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As soon as they got in the car, the six of them decided to skip the mall altogether. Magnus had a plan, and all of them liked it better than their original plan, mostly because it was safer. It was still Magnus's turn to drive, but Isabelle happily volunteered so he could execute their plan. Magnus parked in the nearest empty slot he found and switched seats with Isabelle.

"Okay, I need everyone's help here" He said determinedly as Isabelle started driving. "Help me make up a name, nothing too common like John Smith or Daniel Jones or anything like that, but neither too noticeable." Clary thought the request a little weird, but she started to think about a name, nonetheless.

"Uh, what about "Andrew Gabriel Shepard"?" contributed Simon.

"Gabriel is too close to the Lightwood family, we have to be less obvious"

"Okay, what about "Jonathan Curt Morrison"?" Asked Jace with a smile on his face.

"Oh, come on, guys. "Magnus threw his arms up in exasperation. "Be serious. It looks like a joke, he would find us instantly. We need a name, Izzy can't drive around forever."

"What about "Martin Andrew Murray"?" Volunteered Clary. Martin had always been her dream name, she had always wanted to name her first son Martin. Now she wasn't even sure if she could live long enough to have any children.

"That's fine, thanks." Magnus closed his eyes in concentration. An ID card appeared in his hands. A second one followed a few seconds later. Then a third, then a fourth. After about a minute, Magnus had at least ten IDs in his hands. He voluntarily stopped the income of cards by snapping his fingers. He frowned. "Well, I certainly didn't think about that. Let's see…" He inspected the first card and instantly made it disappear. "A ten year old, useless."

"Magnus, what are you trying to do?" Asked Clary, not able to keep the uneasiness off her voice.

"Well, we need a credit card, so I am borrowing one." Clary frowned, even though everyone was pretty used to "borrowing" stuff after more than eight weeks on the run. "Don't worry, darling. We won't charge anything, it's just to register." He looked at the second ID and closed his eyes again in concentration. Nothing happened.

He made the second ID disappear and looked at the third one. This time, though, a shiny, plastic VISA credit card appeared on his other hand.

"Voilá" He said smugly as he made the rest of the IDs disappear. "Seems like Martin Andrew Murray was a good idea." He unbuckled his seat belt. "Izzy, keep driving around for a while, I have to look like this guy first. Oh, and look for a Marriot or a Holiday Inn, time for something classy!" At the sound of this, everyone -Including Clary- cheered.

"Rooms 504 and 505, Mr. Murray. Fifth floor. Enjoy your stay!" Said the receptionist, smiling as she handed Magnus -glamoured as Martin Murray- four electronic room keys. Magnus thanked her and went over to the rest of the group.

"All settled! Our rooms are on the fifth floor. Come on, I need a shower." He started enthusiastically walking towards the elevator.

Luckily, the elevator was empty, so the six of them managed to fit inside along with their big bag.

"Think we can order room service? I need meat." Said Simon with a worried look on his face. He looked more relaxed and excited than Clary had seen him in weeks, though.

"Sure" she answered. "Remember we're like, filthy rich. At least until the money runs out." Clary couldn't help feeling guilty, the money wasn't theirs to begin with, but they needed it badly. And besides, there wasn't even a Clave anymore, so nobody was going to miss the money.


"Can we grab something from the bar?" Jace asked excitedly. After all, Magnus has a fake ID." Clary didn't mind being looked at as a mother, being asked for permission for everything. After all, she was sort of the one who took care of them all, the one who managed the money and their travels.

"Yes, but no getting drunk. Remember we can't risk saying anything by accident."

"Oh, come on, Clary, just this once? You could stay sober to make sure none of us goes out of the room or, you know, accidentally drunk-dials out best friends the trio." Jace was almost pouting at her, his eyes pleading. She looked away as the elevator door opened. She didn't need Jace pleading; it made her feel too guilty about her lack of feelings towards him.

"Uh, actually, you can drink, Clary. I'll stay sober. I can't actually ingest alcohol, anyway." Said Simon reassuringly. It was dangerous, but she needed to relax a bit. Since they had portaled away from the institute, all had been stress for Clary. Maybe she needed the alcohol a bit.

"Thanks, maybe I'll do."

"That's a yes!" Jace high-fived Izzy and then Magnus. Even if Magnus was more than five hundred years old, he still acted like a teenager sometimes.

"But you have to stay inside the room and off the phone, you understand? Simon will be watching you." Clary smiled. For people running all across the country for their lives, this was going to be a pretty normal evening.

After walking a bit more, they found rooms 504 and 505, the two continuous suites Magnus had gotten for them. They all got into a single room, deciding to figure out later how to distribute them. Compared to the places where they had been sleeping, their hotel room looked like heaven. The six of them flung themselves at a bed, marveling about the softness and cleanliness. Clary's head bumped against someone else's, but she didn't care. She missed the simple pleasure of sleeping on a bed, or even sleeping on an actual mattress. For eight weeks, they had slept in the sleeping bags they carried around inside the big bag. It was uncomfortable and generated a couple of bruises, but they couldn't afford to complain.

