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Elegna's POV

I forced my way upstairs, and with the pain I was in because of those stupid animals I'm surprised I made it. As ascended I found that the building was now gone and all that was left was rubble, dead men, and Cristoke unconcious on the ground.

I approached him in anger. "Failure." I hissed.

He groaned. "You have failed fool!" I said kicking him.

He awoke with a start. "W-what?" He said wide-eyed.

"You were given another chance after you failed the first time!"

He stood in anger. "Who do you think you are talking to me about my failure?!"

I smiled "Elegna, your secretary and top assassin of H.U.M." as darkness began to surround the grounds of the building.

He looked confused for a second "Assassin?", then he noticed the darkness. "Elegna, what is this?!"

"Your really in trouble now." Was all I told him as shapes began to form out of the darkness.

Human figures, deformed, rotten, aged, and blackened. These are our masters that have stepped before us, the magisters that have devoted themselves to necromancy and the dark arts, to exterminate every last therianthrope in this world.

Cristoke gasped in disgust as he finally saw our masters for the first time. I kneeled before them. 'Masters I bring before you the one that failed to eliminate the wolf and his friends."

"Thank you loyal servant." Responded a raspy and overused voice.

"Masters , I underestimated them, I-"

"Silence worm!" Boomed another voice, younger and with more strength. "You have underestimated the wolf one too many times, and now you'll pay the price."

"What?! No! You can't do that?!" He yelled in scared.

"And why not" Asked another scratchy voice.

"B-b-b-because," he stuttered looking for an excuse! "Because! I worked for you for 6 year! I've been loyal and hardworking! You can't just kill me!"

"And what have you accomplished in six years, boy, you've failed your mission to kill the wolf, and for that we must see to it that you are punished." Responded a smooth voice.

Cristoke shook in anger, I took a couple steps back. "What have I accomplished?! I habe gained great power! That not even you stupid old fools could get! And you threaten me?! Cristoke almighty magister?! I should be the one to kill you! While you cower at my feet you insolent farts!" He yelled with red fury. He huffed as he finished, fegaining his breath.

"Not only did you fail us," said a dark voice. "But you also have the nerve to insult and threathen us! Your masters that gave you power and the resources to seek your revenge! Well I say that deserves the maximum punishment.

All the magisters nodded in agreement, their eyes red with anger. "Death." They all whispered.

They raised their hands towards Cristoke, I moved out of range.

"For what you have done Cristoke your punishment will be executed immediately." Said the loud and strong voice.

"What?! No!" Cowered Cristoke, finally faced with the reality of what was about to happen. "Please no!" He begged.

The hands of the magisters began to glow with pure darkness.

"No!" Screamed Cristoke as beams of darkness raced towards him. He lifted his hands in an attempt to block the energy magic, but nothing happened, Cristokes powers useless in the realm of the dark magisters.

A screamed was ripped from his throat as the energy beams engulfed him. I watched in utter shock at the grossteackness that was happening before my eyes. Before I could see him dead the darkness began to recede, my masters dragging me along as well. Before we disappeared I heard one last scream from Cristoke echo through the desert and the smell of burnt skin invade my nostrils.

Kevin's POV

I breathed deeply, hands on my knees. Tired from the exertion of running who knows how many miles in the sand and up and down a sand dune. Now hiding behind the dune we were finally alone, the sounds of fighting, screams, and explosions behind us. The others except Kayla, were passed out on the ground.

"I think we should go back and help them." Said Defante.

"No." I told him. "I have to make sure you guys are safe."

"But what if something happens to them?"

"Nothing is going to happen! They are more than capable of taking care of themselves! My job is to care of you!"

"But don't, "

"And before you say it, Yes I want to help them! But right now I can't!" I yelled and as I calmed dowm. "Now lets go." I said walking away, I stopped and turned around noticing that they weren't following me. "Whats wrong?" I asked.

"Dude we cant go on, were tired." Defante said.

