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Tale 30

- x -

A single drop of sweat rolled down from his forehead and Tyson inhaled sharply. His eyes were fixed straight ahead of him, only allowing Kai's gloved and open hand to remain in his line of sight as he blocked everything else out.

The last ball of the last inning.

Even as his heart begged him to glance at the scoreboard and take in the beauty of his play today, Tyson didn't dare avert his eyes. He needed to concentrate only on throwing the ball in his hand, not look at the score, not look at his teammates, not look at the audience. Right now, in his world only his hand, the ball and the catcher's glove were allowed to exist. If he really wanted to play a perfect game until the end, then this is what he needed to do.

But the match had gone on for too long, he was exhausted to his core and the excitement with which he had started playing today had withered away completely. His breathing was ragged and he knew that he had just enough strength in his arm to throw this last pitch, and then maybe his whole body would collapse into a mush right here on the mound. His coach had told him many times, that he had not yet built up the stamina to survive a full game against the big names and today Tyson begrudgingly agreed with the old man.

Yet, here he was pitching in the ninth inning because everyone on the team had gotten a scent of a perfect game the minute he threw his first pitch today. Kai had insisted that their coach didn't switch out Tyson after four innings, as was the plan drafted in the original gameplay against today's opponent. Even as his Captain and a few other teammates argued passionately on his behalf, he was sure that their Coach wouldn't budge, but then for the first time since Tyson had joined this team, he saw his Coach's hard eyes soften for a brief moment and he allowed Tyson to stand on the mound for the rest of the game.

Kai then gave him a lot of tips on how to control his power, and how to restrict his movements across the field so he could only focus on throwing the ball. Max and some of his other teammates, constantly kept shouting words of encouragement, even the ones who'd hated the fact that he was a part of this team. Their supporters in the audience had come up with a slogan for him which they kept on chanting religiously until it was time for him to throw the ball, quieting down immediately the minute he pulled his arm back. The atmosphere of anticipation that surrounded him on the field today was something that Tyson had never experienced before. It was this exciting feeling of carrying everyone's hopes and beliefs on his shoulders that made him stand at the centre until the very end without giving away a single hit to the opponent.

Oh, how he wished he could look at his brother's face right now, see what he thought about Tyson getting closer to claiming the title of an Ace for a top team in Tokyo.

And that was the biggest mistake he made.

Running from his brother's shadow had never been difficult for Tyson, especially when Hiro had always made it so much easier for him.

He'd always understood that sometimes people drew the short straw when it came to happy families, and his just happened to be the shortest of the lot. His mother passed away before he barely learned to talk, his only memories of her came from photographs and stories shared by his grandfather. His father tried his best to keep their family stable, introducing Hiro to baseball as a way to keep him engaged after their mother's passing, but eventually, the grief of losing his wife so unexpectedly won over and he started taking jobs that would keep him far away from home, and all the memories associated with it. Tyson was just six years old at the time his father joined a long-term excavation project in Egypt, rarely showing his face in Japan ever since.

Hiro tried his best to play the part of a responsible elder brother for a while, but given the age difference between the two of them, it wasn't exactly smooth sailing. He tried the same trick as their father, teaching Tyson how to play baseball, making him tag along to matches and practices so that they'd have some common ground to walk on. As Hiro played for his high school team, Tyson joined the little league in their community, their father flew in to watch a game or two every once in a while and for a little while, life, and their family, felt normal. Until one night Hiro announced that he'd received an offer to play for a club in Tokyo and he'd be finishing his schooling in the city. Their grandfather wasn't exactly against the idea, he was just surprised by how suddenly Hiro had made the decision and hadn't bothered to consult any other member of the family. But once again, just like their father, Hiro's mind was made up and nothing would budge him, not even Tyson crying at his feet and begging him to stay, begging him to not become another faded face in Tyson's life.

So, his brother left too and life moved on.

