I have changed the coronation slightly. It'll be in the throne room instead of that gigantic outdoor hall looking thing. It's just easier to write it this way.

Helena stared at her reflection with annoyance. Her maids stood behind her, ready to argue with Helena if she insulted herself. They were always telling her how they wished they could have her curvy build, her above average chest size, her long wavy hair that was blacker than a raven's wing, her blueish green eyes that apparently no man could resist. Helena thought she looked horrid though especially in the outfit her mother was making her wear.

The dress hugged Helena in all the right places, showing off her womanly figure. It was a light gorgeous blue that shimmered like water and it was made entirely of silk which felt great on the skin but was practically impossible to fight in since it liked to slip. There was a long cut up one side of the dress that stopped halfway up her thigh, exposing one of Helena's legs. A gold belt was just barely supported by her hips and the rubies and emeralds embedded inside it shimmered in the light. The vambraces on her arms matched her belt, gold with the different colored gems circling the top and bottom. On her feet were golden sandals that Helena found extremely uncomfortable. A cape rested on her shoulders, the color just a shade or two darker than her dress, and was latched around her neck with a gold brooch. It gave her a perfect place to hide the silver heart necklace Loki had given her.

"I hate it." Helena said, lifting up a small piece of her dress so her handmaids knew what she was referring to. "Sif gets to wear armor, why can't I?" She asked furiously.

"You are a princess of Asgard." One of her maids said immediately, using the usual explanation. "A princess must look the part and play the part."

Helena's expression darkened immediately. She never liked being told what to do and she especially didn't like all that "play your role" stuff. A princess was supposed to be good and proper. She was supposed to be a bargaining chip and marry whoever her father told her to. Helena didn't want to do that. She wanted freedom which was why she trained like Sif, to show everyone she wasn't going to be the typical princess.

"Well there are such things as warrior princesses." Helena grumbled out, furious. She walked over to her bedside table and started searching its drawers. Finally she found what she was looking for, a dagger enclosed in a thigh sheath. Helena quickly put it on, making sure the dagger's handle could be easily reached in whatever position she happened to be standing in. "Much better." She commented when she looked into her mirror. At least now she looked mildly threatening. She turned to her maids with a smile. "Now I can go." She told them cheerfully before snapping her fingers and teleporting out of the room.

Helena appeared inside Thor's bedroom, standing in the very center of the room. Thor's frustrated curses reached Helena's ears and she quickly realized he was in his changing room, trying to fix his cape to his armor. He always had difficulty doing that. Helena chuckled and went to leave when she spotted the large goblet of mead on Thor's bedside table. Helena narrowed her eyes in disapproval before teleporting to Loki's rooms.

Her twin was just emerging from his changing room when she appeared. Loki raised his eyebrows at her in surprise. "You managed to give your handmaids the slip already?" He asked her. She was getting more and more powerful every day, her powers were close to passing Loki's up.

His sister did not answer, she was too distracted. Her eyes were focused on his helmet, specifically the horns. She was fighting back a smile and failing miserably. "I am sorry brother." Helena finally choked out, chuckling. Loki smirked at her as she let out small burst of giggles. "It's just, the horns." She said before dissolving into a fit of laughter.

Loki grinned, walking over to her. "What? I think I look rather dashing." He said, putting on an overly exaggerated self loving look that made Helena laugh even harder. It was a lot like the look Fandral usually had on his face. Loki smiled down at his sister, enjoying her contagious laughter. "I might even get a woman tonight." He added, knowing Helena wouldn't be able to resist saying something back about that.

It took her a minute but Helena managed to stop laughing. She was grinning like mad though and random giggles burst through her lips. "I doubt you can actually find a woman who will take you seriously wearing that." Helena told her brother.

"Oh I think it can be done." Loki told her, grinning. Of course he knew he would have no chance to actually try and prove his sister wrong but Helena didn't need to know that.

Helena rolled her eyes before looping her arm through Loki's. "I doubt it dear brother. Now let's get to the throne room before father throws a fit." She told him. Loki laughed, thinking it would be funny to anger the Allfather. Helena knew his thoughts and smiled lightly, thinking that on any other day she would gladly help him anger their father.

