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Nine months in, Beck and Jade shared a long distance relationship. Although Beck had difficulties to talk Jade about it, they gave the idea a try. Jade flies back and forth from London to New York as often as possible or whenever she's free to visit Beck, Andre and Cat. Beck sometimes flies to London whenever Jade goes for her movie premiers. Seeing the two looking all in love in every paparazzi shots released in magazines and news, Jade's fans adored them, having a huge fan base as a couple. They were even voted as the Most Loved Couple in the Teen Choice Awards.

Ten months in their relationship, the directors started booking Beck and Jade as couples in romantic movies and novel based movies. Beck shocked the directors in his ability in acting. No one new about his acting skills but Jade. This not only helped to the success of the movies, but also helped them book more projects. This caused Beck to move in with Jade in London. Beck and Jade can't help but feel blessed from all the success that they've been having. They still travel back in New York often to visit their close friends. Andre finally got to ask Roxy on a date. He also got a producer to listen to his tracks and now working on new songs, but he isn't rushing to things. Cat, being a manager of a new successful girl group has been quite busy, and now owns a cupcake shop named Cat's Red Velvets. The shop sells all of Cat's lovely cupcakes and tea. She also found a good guy named Robbie who works as an executive producer of some reality TV show in New York. They've been dating for a couple of weeks now.

In their free time, Beck and Jade travels the world, one country at a time. After showing Beck around France, Jade decided to go to Rome, then Hawaii, Italy and Morocco. They'd have fun, enjoy the views and eat local cuisines in every country they're in. Reporters would follow, of course, just to take a picture of the beautiful couple, but Beck and Jade learned how to deal with reporters. They learned to ignore and don't give answers to any of the reporters bugging them, they just have fun. They're currently in some small, unknown island in Fiji where there are few tourists. Jade has always enjoyed the privacy of staying in small islands as not a lot of people recognises them, giving them more privacy as couple. Plus, reporters won't be able to spot them easily as the island they chose isn't that well known.

Leaving their things in the hotel that they booked, they made their way to a small hut cabin a few miles across their hotel in the beach. All they have is a tote bag filled with beach essentials such as sun screen, googles, sunnies, extra clothes, their wallet and phones. Having already worn her dark green, almost black looking bikinis underneath her thin white shirt and black shorts, Jade took her sun screen out. Beck removed his shirt and is only left with his swimming trunks. Jade helped apply the sun screen on places that Beck won't reach. After discarding her clothes, Jade is left with her bikinis, Beck did the same and helped her with some sun screen.

Under the huge beach umbrella, on their large beach towel, Jade settled between Beck's legs, both of them wearing their sunnies. The sun is bright, the skies are clear, the waves are just nice. They love staying in that position and just admiring their surroundings. Without Jade knowing, Beck would steal glances of her up until now. He still can't believe how lucky he is to have her. Things between them hasn't been exactly perfect, but he wouldn't have it any other way. Beck press light butterfly kisses on her nape and shoulder, occasionally on her jaw. Little did he know that Jade still shivers from his touch, still shivers from his kisses.

'Hey Beck' Jade says, looking up at her boyfriend.


'Remember my disposable camera?' She says, smiling slightly at Beck.

'Which camera?'

'The one I lost in New York. You even gave it back to me, remember?'

'Sure, yeah. Why?' Beck asks.

'Have I told you about where I got it?'

'No, I don't think so.'Beck tells her, she only smiles a little more. 'What's the story of that camera?'

'Do you believe in faith or destiny? Have you ever thought that maybe, and just maybe, those things are all true?' She asks him, still staring into his chocolate eyes.

'I do believe in faith and destiny.'

'I didn't believe before. I thought it was all just a joke, specially when an old lady I accidentally bumped gave me the disposable camera. She said that I'm having problems with love, and at that time I was "dating" Dean. She gave me the camera and said that with it, I'll find the right one. I guess I believe now.' She laughs a little while staring back to the beautiful view, snuggling closer to Beck. 'Funny how the old lady is probably right.'

'The old lady is an angel in disguise. The camera was used as a medium for us to meet.' Beck says, rubbing small circles on her thighs. 'You do realise that maybe we really are destined and made for each other, right?'

'That's a scary, scary thought.' She jokes, receiving a poke from Beck. 'I'm kidding, babe.' She faces him again to kiss his cheek.

'I wouldn't mind though'

'Wouldn't mind that I find it scary?'

'Nope. I wouldn't mind being destined to be with you.'

