(::[]::) A Band-Aid for my Heart (::[]::) A JEAN HAVOC LOVE STORY (::[]::) Chapter Two

Kami was standing by my car door when I walked out of the office. I smiled at her, rubbing the back of my head, "You know Mustang would self-combust if he knew you lied about going out with me."

She just grinned and got into the passenger seat, "That's why I didn't really lie. I'm in your car, aren't I? Show me something so we can pretend I'm a good girl."

I shuddered and started the car, "Let's get something to eat."

Kami waved at me from the front door of the hotel. Her hair shimmered in the moonlight and I smiled throwing my own hand up at her.

I was lying in bed an hour later tossing and turning trying to sleep. All I could think about was Kami and her blowing Roy off. Sure, we were friends in a way, but that didn't mean I wanted him to have every girl he laid eyes on. Something bad needed to happen to him for once- like I get the girl from under his nose.

My lips turn into a smile for a millisecond before I sighed stubbing my cigarette out in the ashtray by the bed.

I didn't get much sleep that night, but my lungs got plenty of tar from the pack I finished.

"Havoc, you don't look too good." Breda said when I dropped my body into the chair behind my desk.

"Don't feel too good." I said, patting my pockets for a lighter. Riza wasn't there to take my cigarette.

Breda smirked and elbowed me roughly, jostling my hand as I tried to light my cigarette, "Oh, I know what's up. You didn't get much sleep last night, huh? Did the new recruit keep you up?" He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively. Fury, Falman, and Roy looked at me curiously.

"No, Breda." I growled then took a long drag letting the smoke out with a sigh.

Fury piped up beside Falman across the room, "Well then how did your date go?"

"I wouldn't call it a date," I said taking another drag.

"Then what would you call it?" Falman asked.

I shrugged, "An introduction to the city?"

Roy chuckled, "Havoc, Havoc, Havoc." He shook his head at me, "Poor Kami what would she think if she knew?"

I looked at the colonel, "What?"

"Little Kami most definitely thought it a date, how dare you crush the poor girl's heart." He shook his head some more. "Havoc, Havoc, Havoc."

I felt my stomach clench in anger, my hand tightening into a fist, like he was one to talk. I shrugged my shoulders slightly and leaned back taking a long drag off the cigarette. Maybe I'd just go home and go back to bed.

The door opened and we all turned to look as Riza walked in behind Kami, "And then we went to the park, it's so pretty there and the leaves were falling and the fountain looked like diamonds were pouring out of it because of the moon."

Riza sighed a small sigh at Kami's description of the last place I had taken her last night. I smiled as she turned to everyone in the room, "Hi guys!" She came to stand by my desk, "Hey Jean, I was just telling Riza about our date!"

I nearly fell out of my chair. Roy peeked around Kami to look at me smugly and before I could reply to her he said, "Lieutenant Kami, I don't believe that's regulation dress code."

She looked down at her blue baby doll dress and flats. Then she smiled up at him, "Are you really going to make me change? You know I don't even technically start until tomorrow."

I smiled at her back, watching her challenge Roy's authority.

"No, I guess not." Then he handed her a large stack of paperwork, "But you have to wear your uniform tomorrow or we'll all be in trouble."

Kami just smiled, "Yes sir!"

She turned and leaned over my desk, grabbing a pen, "Can I borrow this?"

I nodded, tearing my eyes away from where her dress had revealed her chest and lovely, lacey bra.


We all watched her amble over to the couch and spread out the paperwork Mustang had ambushed her with.

She looked up, "What?"

She was going to change things around here, we all knew it. I just didn't know if it'd be a good change or another kick to my self-esteem.