However, Tyson continued to play baseball, and his need to channel all the pent up emotions inside of him translated into a set of skills that became unparalleled in his small town. His studies, in stark contrast, did not proceed as smoothly but to his and his grandfather's surprise, every middle school in their district was at their doorstep, offering scholarships to get Tyson to join. Not only was Grandpa Kinomiya relieved that despite his grandson's low scores he was being offered admission into big schools, but also determined to ensure that Tyson could keep playing the sport that made him truly happy to the best of his capabilities.

Which is why when due to a twist of fate, Judy Mizuhara dropped into their town and discovered Tyson's talents, his Grandfather left no stone unturned to make sure that he could attend school in Tokyo.

Even though Tyson himself, in the beginning, dreaded the very thought of it.

He was so afraid of running into Hiro, not knowing how or what he should do if his brother suddenly appeared in front of him, that he was very close to calling Judy and telling her that he would be dropping out of the tryouts. But thanks to Grandpa Kinomiya, who dragged Tyson by his collar to Tokyo, Tyson was able to see for himself, just how big the city was, and how chances of running into his brother if he started to live here would be nothing short of a miracle. The tryout itself had instilled a new rush into his veins, a new kind of appreciation and passion towards the sport as he faced players much more stronger and skilled than himself.

But the one thing that made him feel at peace with shifting so far away from home was that nobody on his new team knew that he was Hiro's younger brother. Since Hiro decided to change his last name to their mother's maiden name when he went pro at the national level, it became much easier for Tyson to hide the fact that the two were related. Despite being the best player back home, people around him would never tire of telling him that of course he was talented, he was Hiro's brother after all. Which always left a bitter taste in Tyson's mouth, because the real growth he made as a player was when Hiro left him behind, and he had no choice but to figure everything out for himself. In Tokyo it was different, every time he pulled off a new play, every time he levelled up on his batting or defending skills, his Coach or teammates never said that that's what was expected from Hiro Granger's little brother.

His achievements being treated as his alone was very freeing, and possibly the best thing that happened to him since he left home. But all the hard work he had put in to keep other people from writing him off as Hiro's brother had finally come crashing down earlier today.

Even back home, Hiro had been a bit of a player when it came to dating and would occasionally get himself in trouble through it. It seemed that habit of his was something Hiro hadn't left behind when he moved out of their small town, only now it was troublesome enough that it often came back to bite his elder brother in the ass, not that it ever stopped Hiro from repeating his mistakes, however. This time around, his brother dated a small time reporter and dumped her over a casual text, or so the rumour going around town claimed. The reporter, upset by his attitude and lack of consideration, went on to search for dirt on Hiro that she could use to write an expose, realising soon enough that except for a few bad relationships which were common news for sports stars at his level, Hiro was actually not as controversial as she had hoped.

Grasping at threads to get her revenge, she ended up discovering that despite their different last names, Hiro and Tyson were related. Since the fact that they were brothers was obviously not scandalising enough for a top spot at the local gossip column, the reporter ended up fabricating a story about how Tyson only got his spot in this school because of Hiro's influence, otherwise how else would you explain a kid from faraway countryside showing up to play baseball for an elite school like Gokujou in Tokyo? The local newspaper must have been dying to get the chance to finally publish something juicy about the elite, private school Gokujou, so they plastered this article on the front page of this morning's edition.

Tyson barely read through newspapers but it just so happened that today he was the first one to reach the cafeteria for breakfast and he'd been ambushed by the serving staff about whether the article was telling the truth. Knowing that looking at the article would not be good for his mentality right before a match, he'd quickly picked up a sandwich and dashed out of there. Maybe that's why he was already feeling so low on energy because he hadn't gotten the chance to actually eat a proper meal before the game started.

His team, the Coach and Judy had shown no indication of having read the article or even being aware of its contents as the day moved on, but insecurities still gnawed at him at the back of his mind. That was till the game started and Tyson somehow managed to play the best he ever had and forgot all about the article and what people would think of him.

Until he thought of his brother at the most crucial moment of the match and the ground slipped from beneath his feet.