When the twins emerged from Loki's room the guard standing in the hallway looked shocked. "How did you manage to get past me princess?" The guard asked.

Helena recognized the guard as one of the newest additions to the Asgardian ranks. He was the type never to let his mind wander while on duty in fear he'd miss something. Of course he was shocked, he thought there was no way anyone could sneak past him. Helena smiled at him, the smile being somewhere between secretive and flirtatious. "A girl has to have her secrets." She said cheerfully. The guard pouted a little, not understand. Helena wondered how he could possibly not know about her magical powers when it seemed like common knowledge.

There was the sound of a door shutting just a little too loudly and the siblings turned their heads to see Thor exiting his room, drinking from the goblet Helena had seen in his room. He looked nervous and the mead didn't seem to be helping. Helena looked at her brother lovingly, pitying him for his nervousness and worrying for his future. Loki looked at their brother too, his eyebrows knitting together ever so slightly as he felt another wave of guilt hit him. He forced it down again, reassuring himself that he was not making a mistake.

Thor noticed them as he walked down the hallway and immediately came over, a smile on his face. He smirked up at Loki's horns before turning to Helena. "You look very beautiful little sister. We'll have to fight off the army of men wishing to court you." He told her, knowing how much she hated dressing up and trying to make her feel better.

Helena rolled her eyes at him but smiled, knowing exactly what he was doing. "Thank you brother but I doubt any man is brave enough to court me." She said, silently adding in her head that she didn't think she looked beautiful since knew better than to say she thought she looked ugly in front of her brothers. They would start shouting at her for picking on herself and insist that she was indeed beautiful.

"With that dagger attached to your thigh I cannot help but agree." Loki said jokingly. Thor laughed, nodding his head in agreement.

Helena rolled her eyes at her brothers though a smile was playing on her lips. "It has nothing to do with me brothers." She told them, catching their attention. They stared at her curiously, wondering what on earth could drive a man away from their perfect little sister. Helena smiled at their obliviousness. "It is you, brothers, that would send them running. You are rather intimidating and you slip into this threatening nature when you see some male other than family talking to me." She told them.

The brothers looked at her as if they couldn't believe her words but then they looked at each other. They were instantly reminded of things the other had said to a man Helena had been talking to which reminded them of the things they themselves had said. They looked back at Helena and shrugged very nearly at the same time.

"I suppose it is true." Thor admitted, smiling slightly.

"But you are our baby sister so it is to be expected." Loki added.

Helena rolled her eyes once more. "Then next time I stop one of you from being with a woman I dislike you are not allowed to complain." She told them angrily, hating being overprotected. Her grip on Loki's arm tightened and he winced, feeling her magic threatening to zap him again. Helena looked down the hall, her gaze distant. Loki knew she was probably searching the head of a nearby guard for the time. "We best be going." She said finally, coming back to reality.

The brothers nodded and they started walking towards the throne room, the room that was soon to be used to crown Thor king. Helena smiled at her brothers as they walked, glad for this moment of piece and normalcy before everything changed. She knew once Thor was crowned king their lives would never be the same. Thor would be spending all his time dealing with the affairs of the realm while Loki would go and sulk, hating the decisions Thor made because they were chosen without thought. Helena would try to spend time with both of them but eventually Thor would start a war that could only be solved by an arranged marriage between her and some king or prince. Life with Thor as king would be horrid.

Loki glanced at his twin, feeling the torrent of emotions inside her. He could see her thoughts written in her eyes and he knew he was the only one. Helena was the Mistress of Deception, though of course no one knew it. She could trick anyone into thinking or doing basically anything. Anyone except Loki. He could read her like a book. Her worries made him feel all the better about what he had done.

Finally the siblings arrived in the hallway leading to the throne room. Thor looked at the huge double doors before them and saw all the people inside. He felt nervous but he quickly smashed down that feeling, not wanting to be weak. He turned to his siblings, wanting to get away for a little while before the ceremony. "We shall hold our own private celebration after everything has settled down, just us and my friends." He told them quickly. The twins nodded their agreement and Thor quickly left, heading towards a room he knew would be deserted.

