Its bittersweet knowing that this is the end. I've spent almost eight months writing this story and I've had so much support from you guys. It makes me shed a tear knowing that there won't be anymore for this particular Jace and Clary, but hopefully this epilogue will show enough for you all as it did for me.

It's a little shorter than normal chapters, but it shows everyone and where they got to at some point. I hope you like it, and prepare yourself for the end! I love you all for following this and loved reading it as much as I loved writing it! It sure has been a great experience.

Clary sat by the tree outside the Lightwood's mansion once again on that summer afternoon. It wasn't the first and wouldn't be the last time that someone found her sketching with her back against the bark. It was her place at this point. She belonged there more than anywhere else.

Currently, she was working on her senior presentation before she graduates from university. She had to come up with a massive project, something stunning, perfect, and had to be the best thing she ever created.

And her creativity just wasn't there.

"Clary!" She looked up just as fourteen year old Max Lightwood came running out of the back door, his bag thrown over his shoulder. He smiled and waved as he approached. "I've been looking for you forever."

She closed her failed sketchbook and dropped it by her, patting the seat in front of her. "Sit little guy."

He frowned but sat down anywhere. "Clary, I'm not the little kid anymore. You can stop claiming that I'm a child."

"It's weird though. You're going to high school soon, and I don't like that."

"Ugh, you sound like my sister," he groaned. "She knows that I'm not into the fashion thing, but she's determined to make me look fabulous. At least, that's how she and Magnus put it."

Clary laughed and shook her head. "That's what happens when you have a sister and uncle that own a clothing line in the top fashion business of America."

"Don't remind me." He shuttered. "I refused to wear skinny jeans. That's all I'm saying."

That thought was amusing in and of itself. Max wasn't a fashion boy at all. He was definitely like Simon in that department. Even now. He may be athletic and a great soccer player, but his sweatpants, worn out jeans, and t-shirts were his idea of clothing. Not leather jackets and sparkly pants.

"You don't have to wear what she wants," Clary said. "Isabelle can't control you. She's twenty three and she'll get over it if she doesn't like it. But anyway, what did you want to talk to me about?"

Max suddenly looked uncomfortable and pulled his knees to his chest, brushing the black hair out of his eyes. "Um, well, I heard Isabelle talking about something earlier and I wanted to know if it was true."

"What is it?"

"Well… is my sister… pregnant?"

Clary's eyes widened in initial shock, but she knew that there was no hiding it so she just nodded. "Well, I guess there isn't any harm in telling you."

Max's mouth opened slightly and he looked almost… worried. "She does realize that my mom is going to kill her, right?"

"Why?" Clary asked. "Isabelle is old enough to have kids."

He shook his head and waved his hand crazily. "That's not the point. She's not married to Simon. And he and Jordan are always off on tour with that idiotic band–"

"They're not that bad."

"– so he's not going to be around much. My mom will only hate Simon more knowing he'll willingly abandon Izzy when she's going through that."

There wasn't much Clary could argue back with that. Max was right. Maryse was not going to be happy about it. Robert wont either, but Maryse will be the one to cause a scene and threaten to chop Simon's balls off. Even after all the years, she still hadn't warmed up to him for some reason. Granted, he wasn't the most reliable guy because he was a complete moron, but he had his perks.

This wasn't going to help his case though. Clary knew that once Isabelle told her she was pregnant last week. Simon was going to have a lot of kissing up to do when he finds out.

Max continued before Clary could break out of her thoughts. "My mom hasn't even gotten used to the idea that Uncle Magnus and Alec are, like, married. They're gay and married. That still hasn't sunk in after two years, and when she finds out her only daughter is pregnant before marriage, she's going to have a shit fit."

Clary leaned forward and mimicked Max's position, trying to defuse the stress that was coming from him. "You need to just calm down."

"Calm down?" It only made him more chaotic. "You're telling me to calm down?"

"You can't protect everyone Max," she insisted. "Jace had to learn that at some point. So did Jonathan, and Simon, and Jordan, and you need to let people fight their battles. You'll have your own stuff to deal with, okay?"

He sighed and nodded. "Okay." It was more than obvious that he hated the idea, but he stood and brushed off his running shorts anyway. "Thanks for the talk Clary."

She smiled, grabbing her sketchbook again. "Are you going running with Alec?"

He nodded. "I'm not in shape enough to run with Jace yet. Since Alec's accident, he was always a little slower."

Clary tried her hardest to forget all of that. Jonathan and Sebastian had a huge part in Alec's 'accident' but Max didn't know that. He liked Jonathan and Sebastian, and they didn't want to jeopardize that.

So she just nodded and smiled. "Break a leg."

He winked confidently and ran off.