Suddenly all the words he thought were praises or encouragement for him, started to sound like whispers about his relationship with Hiro. No wonder his Coach didn't mind letting a first year pitch for the whole game, no wonder the teammates who had hated his guts so far were now cheering for him, no wonder Kai had suddenly become so accommodating of his playing style. They were all ready to make compromises for him now that they knew he was related to Hiro.

The moment this thought entered his mind, Tyson knew he'd lost even before he let go of the ball.

But there was not much he could do except watch it slip from his fingers and swerve towards the hitter's bat, colliding with it at the perfect height required for the opponent to swing with full force and end Tyson's shot at a perfect game with a beautiful home run.


"What are you doing?"

It was because the voice did not belong to any of his teammates that Tyson bothered to lift his face from his knees and look at the intruder.

He was used to Hilary Tachibana visiting them every now and then, and mostly nagging them for an interview or pointing out the most obvious things about the sport with a confident air. Which is why he wasn't surprised to see her looming over him, arms crossed and head tilted slightly with an inquisitive look on her face. She was not in her school uniform, considering it was a Sunday, but was still dressed in their team's colours indicating that she had indeed watched the match.

Tyson always found her actions quite confusing, since she did talk a lot about how baseball as a sport seemed boring to her, and yet managed to not just show up for all their matches, but often observed their practice on the weekends or right after school on the weekdays. Max had a theory that she might have developed a crush on one of the players and just wanted to spend as much time with him as possible. Tyson tried his best to not pay any heed to his friend's claim and yet every time he saw her talking to some other guy on the team, smiling at him or laughing with him, his heart clenched agonisingly and made him want to send a ball flying straight towards the guy's face. Which, being on the same team, wouldn't be a great look for Tyson, so instead he consoled himself that she was slowly starting to enjoy the sport and just wanted to gather as many perspectives on it as possible.

"Hiding." Tyson answered her in a flat voice, ready to curl back into his 'I hate myself' position as he had been in for quite some time now.

"What from?"

"What's that got to do with you?"

He hadn't meant to snap back so loudly, because she did have a point. He chose the most inconspicuous spot on the grounds as his hiding place so it would be natural for anyone to question his intentions. He straightened up against the meshed fence and stretched his legs in front of him, they'd almost gone numb because of him hugging his knees to his chest tightly for so long. He hoped that being on the outer field at this time when the sun was just about to set and all lights around the field were off after the day was over, would keep anyone from noticing him in this corner, but Hilary managed to find him nonetheless.

"I was looking for you for quite some time now," she said. Unfazed by his raised voice towards her, the brunette settled herself on the ground next to him without hesitation, bringing her knees to her chest and wrapping her arms around them, though not as tightly as he had until a minute ago.

Tyson just raised a quizzical eyebrow at her, after the day he'd had, he couldn't imagine what she'd want from him. He was clutching onto his cap for a while now, but when he felt her shoulder brush against his for a moment, his grasp on it tightened, crushing the cap further in a manner which would make ironing out the wrinkles an extremely tedious job for anyone. If he hadn't been feeling so down over the game however, he would have rejoiced in a much more excited manner in knowing that she had been looking just for him and now decided to sit down so close to him.

"To congratulate you on the win?" Hilary looked surprised that she was supposed to spell that out for him, but Tyson just couldn't help and scoff at her words.

"Don't bother. I'm having a really bad day and I don't need-"

"Why are you having a bad day? You guys won the match…" She interrupted him very quickly, before a knowing look settled on her face, "Oh wait, this isn't about the article is it?"

"You know about it?" Tyson exclaimed, once again using a loud tone that made Hilary flinch as she leaned her head back.

"Tyson, I'm sorry but almost everyone who lives in this ward knows about it," she said soberly, not bothering to sugarcoat anything for his sake.

"That's just great-"

"You don't think it changes anything, do you?" She knitted her brows together, confused by his reaction.

