It ends kind of abruptly, I wanted to do many more chapters and had so many different clashing ideas, but this was the one of three possible endings that I chose as life gets in the way, and barely have time to update.

They're on the road again, because they need to keep driving. It's not enough anymore to just cross state lines, they need to keep going, get as far away from Texas as possible. It means not being able to see their families, but they understand how dangerous it is. They can't risk it any more. They made this life for themselves, and now they had to deal with the consequences. Like not being able to see their family and having to have an abortion. Bonnie tells herself over and over, it's the right thing to do, it's the logical thing to do. It's what needs to be done. They can not have a baby with this life style, they can't bring an innocent human being into the life of crime, being shot at and in danger.

They drive for days and Clyde constantly has to stop for Bonnie to pee or to be sick. He hurries her each time, reminding her that they need to keep moving. They know that at any moment, at any corner, at any turn, it could be their last. A slight wrong move could cost them their lives. They need to be smart and they need to be alert.

Bonnie is chewing on her lip as she looks out of the window and Clyde knows there is something on her mind. He sighs. "Bonnie?" She looks at him, pursing her lips. "What are you thinking?" He knows her all too well and she has to smile slightly. She decides to just be honest, placing a hand on her stomach. "What if we kept him?" She said softly and Clyde sighs, but she continues quickly before he can shut her down. "Clyde, baby, think about it, please? We can settle down, change our names, change our looks, we can be somewhere people don't even know who Bonnie and Clyde are!" She's practically begging. "It's like you said! We can lay low, disappear. Raise him right! Without bullets being shot everywhere." She was desperate. "Clyde.. I don't wanna die, I don't want you to die, I certainly don't want our baby to die, let's go away, let's try. It's worth a shot right? If they catch us, we ain't ever gonna be freed." Clyde keeps his eyes on the road whilst she speaks, if he looks at her, he's going to cave, if he see's her pleading big blue eyes, he's gonna cave. He wants to give this woman everything. He swallows roughly and sighs, reaching over and taking her hand, squeezing it and bringing it to his lips, kissing her knuckles. He nods and Bonnie's lips spread into a wide smile. She was keeping her baby. They were gonna be a family.

"Clyde, I need something to eat, I feel like my stomach is eating itself." Bonnie whines, rubbing her stomach as it grumbles loudly, hours have passed of just solid driving. He sighs. He's hungry too, but he doesn't want to stop. They are passing through Louisiana, he wants to get through the state as quickly as possible, because here, they are still in danger. "Okay.. Okay." He groans, "We'll stop, but you have three minutes to get food and get back. We can't be long." He says, stopping at a small cafe. She runs in and buys herself a sandwich, a pear and them both a coca cola, she then grabs a magazine as well. She get's back to the car in around five minutes and Clyde takes off.

She moans as she bites into the sandwich. "My god, I was starving." She laughs softly as she chews the sandwich and swallows and then takes a long drink of coca cola. She has her magazine on her lap, reading it as Clyde drives, in just his socks because it's much more comfortable that way when you're spending days upon days behind the wheel. He's eating the pear as he drives, not really paying much attention to Bonnie rambling on. He's concentrating, thinking, trying to be smart about which roads he took. They're in the middle of nowhere, one long stretch of road. He thinks this is the safest route to take.

Bonnie's head is down, reading her magazine as she takes a bite out of her sandwich. She see's nothing. The first thing she hears are a round of loud bangs, firing, shouting. She feels a splatter across her face, turning to her side. There's blood everywhere, Clyde is dead, his body lifeless and limp. She screams. She has no time to react, no time to shoot back, no time to surrender. She feels the searing pain of her flesh being pierced, over, and over again, it all happens so quickly, yet seems to go in slow motion for her. She can't move, she's paralyzed, her eyes staring ahead of her as the darkness creeps in upon her. The car slowly rolling into the ditch and coming to a stop. Her car door is suddenly ripped open as she tries gasping for air. She can't move, a bullet has severed her spine. The officer see's she is alive, pulling her from the vehicle, her mouth trembles, her face is covered in blood. He tries to stand her on her feet but she just crumbles and he barely catches her. It all happens so fast and in seconds, she has taken her last breath. The officer takes a moment to look at her lifeless body before shoving her back into the car beside Clyde, her body stuck in an awkward position.