Chapter 2

I look into the glass room more and see, to my very intense surprise, that there is indeed a person in there.

"Would I be able to get a closer look?" I ask, fearing the answer will be 'no'.

Mr. Shock turns to me, sees my expression, and says, "Alright, as long as you are careful. I don't think it has seen anyone else besides Mr. Lightning, your Great-Uncle."

"I'll be careful," I say, and start looking for a door.

I see the door, and try to open it. Then I see the hand scanners again and ask, "Will the scanners recognize my hand prints?"

"The first time you open this door, you have to use both hands to open it. That way, it recognizes both hands for future enters and exits from this section. Plus, you will be the only one who will be able to enter and exit using your hands," Mr. Shock explains.

"Got it," I say, and I place both hands in the appropriate scanners.

After they scan my hands, the door swings open without a word.

"Good, no Ms. Lightning," I say, and giggle, "I'm glad about that."

I step into the room, and Mr. Shock says, "I would recommend turning on the light on the left hand side. There's only one scanner inside this room, but it works for both hands and is located on the right."

"Thanks," I say, and I turn on the light and close the door.

Once the door's closed all the way, I say, "Now then, what to do," and turn around.

I collapse onto the floor as soon as I see the Demon.

'I swear to God this demon looks exactly like Lord Sesshomaru from the Inuyasha Series,' I think, and stand back up on shaky legs, 'I'm almost positive of it.'

I look out to where the glass wall is and see it's a solid brick wall again. I walk over to it and try to see out.

"Hello, if you can hear me, do you know who this demon is?" I ask to the brick wall.

I don't get an answer, and I realize there are no cameras or recorders in here.

I turn to look around, and I suddenly realize just how close I am to the demon prisoner.

'Are those chains he has on him?' I ask myself, 'I really hope not, otherwise someone is going to get a piece of my mind.'

I walk over to the demon and sit beside him and face him.

'Way to many similarities between this demon and Lord Sesshomaru,' I think, and look him over.

"How many freaken chains do they have on you?!" I exclaim, "8?!"

The demon male moves his shoulders in a very feeble attempt at a shrug, and right then and there is when I realize something.

"They haven't been feeding you or taking care of you very well, have they?" I ask, and watch him nod his head slowly, as if scared to answer.

I growl, and say, "I'll be right back."

I stand up, walk over to the door, open it, and yell, "Mr. Shock, get you ass over here this instant!"

"What is it?" Mr. Shock asks, his face full of alarm by my tone of voice.

"What have you and my Great-Uncle Lightning been doing to him?!" I exclaim, pointing over my shoulder to make it clear who I'm actually talking about.

"I haven't been doing anything, why? What's wrong with it?" Mr. Shock questions.

"He's got about 8 chains connecting him to the wall behind him, plus he looks like he hasn't eaten anything in 2 months!" I exclaim, "I want the keys, or key, to the chains and as much food as you can get your hands on in this door way pronto!"

"I've been given a key for something a while back," he says, and he hands it to me, "Now I know what it was for. I'll be back with that food as soon as I can."

"Good," I say, "I will have this door closed, so when you get back knock on it so I know it's you, got me?"

"Yes Ms. Lightning," Mr. Shock says, and before I can say another word he takes off.

"When he gets back he's getting a slap on the back of the head," I say, and close the door again.

I walk over to the male demon, and sit next to him again. I face him, and touch his hand to show I'm back.

"I need you to sit back as far as you can," I say, "I want to take as many of these chains off you as possible."

The male demon nods slowly again, and he starts to lean back against the wall.

After he's back far enough, I look at the chain around his neck, but I don't see a key hole.

"Do you happen to know where the key hole for this chain is?" I ask.

I watch as he lifts his left arm and points to the front of his neck. I look closely, and see the key hole is at the front, right under his chin.

"I wouldn't have thought it would be there," I say, and I place the key in the hole. A few seconds later, I hear a soft 'click' and see the chain fall off his neck.

Next, I work on the one around his waist, and see that the key hole on this one is directly in line with the key hole that was on his neck. I unlock it, and unlock the ones on his wrists, around his knees, and on his ankles.

As soon as the last ankle chain falls off, I place the key in my pocket and stand up.

"I bet that has to feel a lot better huh?" I ask, "I know it would for me."

The male demon nods, and then he starts rubbing his wrists and ankles. I sit down again, and stretch his legs out.

I look into the demon's face for the first time, and see he's staring at me with gorgeous Golden eyes. I smile at him, and see he does a small smile back at me. Even though I can see it's a cautious smile, it still has my heart flip-flopping.

I look down and start rubbing his ankles where the chains were.

"My name's Teresa Lightning," I say, "That way, when you feel like talking to me, you can call me by name, alright?"

I look up in time to see him nod in response, and I go back to rubbing his ankles.

We sit in silence for a few minutes, and then, out of the blue, I hear a voice say, "Sesshomaru."

I look up, and see the male demon is looking directly at me.

"Did you just say your name's Sesshomaru?" I ask, thinking that I might have dozed off for a few seconds.

"Yes," the male demon says, "My name is Sesshomaru."

"Oh," I say, and suddenly feel a little faint, "I like that name."

'Holy shit! I think he is Lord Sesshomaru of the Western Lands!' I exclaim in my head, 'If he is, how did I get so lucky?!'

Just then there is a knock on the brick door.