"Of course it does!" Tyson gritted his teeth, "It changes everything, for Coach and Judy to get falsely accused like that-"

"Exactly!" She spoke over him once again, tilting her head down to let her cheek rest on top of her knee as she locked eyes with him, "Everyone knows it's a false accusation. Coach and Judy had no idea about your relation to Hiro Granger before the article."

Tyson opened his mouth to respond but then decided against it as he let her words settle in his mind. Most people that followed and supported their team diligently knew exactly how he was selected to play for the school, and would probably not be swayed by the words of a small time journalist so easily. His mind had been occupied with so many things one after the other today, that he didn't take a single minute to stop and think about how most people would be able to tell the difference between what was the truth and what was just a bad rumour.

"I'm not sure if you actually read it," Hilary broke the silence, her voice gentler than before, "but it's very trashy and quite obviously fabricated. My dad already spoke to the chief editor, they're going to publish an apology and pull that article down from their website. You've got nothing to worry about."

"Wow," Tyson muttered under his breath, a bit taken aback by how while he hid from the problem at hand, other people around him were concerned about it enough to tackle it head on. Now he felt a little bit guilty for being so unwelcoming towards Hilary, she probably just wanted to make him feel better by letting him know of the action taken against the paper. He returned her soft smile with a sheepish one of his own, "Thanks, I guess."

"You're welcome." Hilary replied curtly, her smile spreading into a full grin, "So now can I congratulate you for today's match?"

He let out a loud groan, just when he was about to start feeling better about today, he was reminded of the match and the blunder he'd made.

"I really don't understand why you're beating yourself up over the match." Hilary's grin faltered at his reaction, "It was a good game."

"But it wasn't a perfect game and I was so close, so close!"

"You can always try again."

"It's not that simple, okay? You don't get it!" He was trying really hard not to lose his temper at her, or shout at her, but the exhaustion from the day seeped into his veins and Tyson no longer wanted to contain his emotions.

"What is it that I don't get? Explain it to me." Hilary raised her head, while the smile had disappeared from her face, she still looked determined. Anyone else in her place would just get up and leave him to stew in his negative feelings, but she seemed to be on a mission to talk to him today and that put him more on edge.

"Perfect games don't come by easily for pitchers!" Tyson gripped onto his cap even more tightly in hopes of keeping some of his emotions at bay. But it didn't work, one look at Hilary's frowning face and he just didn't want to hold back anymore. If she wanted to see things from his point of view so badly, then she would have to make peace with the fact that it didn't come with soft words or helpful explanations.

"Coach, Kai, everyone on the team believed I could pull it off but I didn't! And that fucking sucks!" A voice in the back of his head reminded him to lower his voice, to show some restraint, but the glass had already been tipped so there was no stopping the water from spilling over, "I didn't miss that last pitch because I was tired or because I'm not skilled enough as a pitcher. I missed it because I let that stupid article get into my head and I have no clue when Coach will allow me to pitch for more than two innings against a big name!" His knuckles were now white from clutching onto the cap too tightly, and as he took a deep breath to calm his nerves, Tyson realised that he may have crossed a line.

Hilary didn't say anything immediately but her eyes were wide and cheeks flushed, she couldn't have predicted that he would get this mad over her questions today.

Although having voiced out everything that was driving him crazy since the match ended did make him feel better, Tyson knew that the tiny bit of hope he always held onto, about him being the guy Hilary was interested in on their team, was something that he'd need to let go of now. His friends and teammates were accustomed to his frustrated outbursts after a loss, but he'd never behaved like this in front of the brunette before. And she definitely hadn't done anything to deserve it either, even if her questions had felt probing, they hadn't come from a bad place.

"So, no I cannot try again." He mumbled as an afterthought. And it didn't just apply to the perfect game, but also to whatever friendship he had built with Hilary crumbling down after today, "At least, not anytime soon. Now, do you understand?"

