Hey guys! So this is my Bade story! I got the majority of this story's plot from the book ''Charlotte Street'' by Danny Wallace. It's a great book. Hope you enjoy this. This might be quite long... Btw, I accept Bade one shot request now so you guys can PM me or tell me in a review.

Rights for the characters goes to Dan Schneider while the rights to the majority of the plot to Danny Wallace.

All right, so here it goes..

Beck's POV

I wonder if I should start with an introduction.

I know who you are. You are the one reading this. For whatever reason, and in whatever place, that's you. I'm right am I? But me, do you know me?

I'm Beck Oliver. Most of the people I know calls me Beck, so I think you should just call me Beck too. I'm in the age of 23. I leave in a flat with my roommate Andre. We've been best of friends since middle school. We are currently working in a magazine company called New York Now. We go to a place and criticize the place and write about it then publish it in the magazine. Andre has a part time job in a video game company.

We have our day off so we celebrate by drinking beers!

'Let's head to the club man!' Andre offers.

'I'm not in the mood. Next time maybe?'

'Nah, man. Come on.' He insists

'Why don't you just go and I stay here and have some alone time with myself.'

'You sure? Won't miss me or some other chizz?'

'No, Andre. Just go and enjoy.'

'Alright man. See yah.' And he left.

I got my laptop and turned it on. I am currently online in Facebook, then I saw those words, the words that I knew would eventually appear.

...is having the time of her life.

Seven words.

A status update.

And next to it, Tori's name, so easily clickable. And so I clicked it. There she was, having the time of her life.

Stop, I'd thought. Enough now. Get up and take a shower, but no, I still insisted on clicking the pictures. There I saw her with her current boyfriend Ryder in Barcelona, having the fucking time of their lives.

Didn't she care that I'd see this? Didn't she realize that these will go straight to my screen? These photos... these snapshots... taken from an angle that I used to see her from. But now it's not me taking the picture. It's not me behind the camera. It's also no me capturing these moments. These memories aren't mine. So I don't want them. I logged out of my Facebook and sighed. I don't wanna see her tanned and happy and even sleeveless. I don't wanna see her across the table with a cocktail and a look of joy and love with laughter on her face. I don't want to search for and take in tiny, hurtful details- they'd share drinks, the curls of her hair had lighten from the sun, she'd stopped wearing the necklace I gave her once as an anniversary gift- I don't want any of it.

But I'd logged in my Facebook again and looked again anyway, pored over them, took in everything. I hadn't been able to help it. Tori was having the time of her life, and I was... well. What?

Beck Oliver ...is eating soup.

Hell. What a catch. Hey Tori, I know you're off having the time of you're life and all, but let's not forget that only last Wednesday I was eating some soup.

Wow. Just wow. 4 long years in our relationship that got broken for a year now and she'd finally moved on and living her life with her 6 month hell of a boyfriend.

Why don't just I delete her? Take her out of my life? I don't know what the reason is, but it's probably the same reason there was still a picture of her in my wallet. It feels like giving up or something if I delete her. But here's the thing: deep down, I know that someday she would delete me. And then that would be the end of it, and it wouldn't be my decision, and then I'd be screwed. Part of me wished that she wouldn't- that somewhere, in that bag of hers, the one full of make up and stuff, somewhere in that bag would be a photo of me...

And yeah, here's what they call hope again.

But then one day it'll be cruelly and casually crushed and I'll be forgotten, probably just before she decides that her and Ryder should move in together, or her and Ryder should get hitched, or her and Ryder should make a Ryder junior, which they'll also call Ryder and who'll look exactly like fucking Ryder.

Staring at a screen that informs me that I can no longer obsess over her life. That I can no longer call her mine. That I no longer have the right to see her photos, seeing who her friends are, finding out when she's hung over, or sleepy or late for work. That she's no longer interested in finding out when I'm eating soup.

My life.



Yet, still could be worse.

I could run out of beer.

And an hour later, my all of the beers were finished. Andre come back from the club too.

'Sup Beck?'

'Nothing. Just browsing my Facebook, getting miserable by the minute, knowing that Tori and Ryder might make Ryder juniors.'

'I taught you are over her already?' He asked.

'Having a four year relationship with the girl I loved is not that easy to forget, Andre.'

'Maybe you're just drunk cause man, you're not normally like this. Were's the positive dude that I know?'

'Dead and gone.' I replied with a emotionless voice.

'Man, just rest first and we'll talk in the morning.' He said as he left and entered his room.

I stare blankly on my laptop screen. They seem so happy. Was she happy with me before too? She seems happier now thought. Then I saw a picture of them locking lips and that just sets me off. Fuck this life. everything is going unplanned. I carried my laptop and entered my room and just kept scanning her pictures as I fell asleep.

I promise that this story is Bade but right now Beck is apparently in love with Tori. But I don't like Bori so Bade forever! Feedback please? Thanks!