Loki and Helena watched their brother go, emotionless masks on their faces. Loki still felt guilty so he pulled his arm out of his sister's grip and took a step in the direction Thor had gone, determined to talk to his brother and tell him in the subtlest of ways that he was sorry for doing what just had to be done. Helena caught his wrist before he could take another step though and he was surprised when he saw the panic on her face.

"Where are you going Loki?" Helena asked quickly. She was worried he'd go after Thor and say something he shouldn't. Loki got blinded by his emotions sometimes and him doing something like that would not surprise Helena in the least.

Loki smiled at her, thinking her worry was amusing. "Do not fret dear sister." He said gently. Loki glanced around to make sure no one was within hearing distance, not wanting any of Thor's friends to hear and report back to his wild tempered brother. "Thor seems nervous. I simply want to talk to him, help him banish his fears before he's crowned king." Loki told her.

Helena smiled at him, glad he was still being kind to Thor even if he was jealous. "Can I come along?" She asked him hopefully, wanting to spend as much time with her brothers as possible before their lives were ruined.

Loki looked down at his smiling sister and felt horrible. "Not this time Lena." He told her. He felt his stomach twist into a thousand knots when he saw the disappointed, almost distraught, expression appear on her face. Loki quickly tried to mend her hurt feelings, taking her face in his hands and placing a brotherly kiss on her forehead. "Don't get upset sister. I beg you, don't get upset." He told her urgently, as if his life depended on her happiness. Loki looked into her eyes and silently begged her not to hate him. "It's just that I want to spend my some brotherly time with Thor before his coronation. Before I start to resent him." Loki explained. He tried to make his final comment sound like a joke but it didn't come out that way. He sounded dead serious despite the fact that he knew Thor would not become king today.

Helena nodded, turning away from her brother. "I understand. Go, calm his nerves." She instructed him, trying to appear nonchalant. "If you see him drinking, do your best to stop him. It would not be good for him to be drunk before his coronation." She told him before quickly walking into the throne room.

The God of Mischief watched his twin disappear into the sea of people with a frown. He would have let her come along usually but he couldn't this time. She'd hear the double meaning in his words and know something was up. He couldn't risk her finding out, not now. Not when he'd already done so much. Loki sighed and teleported to the room he knew Thor would eventually come to. It was an old meeting room with a large open balcony. Silk curtains hung from the ceiling and Loki remembered how when they were children he had played in this room with his siblings, darting between the many curtains as they did.

Thor entered a few minutes later, draining the last of his mead from his goblet. Loki had barely taken notice of it earlier, being more used to their brother's drinking habits than their sister, but now it seemed impossible to overlook. Loki sighed, why did Helena always have to point out the things he wished to ignore? He did not want to worry over Thor's drinking habits now but as he threw the goblet into the fire and shouted for another he felt himself mentally preparing a speech about his older brother's alcohol intake. Loki did not really care how much his brother drank but Helena did. She knew Thor so well too, she'd expected him to get another drink. Loki did not know whether she had just been guessing by his behavior that he'd drink more or whether she actually knew more about Thor's drinking habits than she let on. Probably both.

Loki appeared out from behind the curtain he was standing behind, letting Thor know he was there. Thor nodded his acknowledgment at his brother and stopped before a few feet from his brother. Loki immediately took his place beside his brother and turned to him, smiling. "Nervous brother?" He asked jokingly.

Thor laughed loudly, turning to Loki. "Have you ever known me to be nervous?" He asked, smiling at his brother.

"Well," Loki said in a thoughtful voice, "there was that time in Nornheim." He said. Loki remembered it well, it was one of the few times he'd felt superior over Thor.

"That was not nerves brother." Thor said immediately, frowning slightly at the suggestion. "That, was the rage of battle." He explained.

Loki raised his eyebrows and nodded slightly, not hiding his exasperation well. "Ah I see." He said, his voice flat. Thor desperately needed to learn the lesson that humility wasn't the worst thing in the universe.

Thor turned his whole body to Loki now, looking mildly angry. He did not appreciate getting accused of weakness, even if it was by his brother. "How else could I have fought my way through a hundred warriors and pulled us out alive?" He asked, sounding somewhat smug.