And she couldn't help but think that Max was something special. Nerdy like Simon, confident like Jace, caring like herself, fun like Magnus, and compassionate like Alec. He grew up to be a pretty good kid.

Clary lied back on her bed, the one that she shared with Jace when they were home for the summer. The Lightwoods have always welcomed them back when they got home from college in Florida. It was like a safeguard for each of them. Even though Clary could easily stay with her mother and Luke or Jace with Michael, the Lightwood mansion always just seemed better. Not for the size, but for the company.

At least she wouldn't have to be at college without Jace. His freshmen year at Florida, he redshirted so that he could have a fifth year. Now, he and Clary were both seniors and they'd graduate together because of it. Even after so long, she was still pleasantly surprised that he wanted to be with her as bad as she wanted to be with him. It blew her mind.

So while she waited for him to get back from the gym, she casually watched TV in her underwear. She wasn't sure why she never dressed when she was in her own room, but she figured it was from Jace's doing. He could be shirtless and open, why couldn't she? Equal rights and all, correct?

When the door finally opened and Jace stepped in, Clary felt the familiar speed of her heart pick up. He was shirtless and sweaty, just how she liked him.

He turned and saw her sprawled on the bed, smiling and dropping his stuff. "You're all ready for me, huh?"

"Not for you," she teased, lying back against the pillows and spreading herself out in her bra and underwear. "Maybe I just like being out in the open."

"You won't see me complaining about it."

Jace didn't even make it to her on the bed before her phone started ringing. She sighed in frustration.

Jace chuckled. "I'll go get a shower while you answer that."

She watched him with keen eyes, watching every muscle move before he slipped into the bathroom, closing the door with a wink in her direction. Then, finally, she picked up the phone.

"This is Clary."

"Hey babe," Isabelle said in a cheery voice. "I've got huge news!"

She tucked her hand behind her head, rolling her eyes. "I already know you're pregnant, Isabelle."

She scoffed. "That's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about something huge. Something massive. Something catastrophic."

Clary rolled her eyes and stared at the ceiling, trying to picture Isabelle in her designer clothes in the middle of an office. "Go ahead."


Clary shot straight up. "Wait, what?"

"Simon proposed! I met up with the band in Spain when Magnus and I were there. We had a fashion show and then…"

Then came the long, five minute story about how he did it, where he did this and that. Isabelle was giving her every, single, little detail at this point. And all Clary could think was why Simon didn't even talk to her about it. He never mentioned it.

"And now we're getting married!" Isabelle yelled after she finally finished her spill. "I don't think you understand how excited I am right now!"

Clary pulled the phone away from her ear at Isabelle's yelling. "No, I think I understand. You're stoked."

Isabelle let out an exasperated breath. "Just because Jace can't man up and ask you to marry him, doesn't mean that I can't be excited about Simon's proposal."

"I never said you couldn't," Clary shot back. "And I really am happy for you. Max actually asked me about it today. He mentioned that Maryse would be pissed if she found out you were pregnant."

Isabelle chuckled. "Yes. Yes she would. But now she has nothing to worry about."

"We'll see," Clary said. "Nothing actually pleases your mother."

"Ugh, don't remind me. Anyway, I just wanted to call and tell you! I have to get back to my fiancé now."

Clary laughed and fell back against the bed. "Very well. Go ravish him in happiness."

"Don't have to tell me twice."

Clary was still smiling with humor when Jace came out of the shower, a towel wrapped around his waist. He immediately walked over towards her and lay down on his side, propping himself up to look at her. "What are you so smiley about?"

"Isabelle and Simon are now getting married."

His eyes widened in shock. "Are you serious?"

"Well, yeah."

"What brought this on?"

Clary gave him a stupid look. "She's pregnant, Jace. They've been together for as long as we have."

This time, his mouth dropped open. "Wait a minute." He waved his hands in his face wildly. "She's pregnant? What the hell? Why do I not know any of this?"

"You've got to be kidding me," Clary breathed, sitting up and looking at her boyfriend like he was an idiot. "I've told you that already. When she called me last week while we were in the middle of having sex and I kind of had to answer since she wouldn't stop. Do you not remember that?"

The realization dawned on him and he smirked. "While I was making you fall apart in my hands? You honestly think I could've focused on Isabelle when you were like that?"

Clary rolled her eyes. "It was kind of a big deal."

"Giving my girl pleasure was a bigger deal at the time."

To prove his point, he put his hand on her stomach and slowly pushed her down until she was lying amongst the pillows again.

"I can show you again if you like," teased, bringing his lips down to hers.

They kissed like it was always the last time, like they may never get another chance. Maybe that was the key to their relationship, Clary thought. The fact that every time they were together, it always had the intensity that it would be the last. They never took any chance for granted. It was intense, pleasurable, loving, and that was why she loved Jace. Never a dull moment.