Of course, Hilary didn't respond immediately, in fact, Tyson was sure that any second now she would get up and leave without saying a word, and then never speak to him again. But to his pleasant surprise, it seemed that she was just trying to look for the right words to say.

"Yes, I understand now. But I also think you're overlooking an important thing," she said, a hint of a smile visible on her face as she turned her gaze towards the sky, the redness in her cheeks deepening for just a brief moment, "everyone still believes in you."

"I'm not so sure about that," he said as he cast his eyes downward, drawing a circle with his finger on the grassy ground, relieved that she hadn't gotten up and walked off.

"You'll see it soon enough." Hilary chuckled, "When I was looking for you earlier, everyone I asked begged me to leave you alone. They care about you enough to understand when you need space, which is kind of sweet if you ask me."

Tyson felt his ears turn pink at the thought of his teammates looking out for him, he'd expected they'd all be mad at him for that home run he gave away in the last inning. Not to let himself get swayed by the mushy feeling that had suddenly appeared in his chest, Tyson shook his head lightly and then snickered at the brunette, "And yet you continued to look anyway."

"I just wanted to let you know not to worry about the article!" She defended herself quickly, even as the colour on her face betrayed her confident voice, "And I was right after all, you did let it get to your head."

"Whatever." He rolled his eyes half-heartedly, not wanting to admit out loud that he did feel more relaxed now that her pushing all his buttons had helped him to face the truth and accept it.

They sat in silence for a while after that, staring up at the sky as it grew darker and the canopy of bright stars took centre stage. Tyson wondered when Hilary would leave because surely it couldn't be safe for her to go back home alone any later than this. Not to mention the air was getting chillier as well, he was still in his uniform which kept him plenty warm but he couldn't say the same about the flimsy full-sleeved t-shirt she was wearing with high-waisted denim shorts, no wonder she'd been hugging her knees this entire time, she must be feeling pretty cold already. Just as Tyson was about to point this out, Hilary turned to him with an excited look on her face, one that said she had no plans to head home any time soon.

"What are your plans for the holidays? Planning to visit home?"

"Uh, not really," Tyson said, taken aback by the complete change in topic, "Gramps was supposed to be here before Christmas, but he's been keeping unwell. The Doctor advised him to stay on bed rest for a while, so his trip got pushed back to New Year's Eve."

"Oh, I hope he can make it." Hilary nodded at him, and before he could get a word in asking her about her plans, she continued with her interrogation, "What about your brother, will you go see him?"

"Definitely not." Tyson couldn't have been quicker with his response. Even the idea of seeking out Hiro on his own during the holidays, when he was supposed to be on a feel-good break sent a shiver of disgust through his body. Hilary looked extremely confused by his reaction so he clarified as civilly as he could, "We're not that close. Haven't spoken to him in a year or two."

"I see. Is anyone else staying back at the dorm then?"

"Nope, it's just gonna be me. The caretaker was kind of upset that she'd have to come to work because of me." Tyson shook his head, still feeling guilty about this. He'd tried to convince the Warden that he could spend a few days taking care of everything by himself, but according to the rules they had to be on duty even if one single student was staying on.

"You'll spend the holidays alone?" Hilary looked genuinely upset as she posed the question, making Tyson blush under her sympathetic gaze.

"Well, yeah, kind of," Tyson mumbled, rubbing the back of his head nervously as he let his eyes fall to the ground.

"That's not good," Hilary said, resting her chin in the palm of her hand, she was quiet for the next few minutes as she stared right ahead of her, a calculative glint in her eyes.

"I'll be fine. Kai did say he'd come by on a few days to practice, just so neither of us get rusty."

"But you'll still spend Christmas alone," she said, looking up at him with her big ruby eyes shining brilliantly against the dark of the night, making it difficult for him to look away. "My friends and I have planned a little party on Christmas Eve, would you like to join us?"

