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Alec woke up to the sound of coughing. His eyes were so heavy with sleep he didn't even bother opening them. He put a hand on the floor to steady himself as he sat up, but then he noticed the floor was actually soft. The floor was actually a bed. What has he doing in a bed?

He panicked a little as he opened his eyes. A stinging pain raced through his head. He couldn't see anything aside from painfully bright light. He closed his eyes and blinked a few times, trying to see something. With each blink the light dimmed and the pain lessened. He put his hand over his eyes to shade them and to be able to see better.

He groggily sat up, scouting the room. It was decorated with brown and beige tones, making it discreet and warm. He noticed something that was probably a small living room in the other side of the room, a quilt thrown messily over someone sleeping on a sofa. Then he remembered. They were at the hotel. The rest of the group was also there. They had decided to spend the next couple nights there under one of their false identities to give themselves a break.

He glanced at the bed he had been sleeping at and noticed how messy it was. The comforter was no longer in its place, almost falling off the bed and barely covering him. The sheets underneath were badly wrinkled. He was alone on the bed, but judging by the state of it and his almost-naked body, he guessed Magnus had been sleeping by his side.

As if on cue, he heard the dim sound of more coughing coming from the bathroom. It was then followed by the sound of gagging. The voice was definitely Magnus's. Was he sick? Why has he throwing up? What had they eaten the night before?


The unpleasant torrent of memories came back to him. Arriving at the hotel room, Simon ordering room service, Jace suggesting they played a stupid drinking game, drinking, Jace and Magnus kissing—

Oh, by the angel! He closed his eyes, willing the memories to go away. That hadn't really happened, hadn't it? He wished it hadn't, but his memories said otherwise. Goofing around with Jace and Magnus for some time, Simon getting mad at them for no reason, Jace kissing Magnus and Magnus pushing him away. The pain was just too much to bear. Both physically and emotionally. His whole body ached, especially his head.

He remembered Simon dividing them between the two rooms to sleep and sober up, he remembered then dragging Magnus to the bathroom so Clary wouldn't hear them talk, screaming at each other, Magnus crying. He remembered feeling guilty for yelling at him, despite what he had done. They had been stupidly drunk, and while that didn't excuse what Magnus had done, they had worse things to worry about than drunken mistakes. Besides, he could never stay mad at Magnus for long. They usually fought about stupid stuff. Or at least everything seemed stupid now that they had those three maniacs wanting to kill the six of them.

Magnus and himself going out of the bathroom and into the bed, passionately making love for the first time in months. Alec smiled. Since they had started hiding, Magnus and him didn't have a lot of alone moments. Sometimes, an entire day could go by Alec felt like he pushed him away, even if he didn't mean to, but he didn't want his grief over his family to take a toll on Magnus.

Last, he remembered seeing movement out of the corner of his eye and glancing at the couch, seeing Clary covering her ears with her sleeping bag but not caring at the moment, being still drunk and too concentrated in Magnus. He alarmingly looked at the couch and saw Clary lying there, fast asleep. Her hair was tangled and her eyes were a bit puffy.

Oh, god. He just wished last night hadn't happened at all. He closed his eyes and pulled the comforter over his face to shield him from the light and tried to go back to sleep. His head ached badly and his lids felt excessively heavy, but he couldn't fall asleep again. After some time, he heard light footsteps and felt Magnus's weight press down on the bed.

"You awake?" He head him ask faintly.

"Yeah" Alec answered.

"Oh god, I don't think I remembered what a hangover feels like." Magnus said with a sigh.

"I don't feel that bad" Alec said frowning as he sat up to actually look at Magnus as they spoke.

"Let's see if you still think that later." Answered Magnus with a little laugh, since he was clearly more experienced in partying and drinking and hangovers than Alec would ever be. "Now get up, let's see how everyone else is doing." Then Magnus walked towards the couch ready to wake up Clary, but Alec stopped him.

"Let her sleep a little longer, she had to put up with us last night." Said Alec, feeling incredibly guilty about being happy for a moment, about having the person he loved by his side when everyone else had lost everything. Clary didn't even know if her mother and stepfather were alive, and as if that wasn't burden enough, she practically had to become an adult overnight, now her entire life's purpose being to take care of a group of reckless young people and protect a cup that was apparently going to save the world. No wonder why she always looked so sad. Yeah,Alec thought,let her sleep a while longer...

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