Bruce stared at Grid distrustfully and she stared back, smirking at him in a way that made the Other Guy stir angrily. All the times Britta had ever mentioned Grid it was with a slight bit of hate and a tad bit of fear. Every single time she'd mentioned something horrible about Grid, like her whispering different ways to kill Bruce to Britta. Distrusting her was just common sense really. She could try and stab him at any moment.

"Grid, stop." Britta snapped angrily, glaring at the dark haired girl. Grid looked over at her and growled a bit but stopped smirking at Bruce. 'Sorry about her Bruce, I did tell you she liked to scare people right?" Britta said apologetically.

"You mentioned something near those lines yes." Bruce told her, eyeing Grid as she wandered a bit away from the group. They were all walking towards the Shawarma place like they promised Tony, Loki following behind them being dragged along by Thor.

"Grid don't touch the Chitauri weapons." Britta said when she noticed the other girl hungrily eyeing a Chitauri gun.

Grid growled loudly, making all of them jump slightly. "You're not in control anymore Britta! I've got my own mind and body now! I can do what I want!" She said furiously.

Britta spun around and stopped, forcing Grid to a stop too. She placed her face just an inch or so from Grid's, making sure the other girl could see her freshly recovered eyes. Grid and Nanna had Tesseract eyes but not Britta, not anymore. "I may not be in control but that doesn't mean I won't stop you from doing harmful things. Remember that." She said darkly, glaring at Grid furiously. She glared at Grid for another second or two before turning away abruptly. She started walking again, placing herself beside Bruce. "So what exactly happened to you before you got here?" Britta asked curiously.

"I crashed into a warehouse, got advice and some pants from a security guard, and uh 'borrowed' a motorbike." Bruce said, smiling a little.

"Well I guess we should be thanking that security guard for your arrival." Britta said thoughtfully.

"Probably." Bruce admitted sheepishly.

Britta smiled at him and grabbed his hand. "I'm just kidding Brucie." She said, swinging their entwined hands back and forth. "I knew you'd show up. You're too good to just abandon people in need." She told him. Bruce smiled a bit at her, his cheeks a bit red. Britta grinned wildly at the red and poked his cheek. "I love that." She informed him before gently pulling away to talk to Tony.

Bruce stared after her, wondering if she was okay. She was paler than usual and the way she was walking, as if she barely had enough energy to walk. And there, Tony was wrapping his arm around her waist and she was wrapping an arm around his shoulders. They were too tense for the gesture to be endearing which meant Tony was holding Britta up. Bruce's eyes briefly drifted away from Britta to stare at the two girls that had come out of her head. They both looked a little weak but they also looked a whole helluva lot stronger than Britta. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that the two girls were made from the Tesseract energy Britta had lost, the energy that had healed her repeatedly during the last twenty four hours. And the way her eyes kept looking intensely at things none of them could worried Bruce. It worried him greatly.

When they reached the Shawarma joint they all sighed in relief, walking into the little restraint. "Hey so can we have everything on the menu?" Tony asked as they walked in.

There were only three people inside the restaurant, the owner and two of his workers, but they made such a fuss over them that you would have thought they were a million people. They thanked them again and again for saving the city as they showed them to a table. Tony, always the social one and the one most used to fan love, talked to them and managed to get them to stop praising them. He got them to charge them for their meal, though they said they'd give it to them for free, and paid for all of it. He then escorted Loki back outside and tied him to a nearby lamppost with rope Britta happily provided for him.

"You know, he has a really strong glare." Tony said when he was sitting down with the rest of them at the table. Grid was sitting at a table not far off, passed out in the seat already.

"He's always been like that. As a kid he thought expressions were some of the greatest weapons available." Britta said. She thought he had been right in thinking so but she didn't say so, just in case it made the assassins twitch towards their weapons. Britta twisted her seat until her head could rest on Bruce's shoulder with ease and she could prop her legs up on Tony's. "I am so tired." Britta said, chuckling a little.

"Don't fall asleep until you've eaten." Bruce told her, using the doctor tone on her.

Britta smiled softly, closing her eyes for a second. "Okay doc, I won't." She told him.

Nanna smiled over at them from where she was leaning against Steve's arm. He had yet to tell her to get off of him so she moved her chair a bit closer to his. His cheeks flushed a bit red but she didn't notice. "Look at them, they're so cute." Nanna said, gesturing to Bruce and Britta. The two of them immediately looked over at her, eyebrows raised in a "really?" look.

When Nanna just kept smiling at them Britta fell back into her rested position. "Nan, sweetie, shut up." She said sweetly, smiling lightly.

"You shut up sweetie." Nanna said cheerfully, grinning.

