Frigga didn't know how much more sorrow she could take as she stared down at her unconscious daughter. She'd been called in a few hours prior when Loki had finally seemed to realize she needed to know about Helena having...Well, the healers weren't entirely sure what they thought she had had. A magical seizure was their best bet. Frigga couldn't help but think they were right. Helena had always had trouble with controlling her magic when she was too emotional. And with everything that had happened in so short a time Frigga was honestly surprised something like this hadn't happened sooner. Helena had to have been extremely emotional since Thor's almost coronation.

The healers said it was caused by her magic trying to get out and her body shutting down to keep her from exploding. Frigga stared pityingly down at her daughter, at her strong little girl who wasn't strong anymore. How could this have happened? How had she not seen that Loki wasn't enough for Helena? She should have seen. Should have been paying attention a bit more to make sure her little girl was okay. Her youngest son too for that matter. How had she not seen the signs that they were figuring it out? That they were tormented by their own thoughts? Frigga buried her head in her hands and prayed to whatever was listening to fix everything. To bring back her eldest child. To allow her husband to wake up. To let her youngest son be alright. To let her baby girl wake up.