I surveyed the scene. All of my classmates and my teachers staring at me. Laying on the ground exhausted.

"He's right you know." Said Mrs. Callehan.

I sighed making my decision. "Fine, but the moment I sense danger we run." I said sitting down, under the hot desert sun. Unable to relax, staying alert.

They all cheered and decided to take naps, or talk if they had the ability to talk of what they just went through. Some of them even coming to me for an explanation or comfort, I tried the best I could to explain things or to give them some comfort, even Mrs. Barchata and Callehan came to me.

I sighed as I looked towards Kayla comforting Patricia. It seemed to me Kayla was hiding something, I just didn't know what, so it seems I'm not the only one with secrets here.

I looked up as I saw the building fly into the sky and a thousand birds passed over us heading towards where the building used to be.

"Please be ok," I whispered "Brenn protect them." I said looking towards the slightly visible moon.

Andrew's POV

As we reached the top of the sand dune I noticed that where the building used to be, it was now shrouded by a dark cloud. I didn't pay it too much attention though, thinking it was Cristoke waking up and getting away or another magister come to help him.

I turned around ran down the hill, seeing Kevin, my teachers, and the rest of my peers looking tired, but safe and unharmed.

I heard gasps of surprise and cheers as they noticed us. Alive.

Pastsy, and Samantha went to their friends. Luis and Heather together sat down witn their friends. I smiled at my teachers and walkec to Kevin.

"Looks like everyone is alive, good job Kevin." I said standing over him.

He smiled at me and shrugged. "No problem. Though there were a couple stubborn ones that wanted to go back and help." He said looking at Defante.

I laughed and looked towards Ord, Kat, and the guy in white who I didn't get his name. I walked towards them.

"I never got your name." I said speaking to the man in white.

"Brandon," he said extending his hand. "Good to meet you."

I shook his hand. "Good, now that were acquainted-"

"Hey! Dude" Said a voice.

I looked up to see Mic coming towards me.

"I think you should see this." He said handing me his phone.

I looked at the screen, it was a You-Tube video. The title said, "Monsters among us!"

"Guys! You should see this!"

They crowded around me and I pressed play. The video was on the incident at the school, someone had recorded us transformed, us facing Cristoke. The video then quickly ended in a blue screen and a deep and low voice announcing that the monsters -us- live among the us taking different animal forms and that they're a menace-again us- and if you want to exterminate them-us the werelords- that you should join O.O.A.M, Organization of Anti-Monsters. And that they have some already captured, being interrogated and that they need help capturing the rest.

I looked up in utter shock. I looked towards Ord. Our eyes locked and we quickly came to a conclusion. I looked towards Mrs. Barchata.

"We need to get you to the nearest city, immediately. Come on now!" I said commanding everyone to get a quick move on. With everyones collaboration we quickly moved and eventually dropped them off at the first city we came to.

I sighed as we dropped them off. We all said our goodbyes. Luis having to leave Heather for her own safety.

Before we left asked me what would happen to us.

"We go into hiding thats what." I told her "It's what we've always done."

She nodded. "Ok, be careful."

I nodded. Turning to leave. But remembering to warn them I turned back. "Mrs. Barchata, Mrs. Callehan. Make sure you go somewhere safe ok? The government will want to interrogate you, but whatever you do, say nothing, you know nothing, got it?" They nodded

"Good, pass that on to everyone else, goodbye." I said hugging them and walked towards where the others were waiting for me.

We waved goodbye and as the sun set, we walked off into the night, under the guidance of the moon, towards our next goal. I may have told that we were going to go into hiding, that was far from the truth, we were off to rescue the other Werelords

"Ready you guys?"

They nodded. "Great then were off!" I yelled and we ran off to find our enemies.

"Here we go again." Said Ord smiling.

"Here we go again." I said smiling back at him. Then began to run, the others by my side.

All eight of us, running, laughing and howling on course to our next adventure.

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