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Chapter 2

Right away, life became better. I smiled all the time now, and the shine that life used to have seemed to glimmer through. Fluttershy brought a light with her that helped my life brighten, and I couldn't thank her more.

She constantly wanted to be outside. I saw once feral and wild squirrels run up to me and offer me human friendly nuts. Birds flew around the house, and baby ones liked to perch atop my head when I accompanied my pegasus friend. It seemed she could tame any creature, and it didn't surprise me one bit. She received her cutie mark when a thunderstorm had scared all the animals into hiding. She helped them rebuild their homes if damaged, and helped them gather.

She loved me a lot. At night, when she had a bad dream, she would whinny and squeal til I woke up (which wasn't for long) at the side of my bed, and I would reach down and pick her up, letting her curl up next to me and falling asleep. Most days I woke up to her opening my window to cater to the spiders that lived there. I called it the spider hotel because so many were there, and it looked as if it had floors. I even used to have a pet spider name Charlotte that lived there, but she had gotten knocked off during a storm and I never saw her again. Fluttershy would catch flies and insects of the like and put them in the webs. The spiders would then do their thing, and when she was finished we both would go into the kitchen for breakfast. Most of the time she would have salads while I had eggs (I tried my best to stray away from bacon).

She was leaning to talk, slowly but surely. My mother remarked on how easy it was to do so, since she taught me to talk. She could say 'Yes.', 'No.','Hungry.' and 'Thirsty.' She knew many more words, was even starting to read a little bit. I was getting so proud of her.

Since I got to bed before my dad gets home, he never saw Flutters until the next morning. What can I say; The granite industry where I lived was booming and they needed workers.

I walked in the kitchen, still clad in pajamas, holding Flutters as I heard a gasp. My eyes shot open and I fully registered my dad's presence.

"Hi dad..." I responded meekly, while I felt the butter pegasus snuggle closer to me.

He gave mom a questioning look, and she sighed, sitting at the table.

"Yesterday, while you were at work, Haley was outside and she found a pony outside hanging from a limb. I told her we could keep it, since that it was a cartoon character, you know, My Little Pony, and she was so set on someone taking her and performing experiments on her."

I had sat down at the table, setting Flutters down on her stool beside me. She curled up, eyeing dad wearily.

He returned the look, switching from her to me. He nodded slightly. "So you're telling me that a character, from a cartoon no less, is sitting in front of me? I still think you're joking, for all I know it could just be a dog in a costume."

I grimaced. "She's a pegasus," I deadpanned, stretching one of her wings out tenderly. " And also, how many horses have you seen that has this color sheme?"

"It's a costume; It can look like anything or anybody."

I groaned. "Walk outside with me, Dad, and I'll SHOW you." I picked up Flutters and we both made our way out the back door, since it was the closest exit. I set her down on the ground, where she stood and looked around.


She then gave out a semi-loud squeak, and a family of squirrels scampered up, chattering.

Dad, needless to say, was flabbergasted. Even more when one of the babies climbed his pant leg and sat on his shoulder, rubbing his check affectionately. I laughed as he looked at me.


"Yes, she's real. Isn't that right?"

"Yes!" Squeaks Fluttershy, trotting up to me. Her little wings flutter as she goes to stand in front of my dad, her eyes shining up at him.

Dad's look melts, and he opens his arms just as she jumps, hugging her to his chest. He laughs as she snuggles into his chest.

"Maybe this won't be so bad. Ponies are vegetarians, right? Maybe we can start another garden for her." He remarks, a hand moving through her mane.

I nodded, liking the idea. "I need to see her, it's time for her bath."

He frowned. "Use the water hose."

There he goes again. Thinking like she's a dog. I sigh. "Dad, she very much like a human. As in, she can talk. She can pick things up with her hooves. She basically a four legged human and if you can't accept that, she might just die from how you WANT us to treat her." I mutter, my gaze hardening. Just because he's an adult doesn't mean that everything he wants to do is right.

"Fine, fine. Here." He hands her to me. "I need to get a cigarette." He walks into the house.

I cuddle Fluttershy to me. "Here, let's get you cleaned up."

It seems like an hour, but I finally get her in the tub. The one I have to use is small, and a cerulean blue. It's still under construction, but not to where you couldn't use it or anything. You can see the plumbing for the tub, though.

Anyway, she was now in the tub. I had put some vanilla bubble bath in there, along with some of my cake smelling soap on a rag. She was curled up, the bubbles high enough to touch her neck slightly. Currently, she had some on top of her snout, looking at them with crossed eyes. She giggled, a big smile on her face. I squee'd internally, taking the rag and rubbing her body with it. Soon, all I had left was her face and wings.

Now, I have NO idea how to wash wings. The only reference was when birds flapped their wings in bird baths. So I decided to go with that.

"Alright Flutters. Flap your wings REALLY fast, make sure you get them in the water." I instructed. She nodded, doing what I said.

Next thing I knew, I'm drenched. My hair had fallen straight, because it was weighed down by the water, and I pushed a lock of it out of my face. Flutters looked at me with a sheepish smile, and I laughed. I then rinsed the rag out and made sure there was no soap, then gently rubbed her face with it. Then I picked her up and cradled her in a towel. Her eyes lowered a little, looking sleepy, and I smiled, rocking her a little. She fell asleep, yawning a little.

She looked so calm. I grinned, unwrapping the towel and gently sitting her down on the floor. I then rubbed her mane and tail dry, then brushed it. I made sure her wings were dry as well, and then I picked her back up, walking to my room and sitting her down in her bed, which was basically a dog bed. She started to stir a little, and I immediately remembered her lullaby. In a low voice, I started singing it.

"Hush now, quiet now...

It's time to lay your sleepy head...

Hush now, quiet now...

It's time to go to bed..."

I smiled as I saw her go back to sleep with a small smile on her face. I stood, taking a glance in the mirror. I laughed inwardly at my appearance, looking like I was thrown into a lake. And then I saw it.

A sparkle in my eye. I looked happy, jovial even. I liked it. I smiled a little wider, and left the room, glad that 'Shy had entered my world.

She was sure making life easier.

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