Loki paused for a second, looking at nothing in confusion. Did Thor really just say that? "Uh as I recall I was the one who veiled us in smoke to ease our escape." He said, looking at his brother with an expression somewhere between annoyance and hurt. Did Thor really remember things like that? Did his mind seriously twist events where he had lacked something into moments of triumph? Loki wondered in anger how many more of his victories Thor was taking credit for.

"Yes." Thor said, not notice the cupbearer approaching them. Loki noticed though and his frowned deepened as he tried to figure out how to get rid of the goblet before Thor could drink it. "Some do battle while others just do tricks." Thor jested, secretly thinking that magic could never be as powerful as a weapon.

Loki smirked at his brother's magical naivety until the cupbearer began laughing heartily at Thor's jest. Loki looked over at him, his face emotionless as his anger flared up inside him. Suddenly he knew exactly what to do with Thor's drink and he twisted his hand, working his own magic. The cupbearer stopped laughing almost immediately when he saw what was happening to the contents of the goblet. He glanced between Loki and the goblet a couple of times, the snakes rising up out of the glass as he did. The cupbearer finally le tout a little shout and dropped the tray the goblet was on, spilling the three serpents out.

Loki laughed at the face the cupbearer made while Thor stared down at the goblet, looking somewhat upset. "Loki." Thor said reproachfully, fighting back a smile. It was good to hear Loki laughing genuinely after these past trying weeks. His brother had been acting so cold since their father announced Thor's role as future king. "Now that was just a waste of good wine." Thor said, glancing over at Loki with a disapproving look.

The younger brother laughed a little more but quickly put on a remorseful innocent look. "Oh it was just a bit of fun." He said quickly, the words running together. It reminded Thor of when they were children and Helena would accuse Loki of things. He'd always rush his speech, as if he was afraid she'd hit him before he got it all out. Loki looked at the cupbearer, the mask of innocence still on his face. "Bye my friend." He said, flicking his hand to banish the snakes.

Thor laughed and Loki joined in, both of them watching the cupbearer as he scurried out of the room. Loki looked ahead, hiding his surprise at Thor's laughter easily. He hadn't expected Thor to laugh; usually his older brother was much kinder to the servants. Loki guessed it was Thor's nerves making him act oddly, unable to even consider the idea that his brother had simply laughed because he had missed Loki's antics. Thor's laughter died as he thought about how his relationship with his siblings would change after today. Loki's died soon after as he thought about what would happen within the hour.

A guard came practically running out of the shadows, Thor's helmet in his hands. Thor took it quickly, wondering how on earth he had forgotten to grab his new helmet before leaving his room. No doubt Helena had noticed it and had sent the guard to fetch it, pouring on her charm so as to get what she wanted. Thor smiled down at the helmet as he thought about his sister's antics.

Loki looked over, his eyes immediately landing on the helmet. It was his new one, the one their mother had forged as a bit of a congratulatory gift to Thor. Loki wondered briefly if she would have done the same for him had he been picked. Probably not. Frigga knew Loki did not care much for weaponry and armor. Still, seeing the coronation gift made Loki jealous and he had to swallow his anger. Loki glanced up at Thor and saw his older brother's smile disappear and be replaced by nervousness once again. Loki cursed himself for caring about his brother as he searched for something to say.

"Ooo." Loki said, recalling Thor's attention. "Nice feathers." He said seriously.

Thor laughed heartily, turning back to Loki. "You don't really want to start this again, do you, cow?" He asked, looking up at the horns on his brother's head. He still didn't know why his brother chose to wear that out of all helmets he could have. It had been a gift from Odin but usually Loki didn't seem to care much about the gifts their father very rarely gave him.

"I was being sincere!" Loki said, putting false hurt into his voice. Thor laughed at him in disbelief.

"You are incapable of sincerity." Thor said, dead serious. He loved his brother, he really did, but Loki was not called the God of Lies for nothing. His younger brother had no qualms with lying to his own family. Thor often wished he was as close to his brother as Helena just so he could tell when Loki was lying.

"Am I?" Loki asked, a little surprised that Thor would think that of him. But only a little. Loki would not deny it, he had lied to Thor more times than he could count. Thor had every right to accuse Loki of insincerity and the fact that Thor didn't completely distrust his younger brother was a miracle.

Thor nodded curtly. "Yes." He told Loki.

