto's Second Clone stated.

"Then, me and the rest of us will have our way with Kurama-chan's tits and mouth. And will have our way with her other holes later." The Real Naruto stated, as he and the other two clones nodded with smiles.

"Oh, my..." Kurama stated with a foxy grin.

"But first..." The Real Naruto said, coming close to Kurama.

"Hmm?" Kurama said.

Naruto kissed Kurama, playing and squeezing her large breasts. Naruto then suckled on both of her nipples. Kurama moaned in pleasure. Naruto's clones were getting a bit jealous, seeing the real Naruto hogging the busty vixen for himself. Naruto's clones came close to Kurama's kissing her and using her body as well.

"We're not going to lose to you, boss!" Naruto's Clones stated.

"Then, may the best Naruto win." Naruto replied.

Naruto and his clones took turns, taking Kurama's mouth, hands, and breasts.

"I'm in Heaven..." Kurama thought, feeling Naruto and his clones ganging up on her.

Naruto's first clone grabbed his penis and enter Kurama's inside. Kurama let out another, holding the first clone down. Kurama could not wait, riding Naruto's first clone. Naruto's second clone went behind Kurama, and pushed his cock inside her anus. Kurama let out a moan, having both of her holes filled up with Naruto's penises at the same time.

"Ahh, fuck~! My ass and pussy are being used at the same time!" Kurama moaned.

"Kurama-chan's pussy is so tight!" Naruto's Clone moaned.

"Y-Yeah, I love how big and tight Kurama-chan's ass is~!" Naruto's Second Clone moaned.

"That's right! Now, start moving for me, my sweet darlings!" Kurama moaned.

Both clones, thrusts Kurama, making her moan louder. Kurama turned her attention to the other Narutos.

"Come here, my darlings, my mouth and hands are free to use as you please." Kurama stated, opening her mouth, sticking her tongue out.

The real Naruto enter inside Kurama's mouth, while the other two Naruto clones used Kurama's soft hands. Naruto thrust inside Kurama's mouth. And Kurama used her hands, stroking their penises. Kurama gagged in pleasure, with her mouth, ass, and pussy, filled with her lovers' cocks, while the other two clones got hard from Kurama's hand job. Naruto and his clones gangbang their busty vixen.

"Ah, Naruto-kun is the best!" Kurama thought, as her eyes rolled back in pleasure.

"Oh, I love how wet and deep your throat is~!" The Real Naruto moaned.

"Kurama-chan's hands are really soft!" Naruto's Clone said.

"Y-Yeah, my cock is getting harder with her hand job~!" Naruto's Other Clone replied.

The other two clones continued to thrust the Biju's womanhood and anus.

"Ugh, I feel Kurama-chan's pussy getting tighter!" Naruto's Third Clone said.

"I can't get over how good her ass feels~!" Naruto's Fourth Clone stated.

Naruto and his clones thrust Kurama harder and faster. For Kurama, it was pure pleasure feeling her lovers' cocks swelling up inside her, while her body become hot, wet, and her holes tightening around the hard meat poles. The two clones thrusting Kurama's asshole and pussy were soon going to have their orgasms.

"Ahh, Kurama-chan's asshole is going to make me cum~!" Naruto's Clone moaned.

"Kurama-chan's pussy is going to make me cum, too~!" Naruto Another Clone moaned.

"Ahh, I feel them about to release their sweet cream inside me~!" Kurama thought with a still taking all of Naruto and clones' cocks and hard thrusting.

Both clones could not hold themselves anymore, and release their love nectar inside their busty vixen's pussy and ass. Kurama blushed, feeling both clones filling her inside up with their thick seed. Kurama stopped her actions, letting out a moan, still taking the clones' milk.

"That's it, my babies... give me everything you got~..." Kurama stated with a moan.

"Ah, I can't stop cumming..." Both Naruto's Clones moaned.

"Keep pouring all your milk inside me, my darlings~..." Kurama moaned.

After a minute, both clones' orgasms ended. Both clones pulled themselves out of Kurama's tight holes. Kurama kissed both clones, and then she turned her attention on the two other clones, and the real Naruto.

"Let's switch." Kurama said with a smile.

"Hai..." Naruto and his Clones replied.

"It's our turn now." Naruto's First Clone said.