"Both of you hons need to shut up." Grid grumbled from her table.

"Shut up Grid."

Everyone stared at the three girls, a little disturbed. Was this what it was like inside Britta's head? Were comments like Nanna's normal? Were the little pet names a new development or had they always called each other that? It was just really weird, having two beings that didn't exist a few hours ago sitting at their table being so abnormal. An hadn't Britta said Grid was deadly? Hadn't she mentioned not liking Grid? Hadn't she said she hated Grid?

"We can all hear your thoughts." The three girls said simultaneously.

Natasha and Clint's face flushed with annoyed anger but everyone else looked mildly ashamed. "They can read minds too guys. They've always been able to. When I let them have control they could tell me every thought in a person's head." Britta explained. "So I'd be careful around them like you have been around me." She warned them.

"You all have some pretty interesting thoughts..." Nanna said sheepishly, smiling sweetly at them all.

"Oh yes, very interesting." Grid said and flashed them all a demonic grin.

"Grid, stop it now or I'll muzzle you and cuff you to the lamppost with Loki." Britta said threateningly.

Before Grid could say anything and before anyone could suggest that Britta should do that anyways their food was brought to them. Everyone immediately started digging in, eating in silence and getting their hands on as much food as they could. The Asgardians and the Tesseract girls ate the most though Bruce very nearly matched them. Steve ate almost as much as Bruce while the three only humans ate a fair amount more than average but couldn't even match the rest of them. They switched on and off who stared out the window to make sure Loki was still there and by the end they were all doing it, just laid back in their seats staring out at the glaring Loki surrounded by the wreckage he had caused.

"So what are we going to do with him?" Tony finally asked.

"I suggest we send him back to Asgard." Britta said immediately. Everyone looked at her but she just kept staring out at Loki, her eyes darkened slightly. "He's not human and he's not of this earth so he cannot be judged by mortals and sentenced by their government. Asgard has no preordained punishment for things like this but they can handle a crime against a planet much better than this world. And besides, he has crimes to account for there." She said, almost to herself and yet almost to Thor and then almost to Loki or someone who wasn't even there. Britta looked over at the two master assassins, her eyes filled with a stern threatening light. The Tesseract blue in them was glowing brightly but she didn't know that. "If we tried to send him back to Asgard would you try to stop us?" Britta asked them, her voice lowered in a somewhat threatening way.

Clint and Natasha glared at her in annoyance for a second before looking over at each other. They seemed to be having a conversation based purely on their expressions. Finally they both turned back. "We think you're right." Natasha said seriously.

Britta visibly relaxed and she leaned so heavily against Bruce she could have had collapsed. "Good. I didn't feel like fighting you guys." She said, smiling weakly.

"Britta you should get some sleep. Your counterparts already have and they've done much less than you today." Bruce said, looking at her worriedly. She looked like she'd be able to sleep for a week and that probably wasn't a good thing seeing as she was supposed to be a divine being. Weren't divine beings supposed to be a million times more durable than regular people? Bruce placed a hand on her forehead. "Britta, you're clammy and a bit feverish. You need to sleep." He told her firmly.

"Bruuuuuceeeeeeey." Britta whined, burying her face in his arm.

Steve chuckled slightly and rolled his shoulder till he realized Nanna was napping on it. His cheeks flushed which Tony noticed and chuckled at. "What's up with you outerspace types falling in love with us mortals?" Tony asked jokingly.

Britta looked over at Tony and smirked. "Really?" She asked, an amused eyebrow raised.

"Yeah, really." Tony said, smirking back. "Little Nan over there is practically snuggling with Capsicle, Thor's got a crush on a scientist, and you and the doctor already slept together."

"What?!" Clint shouted in surprise.

Britta and Bruce's faces turned bright red at everyone's reactions. Clint was shocked beyond shocked and looking at them curiously, like he was trying to figure out how exactly that worked. Natasha was trying so hard not to laugh and she was giving Britta little scandalous looks that just made the Asgardian blush deeper. Steve looked like he was embarrassed for them, his cheeks were so red and he seemed so awkward. And Thor. Oh gods Thor looked maaaaaad. He looked ready to get up from the table and bash Bruce's head in.

"We didn't sleep together." Bruce said calmly though he was giving Tony a death glare.

"We fell asleep beside each other in the lab on the Helicarrier and Tony moved us so that I was using Bruce as a pillow. No big deal." Britta said, giving Tony her own death glare. He just kept smirking, looking as if he thought he was the best person in the world. "Thor, please, nothing happened. I'm still pure, brother dear, so stop giving Bruce that look." Britta paused for a second. "And no you cannot smash his head in with Mjolnir if he ever touches me." She added, giving Thor a slightly annoyed look.

