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Summary: In the modern world, the werelords have been forgotten, except for the werewolf who's tales have been changed throughout the years. Now in these days the last werelords are in hiding no one knowing they exist. Until one day when an enemy of the Wolflords attacks and they are revealed. Many of the Werelords have been captured by a secret organization O.O.A.M (Organization of Anti-Monsters) and they must escape and bring back the kingdom of the Werelords.

Chapter 1


As torrents of rain poured down. Students rapidly ran into the small school. The director of the school shouted for everyone to get inside and into their fourth period classrooms. Once inside the wet students muttered and talked amongst themselves. They suddenly heard a loud crash and a blue light illuminated the sky. They looked outside. Lightning had joined the rain. A thunderstorm had come upon High Tech High Chula Vista and all of Eastlake, one that no one has ever seen before, especially in South California.

Andrew's POV

I sighed as i slumped in my chair. It was raining and we had to be stuck in here. I want to go out in the rain, I love the rain.

Suddenly in my peripheral vision i saw a quick flash of white. I turned, but I couldn't see whatever passed by. I silently growled, something was out there and i had a bad feeling about it.

I raised my hand and asked Mrs. Barchata if I could go to the bathroom. I exited the classroom and looked around. I couldn't see anyone else out here except for me. Nor did I smell or hear anything unusual. I growled, something was off here, a chill suddenly went down my back.

"Yah!" I heard someone yell behind me.

My animal instincts kicked in, i whirled around and grabbed hold off the persons arm. I stopped him or her from stabbing me, by an inch.

I growled when I noticed what they were wearing, the person was wearing a long bright white cloak, his face hidden under the hood. I knew who this was my suspicions confirmed when it spoke.

"Well, well you have quite the reflexes." he said the the smirk clear in his voice.

I growled and threw him onto the floor. "What are you doing here?!" I growled.

"I thought i'd pay a little visit to my best friend?" he said almost laughing.

"You are not my friend!" I yelled.

He slowly stood up "Come on, lets leave the past in the past, friend." he said sarcastically.

"Look I don't know why you're really here., but you're not my friend so get out of here and go back to whatever hole you were hiding in."

I saw his body stiffen. 'Uh Oh.' I thought.

"Did you just tell me what to do?!" he yelled, his Greek accent coming out.

I crossed my arms in front of my chest. "Yes, yes i did."

He laughed bitterly. "Good one!"

"I wasn't joking," I smirked.

He stopped laughing. "Well you know what You little misborn accident? Just because you're so special you think you're better than anyone else!"

"What do you mean about special Cristoke Yaobe?"

He growled, literally. "Don't call me that! You insolent fool!" he yelled.

By now we've caught the attention of my team and the team across from us. They were both looking out of the windows and coming out the door. Mrs. Barchata and Mrs. Callehan were making their way towards us.

I growled at him. "Leave now!"

"Fine, but before I leave, i just want to say that i hope you can forgive me for what happened?" he asked.

"Never! Now leave!" i growled, my anger growing. I could feel the wolf wanting to be free and kill this little...

"Come on!" He said raising his arms in the air. 'I'm sorry! i didn't mean to slaughter Mc..." He didn't get to finish.

Before he could finish i lunged at him. In mid-air i changed, Grey fur appeared. I grew a muzzle, bones broke and reconnected-my body changing-, I grew claws, and muscle multiplied. But before I could kill the little rat, a strong force suddenly stopped me and I was violently pulled back.

I growled and kicked. "Calm down Andrew calm down!" I heard in my ear "Let go of the Wolf." I turned my head to see Samantha's face, she was holding me by my torso.

It was then that i noticed Ohcac holding me by my right arm and Olrac by my left arm. I also noticed that they were in there therianthrope forms, which was the only way the could hold me-the wolf-back. Before i go on did I mention that I'm a Werewolf? No? Well now you now and so are the ones holding me back. Samantha the Werebear, Luis the Werejackal, and Kevin the Wereboar.

"Calm down." she whispered again. I nodded and calmed down, but i didn't put away the wolf...not yet anyways. They let me go.

I turned to look at Cristoke and growled when I noticed that he was holding a mini silver knife in his left hand and a handgun in his right-which i assumed had silver bullets.I didn't even see the silver weapons, thank Brenn the others saved me or I'd be lying dead at Cristoke's feet. He chuckled, his face unseen under his hood.

"Idiot, did you think that you could kill me? Did you think i didn't know about your anger problems? If it wasn't for your friends you'd be dead now." he said giggling.

I growled. "How in the world did you..?"

"Shut up!" he yelled "I don't want to hear you speak or else!" he pointed his handgun at me.

Samantha, Kevin, and Luis growled at him. "Shut up!" he yelled "I know you're afraid." They stopped growling and glared at him. I watched him carefully.

"Now all four of you are going to..." He didn't finish. One moment he was standing there threatening us with a gun and the next he was on the ground clutching his chest in pain with Acinom standing over him, his blood on her claws.

She smiled at us. "Your welcome."

Yaobe slowly stood up. "I'd stay down if i were you." She said.

"You'll pay for that girl." he threatened."You all will." I saw him smiled.

"Yeah, how..." said Patsy.

I realized what he was going to do when Iheard the whir of helicopters. "Hit the deck!" i yelled dropping to the floor. Patsy, Samantha, Luis, and Kevin following my lead along with a few other people. Just as dark black balls burst through the ceiling and exploded into black smoke.

"Run!" I yelled as panic erupted through the hallway and the school.

I couldn't see at all. Screams were invading my ears and people were running all over the place.

"Samantha! Luis! Kevin! Patsy! Where are you!" I yelled trying to find them.

Suddenly i was down on the floor, someone ontop of me tying me up. I growled and channeled the wolf. But before I could unleash the wolf, I felt a sting in my chest. My eyelids and my body suddenly felt heavy and weary. I tried to break free of the binds, but i was too weak, my body suddenly somehow exhausted. My eyes beginning to close. The last thing I saw before blacking out was a pair of black stiletto heels.

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