[Set after 'Joplin Hideout', this first chapter is really mild, pretty much just tried to keep it as real to the Bonnie and Clyde story as possible. Besides the ending. Chapter Two will come with disclaimers, as it'll be kinda explicit and cover some difficult topics.]

Chapter One.

It's been a few weeks now since the shoot out at the apartment in Joplin. They have fled to Missouri, staying in a small apartment. They're wounds have healed and they are getting on with things. They are parting one night, music going, Bonnie standing up tall on a chair, singing loudly as they all enjoy beer and food. Clyde is the first to notice lights outside, pulling Bonnie down from the chair she was standing on and turning the radio off. He hushes Blanche and Buck, waving an arm and gesturing for everybody to be quiet.

"What is it baby?" Bonnie asks softly, panic written on her face.
"It's the laws.. they're outside." He says softly, quickly grabbing a gun and throwing it to Buck, grabbing one for himself. He is just in time to push Bonnie down behind the couch, Blanche quickly ducking down with her, the loud noise of several firearms going off fills the air smoke and dust flying around them. Somebody has tipped off the cops and yet again, bullets were flying.

The firing continues for what seems like forever, and when it stops, the four criminals are all live, the police officers, not being so lucky. Though the criminals were injured. Bonnie had taken a bullet to the leg, Clyde, one to the shoulder, a glass window had shattered, causing damage to Blanche's eye. But the worst injury of them all, was Buck. Buck had taken a bullet to the head.

"We need to go." Bonnie groans in pain. It wouldn't be long before back up came, and there was no way they'd be able to shoot their way out of that one. Blanche is hysterical, trying to stop the bleeding on her husband, who is mumbling incoherently. Clyde is panicked, things were going wrong, and quickly, the cops had found them a lot quicker than he had thought that they would and they were getting smarter. Now his brother was going to die.

He picked Bonnie up in his arms, bridal style, quickly running her to the car. "Blanche, get in the car." He shouted at the crying woman. She refused, shaking her head. "Blanche, get in the fucking car." He pushed her away from Buck, and towards the car. He lifted Buck, getting him to the car and laying him across the backseat, his head in Blanche's lap, who tried to stop the bleeding with whatever she could. Clyde then did what he did best. He drove. He drove them as far away as he could. They end up in Iowa, at an abandoned amusement park site. It would be a good place to hide out and keep low. Buck is in bad condition and they know he's only got a matter of hours, maybe a day or two to live, if he's lucky. So they dig a grave. Blanche is able to get some of the glass from her eye, but she's completely lost sight in it.

They don't get that far though, because it's only a matter of hours before the law have found them again, another shoot out taking place. Buck takes another bullet to the back, it ricochets off a rib, lodging into his lung. Clyde pushes Bonnie towards the car, trying to grab Blanche and tug her along, but she refuses. She is not leaving her husband. So they leave. They have to. If they don't, they'll be captured too.

Buck and Blanche are taken. Buck is taken to hospital, Blanche is sentenced to ten years in prison. Buck dies five days later in the hospital.

Clyde get's as far away as possible. Now he's really worried. It was just him and Bonnie now, the cops were getting faster and smarter, and he doesn't know where to turn next. For once, he was actually afraid, he was angrier than ever. Angry at himself, angry at the cops, angry at the world.

They keep driving, he doesn't know where they are going to end up, but they keep heading north. He wants to drive so far that where they end up, nobody knows who they are, nobody is looking for him and his Bonnie will be safe.

Bonnie still hasn't been feeling well. She doesn't want to worry Clyde, but it's been weeks now that she has been feeling queasy. The driving makes it worse, she sometimes holds her stomach and wills the queasiness away. She knows what this is. But she can't be. She's worried, it's too dangerous. She knows she has to tell Clyde, but she also knows that he's really smart, he'll figure it out. Those smarts would come in handy, because there was no way they could bring a child into the world. This world. Their world.