"You said 'if,' like you want him to touch you." Tony said, snickering a little.

"Anthony Edward Stark exactly how old are you?" Britta asked, giving her friend a "shut up" look.

"Don't say my full name Alien." Tony said though he didn't actually care. Britta didn't say it like everyone else did. She wasn't saying it in a stern "stop with this nonsense" way. She was playing, joking.

"Then act your age Metal Man." Britta said and lightly punched his arm.

"We should get back on track." Natasha said, interrupting the banter. Everyone looked over at her, giving her their full attention. "How are we going to get Loki back to Asgard?" She asked.

Thor and Britta looked over at each other and everyone else looked at them. Of course it would be one of those two who came up with the solution. They claimed to know ways to travel between their world and earth after all. "The Bifrost is still down Britta and father cannot summon the black magic needed to travel between the realms again." Thor told her.

Britta nodded a bit. "It would very unwise for the Allfather to try. Besides, it would require more black magic since there would be more than one traveling back. I'm sure Heimdall has seen our victory and alerted him though. He may choose to use black magic despite what we think to bring back Loki." She said, musing a bit. Bruce stared at her curiously as she spoke. She'd fallen into using Thor's formal speech with ease, as if she'd never stopped speaking it. Bruce wondered if she missed her old life. "The Tesseract." Britta said suddenly, sitting up straight.

"What about it?" Clint asked, his eyes narrowed slightly. He didn't like that stupid cube. In fact, he wanted it destroyed.

"Well it's an energy source and it's capable of opening a portal. So maybe if we used our own device we could open up a small portal and transport Loki to Asgard." Britta said, her eyes shining brightly as she thought of the idea. "It would have to transport the Tesseract too though. That cube should never have been flung to earth and it should not stay here to be used. I want it back on Asgard. It belongs there." Britta said firmly, as if she was trying to convince the others. Which she was. Britta looked over at the two assassins, begging them with her eyes alone not to protest.

"I hate that thing. Do whatever you want with it, just don't keep it here." Clint said, glaring slightly as he thought about the Tesseract.

Britta smiled sadly at him for a second before looking over at Natasha. "After today I don't want to see or hear anything about that cube ever again. Take it." She said seriously.

"Your leader, Fury, will he not be mad?" Thor asked, sounding somewhat concerned but mostly cautious. If Fury got mad and insisted the cube stayed it might spark an argument, or worse, another fight.

"He said he didn't really like the Phase Two plan that much." Britta said, remembering the S.H.I.E.L.D Director's words. "He wouldn't mind it too much, I don't think." She said despite knowing nothing of the Director's thoughts. He was a good man though, mostly, and she was sure he would be taught to see reason if he did get mad.

"We'd need a container of sorts to hold the Tesseract in if we're really going to use it." Tony said, looking thoughtful.

Britta smiled a bit ruefully. "I think I can make one. I know that thing better than anyone else, I know how It works." She admitted reluctantly. Bruce patted her hand sympathetically and Tony squeezed her shoulder comfortingly. She smiled at both of them though her smile seemed a bit sad. "I don't have enough energy right now but give me a couple of days and I'll have just enough to manage it." Britta said sheepishly, not wanting to admit just how drained she was.

Tony shrugged and leaned back in his chair. "Hey, don't sweat it Alien. We're all pretty drained ourselves so we understand. Right guys?" Tony said, looking at everyone else who expressed their agreement in one way or another.

"Till you recover though we should find somewhere for all of us to crash." Clint said, yawning towards the end. "I'll bet you my bow Fury wants us all together so we can respond quickly just in case something else happens." He said.

"We could stay at my apartment." Britta suggested though she regretted it the second she said it. Having all of them in her apartment seemed more terrifying than the battle she'd just went through.

Before anyone could reply the air was punctured by a small beeping sound. Natasha pulled a phone out of hidden pocket and opened it. "Director Fury." She said in greeting. For a minute everyone was silent as Fury talked on the other end. "Understood sir." Natasha said before hanging up the phone. She tucked it away before turning her attention back to everyone who was watching her anxiously. "Fury wants all of us to meet him outside of Britta's apartment in twenty minutes. From there we'll be boarding a jet where Fury'll question us. I don't know what will happen after that." Natasha told them.

Britta shifted nervously in her seat, her eyes focused on sweet sleeping Nanna and ill tempered napping Grid. "Guys, I need to ask a favor of you." She said, her cheeks flushed red with shame. She couldn't believe she was going to ask them for this. They'd just gone through so much, asking for things seemed selfish. "I need you to help me protect Nanna and Grid from S.H.I.E.L.D." Britta said, her eyes fixed on her hands.

