A/N This is just a re-write to make the story flow better. I have heard from people who have loved my 'Famile du Musain' and some who didn't want it to end. I guess only the 19th Century France version is finished but the possibilities are endless to put them in other places. I'm going to stick with the same first names I gave them but for clarity's sake will use their last names when talking in third person. When needed, Thenardiers and Pontmercys will have the same names so everyone can keep them straight.

As ever, the students belong to Victor Hugo, though they're now like my Fisher Price Play People where I take them out of the drawer and play with them every now and again. But I know they're not mine to keep so I put them back. The original characters are figments of my little mind. As ever, they're rated mature for safety but it'll mostly because of the language. I may pair the guys up sometimes in couples but it'll never be porn, just sometimes co-parenting/relationship, maybe even married, who knows?

"Hi, my name is Eponine." the recruit agent held out her hand to shake that of the more experienced Francis Courfeyrac. He actually remembered her, they had taken a few courses together in university. He went on to be a social worker and she a teacher so they had taken some child psychology classes and workshops. She was very pretty. If he were straight, he may have asked her for a date. Not now, of course, he was meant to take and show her the ropes of the new direction she had moved her life in. It wouldn't have been a good idea to date your rookie.

"Francis...hi." he smiled big. "I remember you from school." he said and got the acknowledgment from her and they went out to his car. "What made you change gears?"

"Seeing the shape of some of the kids that I taught. Some were so neglected and we were supposed to report all cases...and I did but sometimes they just ended up right back in their same situation." she explained.

"And you want to be the one to see them through the cracks and be there to rescue them?" he asked as they got in the car.

"Yeah..." she said. "...too far-fetched?" she winced. Maybe it wasn't good to come into the profession like she wanted to save the world. It was like she had gone into teaching, wanting to make sure every kid would be able to read and write, sit quietly and listen to lessons. She did her best but there were going to be some kids that needed more and her responsibility switched from teaching them to finding someone else who can work more with them.

"Not at all." he said. "It's what we're all in it for. At least you're not a total newbie." he said, clicking his seatbelt shut and pulling out of the parking stall. "You're used to body fluids and hysterical children. You just have to get to know what to do with the parents." he grinned and drove to a strip mall. "Whatcha' drinking?" he asked as they went to the Starbucks kiosk.

"Lime refresher?" she said, warily. She thought they'd be doing something a bit more businesslike when they left the office. She was already a bit startled by how casual the whole thing seemed at the office. True, it wasn't a government office but a private company for when the government failed. Only the office manager was in a suit and she was very down to earth, almost girl-chatted with Eponine until she decided who to pair her up with. Francis was the best bet when it came to a pretty recruit...he was a nice guy, would teach her well and not be interested what was up her skirt. He handed her drink to her and waited for his own.

"We meet with a few others first thing in the morning 'coz we'll be needing to meet up with them through out the day." he said as they went to what LOOKED to be a store in transition. Paper on the windows and signs of "we're renovating" on the doors and not a business name. He had his book and tea and no hands to use his keys so he just kicked at the door frame and smiled into the glass part of the door. "Full hands..." he held everything up and the door opened.

"Where's mine?" the blond man asked, pointing to the tea.

"You can share mine. If you wanted some, you should text me." he said. "This is Eponine, our newbie." he introduced her. "This is Sylvain Enjolras - he's an inspector, like us but a step higher, he has a badge. When you go to do a seizure, he's the one you take with you. Without him, because he's the only actual policeman, you don't have any rights to go in anywhere." he explained, taking his tea back from Enjolras. "This is Yvan Combeferre. He's the doctor we take the kids to. Even if they're healthy when we seize them, we take them there so we can be on record just what condition the kids were received in." he said. "And...where's Grantaire?"

"I...thought you were picking him up." Enjolras said. "When you said 'we'..." he stammered. "Oops." he said, pulling out his phone and starting to text. "Oh...never mind." he looked out the window and saw the familiar dark curly haired man pulling up in his car. Before he HAD the job, he drank so that he could get through school and before that he drank so he could stand his life at home. It hadn't been a good one. It was filthy and dark, scary and because they had money it was hidden from any kind of authority. As a child, he swore he would see that no child grew up like that. By college he knew that he wasn't going to save them all but if he could just make a little bit of difference to someone. He didn't often drive to work because he was usually hungover in the mornings and if someone didn't bring him to work, he may not show up. "He looks like hell, he's supposed to." Enjolras explained about the job of an undercover. "We get a call from a suspicious person, 'Taire goes in and hits their neighbourhood and home to see if he can feel out the surroundings, g'morning 'Taire." he greeted after the said body kicked at the door to be let in as his hands were full. "Ah, y'see? Someone knows how to take care of me." Enjolras grinned when Grantaire surrendered a tea for him as well.

"So...this is kind of where we meet to see what was reported. We stay away from the office in case people see us." Courfeyrac explained to Eponine as they sat down. "We're not exactly secret agents but the less people who know that we're all connected the better. They're used to seeing me and Enjolras together but they don't know about the doctor there...otherwise they could just make sure the kid goes to another doctor." he explained.

"And, Grantaire?" Eponine asked as they got in the car after the briefing. "He's pretty interesting. I can't tell if he's for real or what." she laughed.

"Oh, he's for real." Courfeyrac laughed. "What you see is what you get but he's good at what he does and by the end of the night he's often soused. As long as he doesn't drive."

"Is he married?" she asked. "He'd be quite handsome if he trimmed the hair and shaved..."

"He is that." Courfeyrac smiled as they drove along. "The hair and beard is just part of his costume, he cleans up well, I assure you." he paused but figured he may as well say it and get it on the table. "I'm going out with him." he paused to hear her reaction.

"Him?" Eponine asked, jabbing her thumb back over her shoulder where they had just come from. "He BETTER clean up well!" she almost laughed. She would have to see him 'after hours' to see if he was worthy of this handsome officer she was with. Was she disappointed to hear that? Perhaps the more she got to know him the more she would love him and fill herself with false hopes and then when she found out there was no hope it would kill her so it could be best that she found out straight away. "And Enjolras, he seems pretty hard-ass."

"He is when it's business." Courfeyrac said. "Get him in his back yard or watching a game and he's a different guy."