Loki stared at his brother and felt the slightest bit of annoyance. He wanted to tell Thor everything in that moment, show his brother just how sincere he could be, but he knew better. So he decided to say what he had been wanting to say this whole time. Loki smiled slightly at his brother.

"I've looked forward to this day as long as you have." Loki told his brother in a slightly hushed voice. He had too, though he imagined their positions switched. Odin should have picked Loki. Loki should be king. "Brother, my friend." Thor smiled slightly, his eyes shining. "Sometimes I'm envious." Loki looked up at his brother, wondering if his brother knew just how envious he was. Helena knew, she might have told Thor. His brother didn't seem to know though his expression did soften slightly. "But never doubt that I love you." Loki told his brother, trying to keep the begging tone out of his voice. He needed Thor to know that. He needed his brother to understand that just because Loki was doing what he was doing it didn't mean he hated Thor.

Thor smiled warmly at his brother and placed a hand on the side of his brother's neck. Loki smiled up at him, overjoyed that Thor did not accuse him of insincerity then. "Thank you." Thor said, realizing then why Loki had come. His younger brother had been trying to brighten his mood, had put aside whatever jealousy he may have felt to make Thor feel better. Thor would never admit how much that meant to him after so many days of Loki giving him the cold shoulder.

"Now give us a kiss." Loki said jokingly, leaning forward slightly while a smile played at his lips.

Thor chuckled warmly and hit his brother's chest. "Stop it." He said, grinning as he pointed a finger at his younger brother. Loki turned away, laughing, and Thor laughed too. Both brothers felt better now, their feelings healed by this bit of normalcy. Thor still felt a bit nervous though, only a bit, and he stopped laughing quickly, glancing down at his new helmet. "Really how do I look?" Thor asked his brother, saying it with a nonchalant tone but just a bit too quickly.

Loki looked at his brother as if he was examining him. Really, what he was doing was reproaching his brother in his head. It did not matter how Thor looked, it mattered how he acted. Loki decided though not to tell him so. Loki was taking away Thor's chance at king so he might as well give his brother this small thing. "Like a king." Loki told him, his voice a little flater than he had intended. Thor nodded and Loki turned away, letting out a heavy sigh through his nose. It had actually hurt to tell his brother that, to let his brother have any type of kingliness when Loki knew the throne should be his. "It's time." Loki said, looking at nothing.

"You go ahead." Thor told his brother, wanting a bit of time alone before the ceremony. Loki looked at his brother, his face expressionless. Thor looked over at him though and his mind twisted the look his brother gave him into one of a younger brother not wanting to leave his brother alone. "I'll be along, go on." Thor told his brother, nodding slightly in the direction Loki needed to go.

Loki gave his brother one last smile before walking off, leaving Thor to his thoughts. Loki walked over to a dark corner of the room and closed his eyes, searching the building for his sister's unique energy. It was a trick he and her had been perfecting, locking onto other people's energies to locate them and teleport beside them. It was beyond easy for them to do this with each other, they were twins after all, and Thor who they could recognize no matter what. It took Loki two seconds to lock on his sister's energy and then he teleported, landing directly beside her.

"You took your time." Helena said, not looking over at her brother. She had felt him searching for her so she wasn't surprised by his sudden appearance. Sif, who Helena was talking to, wasn't surprised either. She had spent enough time around Thor to get used to Loki's antics.

"My apologizes sister." Loki told her sincerely, earning a small smile from her. Sif narrowed her eyes at Loki ever so slightly, something Thor wouldn't have noticed but the twins did. Sif did not trust Loki, even with Helena his twin. Of course Sif didn't know Helena was almost exactly like Loki so that wasn't surprising. "My business took me a little longer than I expected." Loki said.

"And what business was that Loki?" A smooth cheerful voice asked. Loki, Helena, and Sif turned to see the Warriors Three approaching. The three men had left for just a few minutes to speak to some other warriors but Helena secretly wished they had stayed gone. Only because of Fandral though, she felt no friendship towards him. She forced a smile on her face as he stopped directly in front of her. "Lady Helena, you look absolutely stunning." He told her.

Loki's eyes narrowed dangerously as Fandral placed his hand on his sister's cheek. He could feel Helena's disgust and he exchanged a look with Sif. The warrior woman may not like him but she did like Helena and Fandral being as far away from Helena was the one thing they always agreed on.