He slid his body on top of hers, ripping his towel off in the process. "Where is everyone?" he asked in a hushed tone, his lips never leaving her skin.

Clary took a moment to answer, her breathing getting heavy. "Gone. It's just us."

Jace smirked against her neck, his lips pressing harder and licking at her skin. "Perfect. Don't' hold back, Clary."

She grabbed his face and pulled him up to look at her, the mischief in his eyes reflected in her own. "Never."

Jonathan tipped the drink back slowly, making sure that he didn't drink too much. A drunken Jonathan was not something he was proud of, that's for sure. He did stupid shit, really stupid shit, and that wasn't going to help him at this point.

"Is the big job interview today?"

Jonathan looked up as Sebastian walked into the apartment, tossing his stuff on the bed. He was dressed in his usual running attire, his black hair wet and matted to his forehead and a towel wrapped around his neck.


"Looking snazzy, bro," Sebastian teased.

Jonathan looked down at his suit and tie, something that Isabelle picked out for him when he talked about the interviews. At least he looked good, despite Sebastian's teasing. He trusted a famous fashion designer to dress him and make him look presentable.

"Although I don't think the alcohol will help you," Seb said, pointing to the vodka bottle on the counter. "Are you sure that's a good idea?"

"I'm just nervous," Jonathan responded and took another sip.

"Look, you need this job. Don't screw it up because you're a little tipsy. You're already on this guy's bad side."

Although he hated how Sebastian was right, he knew that he should listen. So he set the cup down and sighed, dropping his hands to the counter and leaning against them.

It was weird the more he thought about it. After all the years, he and Sebastian somehow became closer after the whole… stabbing thing. It was awkward at first, especially when Sebastian first got out. He didn't have anywhere to go and Jonathan offered to get an apartment with him when he got out of college. Now that they've lived together for a bit, it was simpler.

Jonathan didn't even fear the idea that Sebastian could do it again. Why? Because he didn't think he would. Neither of them were the same boys they were in high school.

Anger wasn't even a part of them anymore. Both agreed that Valentine brought that out in them. They didn't get upset over stupid things, except for Jace. Both boys were still protective over the little redhead, Jonathan especially, and Jace knew it. That's why he egged them on but they didn't fight. It was actually nice to be able to tease without hating someone.

Sebastian grabbed a water out of the fridge and took a seat at one of the bar stools across from Jonathan. "Have you heard from Kaelie?" he asked. "How did her audition go?"

"Pretty good from what she said. Hopefully she got the part."

"What was she going for again?"

Jonathan thought back to his girlfriend's words, trying to remember. "Some part in a TV show. I don't remember what it's called."

"Some boyfriend you are."

"I've got my own shit on my mind right now."

Sebastian swallowed the last of his bottle and tossed it in the trash. "Well, Kaelie and I can't be the only ones working. You have to get going if you're going to make it to the interview. College is over and time to hop into the real world. Full steam ahead!"

He groaned, pulling at his white hair. "Don't make me do it."

"The sooner you face him, the faster you'll get it over with." He clapped on hand on Jonathan's shoulder. "Make me proud."

"Mr. Bane?"

Alec looked up at the sound of the female's voice coming through his speaker. He tapped the talk button and held it down. "Yes?"

"Your one o'clock is here."

Sure enough, when Alec looked up he noticed that it was that time already. Great. He straightened up in his office chair and closed out of his computer, pulling the files out. "Send him in."

"Yes, sir."

This was going to be interesting. Alec leaned back in his chair and played with his hair by his ear in an anxious kind of gesture. The last thing he wanted to do was to go through with this. But he had to. Clary asked Jace, and Jace asked him. He couldn't deny his best friend, even if the bastard coming in was someone Alec hated most on the planet.

When Jonathan stepped through the door, he looked as nervous as Alec felt. His hands were shoved in the pocket of his suit and he looked anywhere but at Alec at first.

"Sit," Alec demanded, pointing to the chair.

Jonathan sat without a word, leaning forward and clasping his hands together.

How do you start a conversation like this? How was Alec supposed to hire someone he barely ever spoke to and hated? This guy tried to kill Alec back in high school! If Alec was smart, he would've told Clary to suck a big one and that her brother can suffer. But no. He was too damn nice.

Jonathan twiddled his thumbs and before Alec could say anything, he blurted out, "I'm really sorry, Alec."

And he was taken about. His blue eyes widened. "Um, what?"

"In high school, what… what Sebastian and I did," he confirmed. "It was childish and I was a dick. I kind of ruined everything for you when all of that happened, and I know that I'll never make it up to you but I'm sorry. I really am. Sebastian and I have changed, and we don't want to be known to you as the guys that put you in that coma."

