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Seneca Crane POV.

This years Games are going great! We are making the arena really hot. Suddenly and alarm when of and the lights powered down. One on my capitol assistants ran up to me.

"Sir, the temperature level you requested for the arena was much to hot. " I loved at her wonder why this was important when the power just went out. But then she continued. "The force field has exploded!"

Katniss POV.

I heard a far of boom. Sparks flew and the air was filled with smoke. I didn't know what it was, but I knew it was bad. I ran back to camp where Rue and Peeta were.

"Run!" I screamed to them. We took off into the fog.

"Ugh!" The breath was knocked out of me as I ran into something.

Or someone, I thought as I watched Clove grab Cato hand to help her get up.

"We aren't going to hurt you! Follow us!" she shouted over the loud rumbling noise we were hearing. We began to run into the fog, wondering what would happen next.

Katniss POV.

After running for hours, we finally found a clearing. I sat down on a log to see catch my breath and see who else we had. Peeta, Rue, Marvel, and I were sitting on logs, winded. Clove, Cato, and Foxface were breathing normally. As if they did NOT just run thirty miles. Marvel stood up and wrapped his arms around Foxface. with his chest against her back. They were obviously boyfriend and girlfriend. I saw Cato kiss Clove on the head.

What's up with the Careers? I thought. Then my mind wandered to Peeta. At first our love was an act, but now I think I really like-like him. I called him over, and he sat next to me on the log.

"I think I might like-like you. For real" He knows I was faking, but his proclaim of love was real.

"Is this a joke?" he asked, failing to keep the elation off his face.

"No. It's true!" I didn't know how close our faces were until we were kissing. I never wanted it to end, but humans need oxygen. I hugged him close. The sky was extremely dark, but Marvel had made a fire.

"Why don't we go around the circle and say our names, ages, favorite colors, and relationship status." We all murmured in agreement.

"My name is Katniss Everdeen, I am sixteen years old, my favorite color is forest green, and I am Peeta's girlfriend." I saw Peeta smile at the end of my sentence.

"My names is Peeta Mellark, I am sixteen years old, my favorite color is sunset orange, and I am Katniss's boyfriend."

"How did you guys become a couple?" Foxface asked.

"I saved her life with some bread when we were eleven. We meet again at the reaping. Our angle for the games was 'Star-Crossed Lovers'. I really loved her. She was acting. She grew to really love me. Now we're a couple." Peeta summed up.

"That's nice! My name is Marvel Quaid. I am seventeen years old, and my favorite color is orange-red, like Finch's hair. By the way, Finch is my girlfriend." Marvel said, playing with Foxface's hair.

Is that her name! Finch! I thought.

"My name is Finch Emerson. Also know as Foxface by Rue, Peeta, and Katniss. My favorite color is royal purple, and I am dating Marvel."

"How did you guys meet?" Clove and Cato asked in unison. They looked at each other and smiled. Smiled! I have never seen either of them smile! They are either smirking or scowling!

"Well, District 1's Career trainees had to visit every district for training. I met Finch in the woods we were training at. She was gathering berries for her family. When she got reaped for the Hunger Games, I was really excited … Until I remembered it was the hunger Games." Marvel said sheepishly. We all looked at clove, who was next in the circle. She glared at us.

"My name is Clove Fuhrman. I am seventeen years old. My favorite color is blood red-"

"Yeah, baby!" Cato yelled. They high fived, while I stared at them. Was the emphasis on blood really necessary?

"So … yeah." She said.

"Relationship?" Marvel asked. Clove looked at Cato. He nodded. Huh? What is going on here?

"I'm married to Cato." Clove announced, holding up the most gorgeous diamond ring I have ever seen. There were gasps of awe and gasps of surprise. Clove and Cato smirks in unison.

"My name is Cato Ludwig, I am seventeen years old, favorite color is blood red, and I'm married to Clove." He nodded for Rue to go. She sighed.

"I'm Rue Stenburg. I turned thirteen in the games. My favorite color is wheat gold." She stated simply.

"Relationship?" Marvel provoked. Rue looked ready to cry and punch Marvel at the same time.

"She's single," I said. I loved Rue like she was Prim. No way was I letting her date. Rue took a deep, shaky breath.

