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The premise of this story is that Mikoto and Fugaku adopt Naruto early on, so he, Sasuke and Itachi are actual brothers in all but blood, hence the title. The massacre will still happen, but Sasuke and Naruto will be spared. The question is, how will Naruto and Sasuke be different in this story after the event?

Prologue: A Different Beginning

"Enter," Hiruzen Sarutobi said as he cleared his desk of the devil reincar- er, I mean paperwork. Due to the death of Hiruzen's successor a few nights ago, Hiruzen was forced back into the office he thought he would be free of for good. And the paperwork was worse than it had ever been because of all the matters that had arisen from the Kyuubi attack. The door opened and two people walked into the office. "Ah, Mikoto-san and Fugaku-san, to what do I owe the pleasure of this visit?" the aged Hokage asked politely.

"It's about the demon container, Naruto I believe he was named?" Fugaku replied.

"I wish to take Naruto in," Mikoto stated and Hiruzen blinked.

"I am not so sure that is wise," Hiruzen replied.

"And just why not?" Mikoto demanded. "I am aware of the fact that Naruto is Kushina and Minato's son, I was one of the people she confided in with her pregnancy. I knew that the father was Minato as well, and it is glaringly obvious why the one the Kyuubi was sealed into had to be Naruto. Only an Uzumaki could handle having the chakra of that particular Bijuu, Kushina told me that much, though I think she was boasting at least a bit. And I have no intention of letting my best friend's son go into the orphanage where he will be surely mistreated by those who can't tell the difference between a scroll and the kunai sealed in it."

"I understand your feeling on this matter, but if word got to Iwagakure that the son of Minato Namikaze existed after what the Yellow Flash had done to so many of their forces, then Naruto would not be safe. Not only that, but the villagers already have suspicions about a member of the Uchiha clan having controlled the Kyuubi during the attack, because it is well known that Madara had control over it during the fight with the Shjodaime. If Naruto were to be taken in by your clan, that could very well serve to cement such thoughts."

"I don't think anyone in Iwa knows of the relationship between Kushina and the Yondaime," Mikoto replied. "They have kept the marriage secret for a while now, only telling the people closest to us, and even if the dots get connected, I doubt that Iwa is in good enough condition to risk starting a war over it."

"And besides," Fugaku said. "Even if an assassin comes for the boy, do you really think the Uchiah clan is incapable of protecting him? And as for your worries about my clan, we have dealt with the discrimination of the Nidaime for years. It won't hurt us too much more to take in the Kyuubi's jinchuriki."

Hiruzen sighed as he realized that they were not going to let this go. He deliberated for a few moments before he looked up at Mikoto. "Are you certain that you want to do this?" he asked her, his eyes boring into hers.

"As certain as I can be Sandaime-Sama," Mikoto replied, meeting his gaze.

"Very well then," Hiruzen said. "I shall make the arrangements for the adoption." He sighed and mentally sobbed, "Great, more paperwork for me!" as Mikoto and her husband left the room.

A few days later, Itachi was in hell and banging his head against a wall. His younger brother Sasuke had been crying nonstop for the past hour, and nothing Itachi had done had gotten the brat to calm down. Don't get him wrong, he loved his younger brother a lot, but it was ridiculous what he was putting up with.

Fortunately, he heard Sasuke start laughing, and he sighed with relief as he stopped banging his head, which was what Sasuke had been laughing at. So naturally, once Itachi had stopped banging his head, Sasuke started crying again, causing Itachi to get right back to banging his head, praying the crying would stop again. It did not take the young Uchiha long to connect the dots and he muttered, "Great, if I don't continually bang my head, he will just keep crying. Either way, I get a headache."

His musings were cut short when his parents came home, Mikoto carrying a bundle with a blonde haired child a few months younger than Sasuke in it. She set the new baby into Sasuke's crib and picked up the crying Uchiha baby, calming him instantly. "How does she do that?!" Itachi thought with exasperation before he asked, "Who is that, Mother?" He was pointing at the new child Mikoto had held.

Mikoto set Sasuke down next to the other baby before she smiled. "This is Naruto. He is going to be another brother for you, Itachi."

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