Alec sat there with his mouth open and stared. "Um…"

"You don't have to forgive us," Jonathan said and stared at the floor. "I just wanted you to know. Living with Jace last year taught me a lot and I know that you didn't deserve what we did to you. I'm… I'm sorry."

Still, there was nothing but silence. What could Alec say? He was so shocked that an apology came out that he never prepared what he would say afterwards. He was at a loss.

Instead he just looked down and swallowed, trying to think of something, anything. Finally, after a few seconds of quiet, he picked up Jonathan's information folder and flipped it open.

He leaned forward with his arms folded over his desk. "So, you want the job?"

Dark eyes met blue ones with the most sincere and scared look Alec has ever seen out of Jonathan. "If you'll allow it."

"You get one shot," Alec warned. "If you fuck it up, you're gone. Fired. And I won't hesitate."

"I know, and I won't," Jonathan insisted, jumping from his seat to shake Alec's hand. "I swear, you won't regret it."

Alec nodded and took the man's hand, but squeezed harder than necessary. And he pulled Jonathan closer, looking at him with the most menacing look he could muster up. "And if you try to sabotage my car again, you're dead. I'm your boss now, and I'm not above making your life a living hell if you cross me. I'm doing this for your sister and my best friend, but I don't like it. So don't give me any reason to doubt that you've changed. Understood?"

Jonathan nodded and swallowed. "Un - understood."

"Good," Alec smirked. "In that case, welcome to The Institute."

Jace slowly sat up when he woke, rubbing his head and stretching. He yawned loudly and turned, finding Clary on her back with her hair splayed across the pillow. The necklace he gave her was settled on her chest, the C shining with the sunlight that lit the room.

There wasn't anyone in the world that could convince him that he deserved the girl before him, but he knew that she was everything to him. The past years have been harder but he would've fallen apart without her in his life.

"I love you, Clary," he whispered as he slipped from the bed, giving the top of her head a gentle kiss. He smiled when she immediately reached for him, grabbing nothing but a pillow and hugging it to her chest.

The Lighthouse Mansion was completely empty and silent that morning, and he was completely okay with that. This moment had to be for him and Clary only. He didn't want anyone interrupting or intruding.

As he walked through the house, he stared to have flashbacks of the time that he spent with her.

The gym: the place where she finally told him her name after so long. Tiger turned into Clary that day and it sparked something inside of him. He'd never forget that.

The staircase: the place where he found out about her abusive family. She refused to tell him at first and even slammed the door in his face that day. It was also the day he broke up with Aline. Those were so long ago.

His eyes traveled to the window that showed the backyard. They had so many moments in that backyard. She showed him her sketchbook the first time by that tree over there. Following that path led to the waterfall that was 'thiers'. They were the only ones that still knew about it. Other than Church and Chairman Meow. Those stupid cats wondered there all the time.

All these memories and even more flooded Jace's brain. Their first kiss against the brick wall of Assisted Living when Imogen had that heart attack. That time he finally showed her his old home, when he finally opened up to her about his past and she actually accepted him for it. All those days in the hospital for Alec and her mother. Their first time together… that was stuck in Jace's brain like glue. No matter how many times they have slept together, he remembered that one specifically. It was perfect and impossible to ever forget.

He stepped outside into the open air, breathing it in to calm his nerves. Making his way to his bike, he popped open the glove compartment and picked up the item that he needed.

This would change their future. This would make everything he ever wanted come to life, make it come true. He flipped open the little box and stared at the ring. It was silver and just the right fit for Clary. The green emeralds around the central diamond matched her eyes. He knew she'd love it.

If he could just find the nerve to ask her.

His phone started ringing in his sweatpants pocket, scaring him more than it should. He cursed and fished it out, staring at the engagement ring in his hand.

"Hey, Isabelle."

"Have you asked her yet?" she asked anxiously.

Jace rolled his eyes. "No. I haven't. And you're making me more nervous, thank you very much."

"Well, hurry up! I want to talk to her about engagement stuff but I can't because only one of us are engaged."

"Can you give me five minutes, please?" he growled at her, slowly turning the ring box over in his hand. "God, you're so impatient. You need to loosen up."

"You need to grow some balls."

"Goodbye, Izzy," he said and hung up on her, shoving his phone back in his pocket.

If he wasn't nervous before, he was freaking out on the inside now. His heart was pounding in his chest, about to break a rib. It was like he couldn't catch his breath but he knew that he wanted to do this and would have to get over it. Something inside him kept telling him that he wasn't good enough, and knew that was why he was acting this way, but he didn't want Clary to be with anyone else. This was what he wanted. This is what he needed.

So he gripped the box tighter and shoved it in his pocket, making his way back inside. Today was the day.

Today was the start of the rest of their lives together.

And she had no idea.

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