After everybody looked at the menu, Simon called room service and asked for food, including somewhat raw steaks for himself. Jace opened the cooler and took out a bottle of liquor, labeled to cost thirty dollars. He opened it, took a gulp and passed it on to Alec, who was next to him. He seemed reluctant at first, but he shrugged and drank, his eyes relaxing instantly. The bottle was then passed on to Magnus and then to Clary. She took a look at it. It was vodka, and it seemed pretty cheap. An easy way of getting drunk. She took a gulp, the liquor instantly burning her throat and making her eyes water. After all, it was one of the first times she actually drank. She handed the bottle to Isabelle.

"Guys, if we're gonna drink, we should at least do something to pass the time, don't you think?" Asked Alec, a little shyly.

"Magnus, what was that game you told me about earlier? In the one we needed to drink?" Jace asked excitedly.

"Ah, never have I ever. One of us says something he or she has never done, and if someone has indeed done that thing, they drink. Pretty easy." He fetched some plastic cups with a snap of his fingers and filled them halfway with vodka.

"Let's play that!" Urged Isabelle. "I'll start. Never Have I Ever…"

"Wait" said Simon as he grabbed a water bottle from the cooler and uncapped it. "Just for the effect." He shrugged.

"Okay. Never have I ever kissed a werewolf." To everyone's surprise, Clary was the only one who drank, apart from Magnus.

"What?" Several voices asked incredulously in unison.

"Once I kissed Luke by accident." She shrugged. The memory of Luke was painful, but the alcohol was slowly making its way to her bloodstream, relaxing her mind. "I was like twelve and it was pretty embarrassing. We bumped into each other while he was at my house." Izzy giggled, amused. Five pairs of eyes were looking at her. "Stop looking at me! I already told you, it was an accident" She exclaimed in exasperation.

"It's your turn, silly." Isabelle said as she painfully nudged Clary with her elbow.

"Oh. Okay. Never Have I Ever…" She struggled to find something to say and finally blurted out the first thing that came to her mind. "…had sex." Everybody except Simon took a drink. Alec's cheeks were bright red. More than one of them looked like they wanted to ask questions, but Simon quickly changed the topic embarrassedly.

"Okay, Never Have I Ever touched the Mortal Cup." Clary was the only one who drank.

There was a soft knock on the door, announcing the arrival of their food. Simon stood up and opened the door, thanking the employee and bringing back two big trays. He bolted the door afterwards. Everyone resumed the game as they began eating.

"Uhh-kay" Continued Jace with his mouth full of chicken. "Nevuh hah I evuh…" He swallowed. "Never Have I Ever talked to my real mother." Everyone drank, but Magnus seemed to hesitate. Clary did not know everything about Magnus's past, but she knew he'd had a difficult family life, just as Jace.

"Never Have I Ever gotten a girl pregnant." Contributed Alec joking, his mood lightened by effect of the alcohol. Everyone erupted in laughter. To everyone's astonishment Simon took a small sip from his water bottle.

"Dude, what the fuck? You just said you've never had sex!" exclaimed Jace accusingly. Simon glanced at Clary and they both started laughing. Everyone was eager to know what the joke was about.

"Well, there was this time in, like, second grade when Simon and I were at the pool…" Clary couldn't keep telling the story without laughing.

"So, Clary didn't have her bathing suit" continued Simon as Clary wiped tears from her eyes. "so I let her borrow my full body swimsuit." He laughed some more. "Anyway, we ran into this bully, what was his name? Zeth Bailey?"

"Zach Bailey" corrected Clary, still laughing.

"That. Zach Bailey. Anyway, he made fun of Clary for wearing my suit and asked "Didn't you know girls can get pregnant from sharing clothes with boys?" And we panicked. We cried until my mom told us it wasn't true. God, it was like, the worst day of my life" He said, triumphant about being able to say the word god. Everyone laughed, but no one as hard as Clary and Simon.

They kept on playing for what seemed like minutes but were really hours, the bottle of vodka slowly emptying. As everyone got drunker, they started talking more and more nonsense.

"Never have I ever been broccoli!" Shouted Isabelle as she raised her glass proudly.

"Cheers!" Clary took a really big gulp from her glass, not even caring if she had ever been broccoli or not.

They kept playing until the most unexpected thing happened.

Magnus and Jace started kissing. And Alec didn't seem to care, since he simply shouted "Get a room!"

I hope they break up, I hope they break up, I hope they break up! Repeated Clary in her mind, feeling guilty but also incredibly alive at the same time.

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