Helena had just finished dressing when someone knocked softly on her door. She turned, the silk of her dress brushing against her skin as she did. It was the most lady like dress Helena owned but she hadn't protested even a little when her handmaids had brought it out. Since Loki fell she hadn't been the same. She'd been lifeless. Like a part of her had been ripped violently away. Which was exactly how it felt to lose Loki. Her twin. At the thought of him Helena felt tears well up in her eyes but she pushed them away. She couldn't cry. Not again. Not twice in one day. "Come in." She called out. Her voice didn't sound right even to her. It sounded about as lifeless as she felt.

Very slowly, the door creaked open. Helena wasn't surprised to see that it was Thor. No doubt he was coming to check on her again, to make sure she was okay. Like he was any better. He'd been just as lifeless though it had more to do with not being able to see Jane than Loki being gone. Though he did miss Loki. That much was clear. Helena gave him a small smile but it was a pathetic thing. Thor tried to return with a smile of his own but his was just as pathetic as hers. It was almost a comfort to see someone as miserable as her but since Helena loved Thor with all her heart she wished he wasn't hurting. It was amazing really, how nothing had changed when Thor had found out about what Helena really was. In fact, he'd enveloped her in a hug and told her repeatedly that he didn't care. That she was still his sister. Always would be. He hadn't even minded when she'd broken down into tears of pain and relief. "You look stunning, Lena." Thor told her when he saw her standing there in her most elegant dress looking nothing like the Helena he loves so much. His Helena never dressed like that. Loki's Helena would never dress like that.

"Thank you." Helena paused for a moment, looking down at herself. Suddenly she felt like ripping it to shreds. "I hate it." She told her brother, shooting him a bit of a sheepish look. Thor actually managed a laugh at that and for a moment they were fine. Then they were right back to how they had been before. "What's the matter Thor? Has the feast been canceled?" She asked, sounding almost hopeful. She didn't want to go. She didn't want to celebrate the fact that her twin was no longer there.

"Unfortunately no." Thor told her, sounding truly regretful. He didn't want to go either and he was planning on leaving as soon as he could which was one reason he'd come to his sister's room. "I'll be leaving as soon as possible though. You can leave with me if you like." He offered the escape as casually as he could, hoping he didn't sound like he was pressuring her into leaving with him. Helena gave her brother a thankful look and nodded, telling him she'd love to escape with him. He gave her a smile, glad she'd agreed to leave. Then his expression turned serious again. "Lena, are you okay?" He asked worriedly. He'd told her all he knew when she'd finally stopped screaming, not leaving out a single detail cause he knew how she hated that. He hadn't wanted to tell her but he knew he had to so he had. He regretted it though. He did. Cause now his sister was...not herself.

Helena stared at her brother, an expressionless look on her face. "Are you?" She asked, raising her eyebrows just slightly in a questioning way. Thor just stared at her then and she stared back, neither one wanting to admit that they were broken and that the only way they'd ever be fixed was if Loki came back.