"Yeah!" Naruto Second Clone replied, with their cocks hard, wanting the busty vixen.

"Heheh..." Kurama chuckled with a foxy smirk, wanting more.

Naruto, Kurama, and the clones continued their training. When one of the clones had his orgasm, then the next clone would be next. Kurama enjoyed every minute of training her Jinchuriki/mate/lover. Kurama did many positions with Naruto and his clones. She rode, one of clone's cocks inside her ass, while the other clone used her pussy. Kurama and her lovers took turns switching from foreplay and intercourse. After some time, when a clone had his orgasm, he disappeared. One by one, Naruto's clones disappeared till the real Naruto was the only one left.

"Ah, so you're my real Naruto-kun." Kurama said with a smile.

"Yeah, I'm almost at my limit..." Naruto stated.

"Same with me... So, how about one more round of mating, then we can call it a day." Kurama said.

"That's prefect, Kurama-chan." Naruto replied with a smile, getting on top of Kurama.

"Oh, Naruto-kun..." Kurama said, holding Naruto.

Naruto and Kurama mated one more time. Naruto thrust Kurama with the remainder of his strength and stamina. Kurama growled in pleasure, feeling Naruto's cock, hitting her womb. Kurama pulled Naruto into a deep kiss, while Naruto thrust harder. Once again, Kurama wrapped her tails around Naruto's body, making him go deeper inside her. Naruto and Kurama continued their love making, soon about to have blissful orgasms.

"Ahh, Kurama-chan, I'm going to cum, again~!" Naruto growled, thrusting wildly with the last of his strength.

"Ahh, I'm going to cum, too! Mmm, do it, Naruto-kun~! Release your thick warm seed inside me! Impregnate me~! Make me yours and only yours~!" Kurama screamed.

"I'm cumming, Kurama-chan~!" Naruto roared.

"Rrraahhh, I'm cumming, Naruto-kun~!" Kurama screamed louder, as her eyes rolled back.

Naruto and Kurama reached their mind-blowing orgasm. Naruto felt his Biju's vagina tightening more than ever. Kurama felt Naruto's large white ropes, shooting deep inside her. Naruto fell face between Kurama's large breasts. Naruto let low growls, still having his orgasm.

"Oh, Naruto-kun... Your sweet milk feels so thick and warm~..." Kurama moaned.

"H-Hai... T-This is the best training..." Naruto stated.

"Indeed... We should train like this more often." Kurama replied, holding Naruto.

"I would love that, Kurama-chan..." Naruto replied with a sigh of bliss.

"Oh, I knew you would, Naruto-kun." Kurama said.

Naruto still released his seed, and like always, his orgasm lasted for a whole minute. After that long minute, Naruto's orgasm ended, as his member slipped out. Kurama let out her own sigh, playing with Naruto's hair. Naruto felt his eyes getting tried, as he yawned.

"Naruto-kun, are you tired, my darling?" Kurama asked, kissing Naruto.

"Yes..." Naruto replied in a sleepy tone.

"Do you want to stay here with me for a while, till you wake up?" Kurama asked.

"I would love too, Kurama-chan..." Naruto replied, falling asleep between Kurama's breasts.

"Sweet dreams, Naruto-kun..." Kurama said, kissing Naruto multiple times.

Kurama cuddled with Naruto, falling asleep as well.

XxxxX Training Grounds XxxxX

Naruto later awoke within two hours, back to reality.

"Whoa, that was amazing..." Naruto said.

"It sure was, Naruto-kun." Kurama replied.

"When you want to train again, Kurama-chan, just let me know." Naruto replied.

"I will, Naruto-kun. We can have some fun with some other girls. I wouldn't mind having a threesome." Kurama stated with a smirk.

"You animal..." Naruto replied with a blush.

"I know I am, Naruto-kun. Well, I am going to sleep for a while. I'll see you later, Naruto-kun. Good night." Kurama replied, falling asleep.

"Good night, Kurama-chan." Naruto said in his mind.

Naruto stretched out his arms and legs. The blonde Uzumaki saw it was getting late. Naruto had sex with his mother, Anko, Ayame, Ino, and Kurama, all in one day. Naruto decided to was time to go home, and call it a day.

"Time to go home." Naruto said, walking home for dinner.

Naruto walked back home to his beautiful mother, and for a new day, tomorrow.

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Amaru (Real love)

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