"Britta you cannot ask me to protect that monster." Thor said immediately, gesturing to Grid.

"Thor, need I remind you she was born from my mind?" Britta asked calmly, looking up at her old friend. Her eyes were darkened a bit but mostly they were shiny, like she was trying not to cry. "Calling her a monster is calling me a monster." Britta said. She kept her voice steady till she said 'me' then it shook. Bruce grabbed her hand and held it tightly, knowing exactly what it was like to view yourself as a monster and to hate it more than anything.

Thor looked ashamed then but he hid it well. "I do not trust her Britta." He told her.

"I'm not telling you to trust her!" Britta snapped suddenly, making nearly everyone jump. Her eyes were blazing now and there was a light layer of Tesseract energy burning around her eyes like blue fire. Britta glared at Thor until she noticed the look of absolute horror on his face. Quickly she closed her eyes, tears escaping her eyes as she did. She wiped them away very quickly. "I'm asking you to help me. Please Thor, just don't let anyone kill her but me." Britta said softly, almost too quietly for any of them to hear.

Thor watched her for a second, trying to hide the horror on his face. He had not seen her like that since the final years of her insanity, when she'd have random fits of rage and anger so quickly it was frightening. She had gotten over the insanity though. She should not be reacting the way she was. "I will do as you ask sister." Thor finally told her, his voice solemn.

Britta looked up at him and gave him a thankful look. She didn't even notice how tightly she was squeezing Bruce's hand. "What of the rest of you? Will you do me this favor? Not trust Grid but protect her from harm? And Nanna too?" She asked them, not meeting their eyes.

"Anything for you Alien." Tony said immediately, keeping his tone casual yet gentle.

"I'll do what I can." Bruce said, squeezing Britta's hand again. He was getting used to the feeling of her hand in his and the warmth that her touch brought him. He knew he shouldn't but right now he didn't care. Right now he was recovering from a battle, eating Shawarma, and comforting the girl with a monster inside her.

"Captain?" Britta asked nervously after giving the two geniuses smiles. Steve was the one she was most worried about. She knew he liked Nanna to some degree but he still couldn't wrap his head around her and he absolutely hated Grid. He had the right to say he wouldn't but Britta wanted him to. She wanted someone to be there to look after Nanna specifically. That's what Steve would do too. Thor would have his eye glued to Grid and the geniuses would be focusing on Britta so Steve would focus on Nanna, the one he actually could stand out of the three otherworldly girls.

Steve stared at Britta, wondering what he should say. She shouldn't be asking them to protect the twisted demonic girl sleeping at the table near them but she was in the right for asking them to protect Nanna. Steve bit on his inner cheek, thinking briefly that Britta was somewhere right in between good and bad. Except for that little outburst a moment ago. What was going on? She had never reacted like that, like Grid. Steve looked down at Nanna who was now hugging his arm like it was a gigantic comfy pillow. She was an innocent civilian in all retrospect. After all, she'd done nothing to harm anyone and had even fought a bit during the battle. She deserved protection.

"I'll protect Nanna but if Grid threatens the safety of anyone I will not hesitate to stop her." Steve said, staring Britta dead in the eye.

"I didn't expect anything less." Britta admitted. She gave him a small smile before turning to the assassins. Why were they the ones she was most worried about? Oh yeah because despite being pure human they were the most unpredictable and dangerous people there. "And you two?" She asked.

"If she does anything we'll do whatever is necessary to stop her." Clint said, shrugging a bit. Natasha gave him a look for talking about it so casually but that was Clint's style. A little laid back, a little uncaring. "But other than that I think we can swing it. Barbie over there seems nice enough and really so long as we keep Evil Barbie from getting angry we should be fine." He said.

Britta snickered a little. "Evil Barbie?" She asked, raising an eyebrow at the archer.

Clint smirked and gestured to Grid. "Well doesn't she look it?" He asked. Britta chuckled and nodded, looking over at Grid.

A few seconds later Bruce let out a cry of pain, pulling his hand quickly out of Britta's. He looked at her in surprise, cradling his hand to his chest in mild pain but mostly shock. There were tears rolling down Britta's cheeks and she looked ready to scream. When she turned to look at him, when she saw him holding his hand away from her, she let out a gasp that shook with a held back sob. She started breathing too quickly, going into a panic attack. She'd hurt him. She'd hurt Bruce. She hadn't meant to. Oh gods of course she hadn't meant to but it had happened. Oh gods. Oh gods. Britta pushed her chair back so violently that it screeched loudly against the ground, making everyone cringe. Before anyone could stop her she ran out of the restaurant, taking off down the road at top speed.

As she passed by Loki, Britta heard one awful heart breaking thought. "Her insanity's back."