"Thank you Fandral though I do not think so." Helena said politely, only admitting the truth. She was not fishing for compliments, she got plenty of those, she just wanted Fandral to know that his flattery would not work on her.

Fandral did not pick up on her subtle hint though. When Fandral flirted he became oblivious to the discomforts of others. "Do not belittle yourself, you're beauty is blinding!" He told her, giving her his "winning smile." Helena forced herself not to roll her eyes, knowing if she showed any type of irritation Loki would do something very stupid to get Fandral away from her. Fandral leaned closer and gave her a suggestive smile. "Listen, sweet Helena, how about after the celebrations you and I go somewhere for our own little soiree?" He told her.

"Fandral!" Loki snapped, shoving the blonde away from his sister. Fandral stumbled back and stared at Loki in shock, he had not trained with Loki in a while and had forgotten how strong the wiry looking man actually was. Loki glowered at the self obsessed man, his eyes blazing with fury. "Do not speak in such a way to my sister. She is a princess of Asgard, a warrior, and the younger sister of your friends. Treat her with respect." He practically growled.

Fandral held his hands up in the "don't kill me" gesture though he glared slightly. "I apologize Loki. I forgot how protective you were of your twin." He said, not sounding apologetic at all. Sif glared at Fandral's poor apology and his own glare disappeared quickly.

Helena turned to her brother while Sif calmly chewed Fandral out. "You should not have done that. He is Thor's friend." She told him reproachfully. Loki gave his sister an angry look, of course he had had to do that! He could not just stand by and let Fandral say such things to his sister. "Besides, I do not need your protection. I can handle Fandral, his advances are pathetic at best." Helena added.

"Do not reproach me for protecting you and it does not matter if he is Thor's friend. Our brother yells at him too when he makes such advances on you." Loki said quickly, furiously. Helena rolled her eyes, finding her brother's anger misplaced and annoying. "And yes I realize you can guard yourself against Fandral but that does not mean I just let him say whatever he wants." He told her.

Helena sighed but smiled at her brother's protectiveness. "Fine brother, do you as like. I shan't stop you." She told him. Loki gave her a skeptical look, knowing she was lying. Helena would always keep him from doing things which was exactly why he hadn't told her his plan. "Now I'm going to chat with Hogun and Volstagg. Is that alright with you brother?" She asked, a bitter note in her tone.

Loki smiled at her, patting her head because he knew it annoyed her. Helena wrinkled her nose at him and took a step back, out of his reach. "As if I could stop you from doing what you wanted sister." He told her, chuckling a little.

"No you could not." Helena agreed with a grin before walking over to Hogun and Volstagg. The warriors greeted her much better than Fandral had. Volstagg enveloped her in a back breaking hug while Hogun nodded politely, smiling slightly. Helena was the only one who could always get a smile out of Hogun without trying. No one could resist her charms and the upbeat attitude she hid behind.

Loki watched his sister carefully while she talked to the two warriors, wondering how his plan would effect her. She was brave of course but how would she react to hearing Frost Giants had managed to get into the palace? He could remember clearly when they were children and Odin had shown all three of them the Casket. When their father had been talking about the Frost Giants she had grabbed his hand in fright. Loki wondered if her fear for the monsters still existed.

Suddenly the throne room doors shut and everyone turned to see that Odin and Frigga had entered. Everyone immediately crossed their right arm over their chest, placing their fists above their hearts, and bowed low to the king and queen. Odin paid them no attention but Frigga smiled at everyone, the picture of the loving caring queen. Helena narrowed her eyes briefly, thinking about how she never wanted to be a queen.

As Odin sat down on his throne a loud trumpet rang out in the throne room. Everyone instantly moved to their respectful places, anticipation growing in the air as they did. Helena stood between Frigga and Loki, watching the doors carefully as she did. Sif stood on Loki's other side, looking mildly annoyed that the "distrustful trickster" and the other warriors, beside Volstagg, across from them stood higher than her. Helena gave her a pleading look, begging her not to say anything. Sif gave her the smallest of nods, promising not to.