'You're still sappy, Mr Journalist.'

'Hey! That's Mr Lead Actor to you, babe.' Jade only chuckles from his response.

He's battling in his mind whether to do it now, whether to do the much awaited and inevitable thoughts now. But then again he thinks, isn't it too cliché? In a beach, like, really, Beck? He can't help but think that a small spot Jade also craves for something cliché, for something cute and sappy, cause after all her walls, she's still a girl. Will proposing in a sunny beach really be a great idea? More importantly, is she ready? Will she say yes? Thinking of rejection makes Beck's stomach turn. He thinks she'll say yes, because you wont date someone for months without the thought of marriage popping up in your mind, right? He knows she'll say yes, but he can't help but be afraid of messing up, of saying the wrong words, of losing the ring. He withdraws his hand from Jade's thigh and make it linger on top of his pocket, feeling a small cubical shaped box. Decides that maybe it really is time, that maybe it's worth taking risk because she's worth it. Jade is worth it.

'You know, when I first saw you, I started having feelings right away. Ask Andre if you don't wanna believe me. Anyway, I just want to let you know that I've been planning this for the longest time ever. I don't want to frighten you into this commitment because we are both too young, but this doesn't mean we need to do this straight away. We can wait for years if you want too.' He makes her stare at him. They both are caught up in each others' eyes. His hands are sweating from the nervousness he's been feeling, and she's quite confuse, but at the same time has an idea of what he is trying to do. 'I love you, Jade. Never doubt that, ever. You're beautiful, smart and just the perfect one for me. I know you hate all these sappy talk, but I just want you to know that you're the best. I'm thankful for having you in my life. So maybe we are destined. We are for each other. I don't want you with anyone else. I have no doubt that I want you to be with me forever. So, Jade, will you marry me?'

Her eyes are full of tear, those happy ones of course. She doesn't know what to say, suddenly she was unable to talk. But she feels so happy inside, so damn happy that Beck is proposing to her, that Beck thinks about making her his wife, that he thinks of having a family with her. It overwhelms her, really. The thought of spending forever with Beck isn't a bad idea, she thinks. She wants to spent her lifetime with Beck. Sometime she thinks about what the future might be for her and Beck. In every thought about their future, she sees happiness. She sees a beautiful life, a beautiful future. Due to her lack of response, Beck swallows uneasily, his adam's apple bobbed. She smiles at how adorable he looks when he's afraid or nervous. Trying hard to form words, but nothing is coming, she only nods at Beck. He sighs loudly before chuckling slightly, his smile reaching is ears. The ring was slowly wrapped around her finger afterwards. She says that only words that has been invading her mind.

'I love you.'

Her heart flutters when he wraps his arms around her first, hugging her tightly right after she said she loves him. For Jade, she thinks Beck's hug are more intimate than kisses, than sex. Due to their job and them being both actors now, it's a common job for them to kiss someone else, specially for Jade, which makes her believe that hugs are more intimate of an action than kissing. He hugs her tightly, like he's holding for his dear life, life she'll be vanished in thin air of he lets go. She does the same too, wrapping her arms around his neck, nuzzling her her on his shoulders. He whispers kind things to her, telling her how happy he is, how lucky he is that she said yes and how much he loves her. The tears she's been trying to hold streams down her cheeks, yet a smile forms on her face, hugging him closer. They release their grip on each other and quickly sealed their lips together. And both of them knows how good they are in kissing. They also know what kind of this their kisses can do. She straddles his hips, making his lay flat on his back. They continue kissing, continue showing their affection and love for each other, gently caressing each other's faces too. They parted for air, but both were grinning from ear to ear.

'I'm so in love with you.' Beck says, lacing their hands together.

'So I've heard.' She only smirks after replying to Beck.

Right then they forget about everything else. They forget about the new career of Beck Oliver and the superstar that Jade West is. Right now all they could think of is BeckandJade as one entity, not two individuals. The thought of reporters and paparazzi bugging them about their engagement didn't occur in their minds, not even other people's opinions didn't bother them. The thought of informing their close friends such as Andrei, Cat and Paula about their engagement didn't occur in their minds. All they could think of was happiness and contentment and love. They're living the dream. They're doing the things that they love with the person the love. And they can never be tired of each others' presence, of each others' love and desire. They're the perfect living example of a yin yang. They compliment each others' being. They bring the best of each other. They are dynamic together and no one could ruin them. Who would have known that a journalist and a superstar would have fallen in love?