"Um … Well … It's complicated." She said finally. Really Rue! Boy troubles already!. She stood up. I'll be right back. She walked of to who knows where.

It was the middle of the night. All of us were sleeping with our boyfriend/girlfriends. But not Rue. She sat off to the side alone, deep in thought. Suddenly I heard a loud shout that woke everyone up.

"Rue!" it yelled. Everyone popped up and ran over to Rue. She just sat, with a look of shock and confusion on her face. She shook her head in disbelief.

"No. I'm hallucination. It can't be! Could it?" she whispered.

"Rue! Where are you, Rue!" Rue shot up from her spot.

"Ruben!" She screamed. "Ruben, I'm here!"

"Rue!" A boy ran through the bushes. He saw Rue. I almost stepped in front of her, but she was running away. Running to the boy. He looks so familiar! Where do I know him from. Oh! He's the District 3 boy! The one Cato Killed! I looked at Cato and he had turned a shade lighter. Clove looked indifferent. I looked over to Rue and the boy, Ruben. They were hugging and kissing to no end. I cleared my throat. Rue broke away from the boy and blushed.

"Everybody, this is Ruben. Ruben, meet Clove, Cato, Peeta, Marvel, Finch, and Katniss." Ruben waved.

"So is this the 'It's complicated' you were talking about?" I asked. Rue blushed again.

"Well yes, because you see … he was dead." She said nervously.

"Yeah. Sorry about that." Cato said.

"No prob. District 13 has some cool technology." Everyone's mouth dropped open. "It was fun being dead. No Hunger Games. No school. Well, there is school in D13, but that's ok."

"Did you day District 13? Marvel asks.

"Yeah! They are planning a rebellion. We were sent out hear to find you, I decided to come since Rue would be here." He replied. Rue blushed for the third time. Oh geez. Ruben looked around. His eyes lit up when he say Clove.

"Clovey!" He squealed.

"Hey little bro!" she said, and hugged him. Once again, everyone had their mouths hanging open. Except for Clove, Ruben, and Cato. I guess married couples have no secrets.

"Their siblings?" Marvel asked. "But Ruben is so *Ah*(makes a happy sigh and does sparkle hands) and Clove is so Ugh!(grunts and makes a sadistic face)." Clove, Ruben, and Cato all glared at him in unison. "Never mind," Marvel said. "The signature glare is still there!" Rue was on the floor laughing with Finch and Peeta. I just stared at them.

"Is anyone going to explain the sibling situation?" I spoke up. Clove sighed.

"Until I was 10 and Ruben was six, we lived together in D2. Our parents divorced, and my mom and Ruben moved to D3. We reunited at the Games.

"So your husband killed your brother?" I said in disbelief. All three of them groaned.

"We knew the most about the rebellion out of all of you. It was my job to kill Ruben so District 13 could retrieve him, revive him, and have him mess with the force field so when they planned to raise the temperature, it would burst." Cato explained slowly, as if I was a small child.

Ruben noticed this and said, "Why are you talking so slow. None of us are small children. Speaking of which … " He turned to Clove. "How far along are you?" Clove turned beet red.

"Not here!" she whisper shouted. I was so confused. What are they talking about!

"Well, you've got to learn to trust them at some point!" Rue said. Wait! Rue is in on this too?!

"What is going on here! " I ask. Clove sighed.

"Well … "she began, glaring at Rue and Ruben. They giggled. "I'm kind of, sort of, maybe just a little bit … " Cato rolled his eyes. "Pregnant" she finished, whispering.

"What!" we all yelled. "Why didn't you tell us! You've been working the hardest here! What about when you ran into me!"

"Stop!" she screamed. "This is why I didn't tell you guys. I didn't want to be seen as the girl who couldn't do anything because of her stupid pregnancy!" We all nodded. I know how hard it is, to be helpless, and I hate it.

"Why don't we just go to sleep and work this out in District 13?" Finch suggested.

"That's cool. I notified them, and they will be here in the morning." Ruben said. So we all settled down. Me in Peeta's arms. Rue in Ruben's. Clove in Cato's. Finch in Marvel's. We fell asleep wondering what the morning would bring.

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