The throne room doors open and Thor came in, his new helmet on his head and Mjölnir in his hand. The whole of the throne room erupted in cheers as Thor started walking towards Odin. Helena took Loki's hand when no one was looking, giving it a reassuring squeeze. She knew he must be feeling awful then, riddled with jealousy and anger. Loki smiled slightly at her attempt to make him feel better while he stared at Thor. His smile disappeared though when Thor tossed Mjölnir into the air and caught it, showing off.

"Oh please." Sif said, rolling her eyes but smiling widely. Helena smiled slightly too, glad that her brother's nerves were calmed but upset by his showmanship. He was soon to become king; he needed to be taking this more seriously. Sure he could celebrate but that should come afterwards so that he didn't look like a self absorbed jerk.

Thor raised his arms and cheered as he walked, making the crowd cheer even louder. Loki's grip on Helena's hand tightened and she winced slightly. It didn't hurt it was just that Helena knew he must be fuming if he was holding her hand this tightly. Loki glanced over at the throne room doors, wondering why the Allfather hadn't picked up on the Frost Giants' presence yet. Were those beasts really taking this long? Were they that ignorant?

Thor kneeled down in front of the stairs, placing Mjölnir down beside him. He removed his helmet and placed it down in front of him before looking up, grinning. He shot his mother a playful wink that she smiled at, shaking her head slightly. Helena frowned slightly, disapproving of how completely unserious he was taking this, but she quickly smiled when Thor looked over at her. His smile brightened a little more, he knew she would support him no matter what. Odin rose up and Thor glanced over at his friends, encouraged by their proud yet serious expressions.

Odin banged Gungnir against the ground, silencing the throne room and making Thor's eyes snap back up to his face. "Thor Odinson. My heir." Loki looked at the ground, his jaw locked in anger. Helena squeezed his hand again but didn't dare look at him for fear of drawing attention to her brother's outrage. "My first born." Odin's wavered a little, as if he was so proud he was going to cry. "So long entrusted with the mighty hammer Mjölnir, forged in the heart of a dying star. It's power has no equal! It's a weapon to destroy also a tool to build. It is a fit companion for a king."

Loki looked up at his father, looking for any signs that Odin had sensed the Frost Giants as he had. Sif looked over at him and noticed the anger he was trying hard to hide. She was waiting for him to do something, for one of his pranks to suddenly come to light and ruin Thor's coronation. Sif swore that if anything happened and it turned out to be his fault she would beat him within an inch of his life.

As Helena listened to their father talk she sensed something horribly wrong. With so many guards within one spot she felt obligated to sweep the palace with her magic in search of anything wrong. Now she was feeling some new type of energy she had never felt before. Something cold and evil deep within the palace, in the vault. Helena felt three separate balls of this energy which meant there were three unidentified things in the palace. She looked over at her twin in worry, knowing he had to feel it too, but he refused to look at her. Helena's stomach instantly twisted into a thousand knots. Something was definitely wrong.

Helena looked back at Odin when Thor preserve peace, her nerves shot. "Do you swear to cast aside all selfish ambition and to pledge yourself only to the good of the realm?" Odin asked.

"I swear!" Thor shouted, lifting his hammer into the air. Loki stared at his brother, thinking that his brother should never have sworn to any of that. Thor would break his promises the first time a rival insulted him and send Asgard to war just to "regain his honor." Helena thought it too and she hoped she would be able to keep her brother from doing anything stupid.

"Then on this day I, Odin Allfather, proclaim you—." Odin stopped abruptly, staring off into nothing. Thor looked up at his father in confusion, wondering why he would stop. Loki forced back a smile, realizing his father had sensed the intruders. Helena looked over at Loki when she felt his grip on her hand relax considerably and was shocked to see the pleasure lurking in his eyes. What was going on? What had Loki done? "The Frost Giants." Odin said suddenly and Helena's heart skipped a beat. Odin banged his scepter against the ground, still staring at nothing. A few minutes later he started walking down the steps, shocking everyone. "Sons, daughter, follow." He ordered them.

Loki slipped his hand out of his sister's and followed Odin immediately, Helena following a millisecond behind him. Thor paused for a second, his confusion clouding his head, but eventually he got up and followed them out of the throne room, gripping his hammer tightly.