Tyson tried to swallow the lump in his throat as quietly as he could. On any other day perhaps, he would have celebrated being invited to a party where he would be the only guy among a group of girls. But with his brother's antics falling more under the spotlight these days, and now that the whole town knew they were related, he wondered what kind of new label he'd be plastered with if someone saw him hanging out with a lot of girls, with his brother's reputation hanging above his head like a dark cloud.

"I think that'd be weird. I've never met your friends."

"It won't be weird at all, they all know you!"

The minute those words left Hilary's mouth, her whole face turned bright red and he watched in amusement as she stumbled all over herself to hide the slip of tongue, Max's words echoing in his mind once again.

Maybe she likes someone on the team.

"Wh-what I meant was, that they know of you." Hilary stuttered, facing the ground as her fingers fidgeted around with the grass on the field, "I talk about the whole team with them. They even come to watch the matches sometimes, you might've noticed them in the stands."

"Even then, I think it'd be quite awkward for me to join in on your celebrations. Thanks for the offer though." It wasn't easy for him to put his foot down, especially now that he was curious to find out what Hilary had said about him to her friends, but he knew that it would be best for him to lay low around town for now, until the memory of the trashy article faded from everyone's mind.

"What about Christmas day?"

It seemed that Hilary refused to take no for an answer, and the most important lesson Tyson would take home from today was, that when a girl like her sets her mind on something, it's impossible for anyone to sway them otherwise. He tried to rack his brain for a minute, maybe there was still some excuse lying at the back of his mind that he could use to deter her. But one look at her pleading face and he felt his mind go blank, garnet eyes shining with anticipation, pink lips sculpted into an adorable pout, a tinge of red splashed across her pale cheeks, there was no way he could be expected to speak a coherent sentence having taken in the sight of her so up close.


"That's settled then!" Hilary clapped her hands together excitedly, and all Tyson could do was watch with his jaw slightly ajar as she quickly got to her feet, still smiling brightly at him.

She dusted off the grass from her shorts and he noticed that her knees were red, possibly from the cold. He wanted to ask her if he should run back and get a sweater or jacket for her from his room, so she could wrap it around her knees to stay warm on the way back home. But his mind was still muddled as he stared up at her, the moon and the stars in the night sky above her paled in comparison to the glow that surrounded her face when she smiled at him.

"I'll meet you at the station, around noon okay? Don't be late and don't forget to bring me a present!" She laughed, as she winked at him and began walking towards the entrance of the field, finally ready to head back home.

Tyson nodded at her words dumbly as she had her back turned to him. Hastily getting on his feet, he caught up to her in a few swift movements. Not only had she helped him get over the stupid article, she'd made him feel better about his play too, the least he could do was make sure she got to the station safely. As they neared the entrance of the facility, Tyson hoped that the guard stationed at the gate would be taking a break, or else he'd get reprimanded for heading out so late at night in his uniform. To his relief however, the lights were dim in the front courtyard and the parking lot where Coach and Judy's car usually took up spots was empty, meaning that everyone had more or less called it a day and chances of running into someone roaming about in this area were less.

He was just starting to get a grip on his thoughts, deciding that after dropping Hilary, he'd pick something basic to munch on from the nearby convenience store and head straight back to his room. Hoping that flopping down on his bed would finally give him the reprieve he needed from this long day that had been full of all kinds of twists and turns. But the two of them hadn't even made it past the steel gate when Hilary suddenly came to a halt, making Tyson stop in his tracks too.

"I almost forgot," she muttered to herself as she shook her head, confusing Tyson further.

Before he could make any sense of what she meant, however, with her hands clasped behind her back Hilary took a step forward towards him, reducing the distance between them to mere centimetres which made his heart drop straight to his stomach.

"Congratulations on winning the game, you played really well today!"

She smiled widely up at him, and just as he was about to respond with an incoherent thanks, she stood on her toes and leaned upwards. She met his gaze for just a brief moment before she shut her eyes and brushed her lips against his cheeks for a quick kiss. Even after she took a step back, Tyson remained frozen on the spot, finding it difficult to process what had just happened, but that didn't seem to bother Hilary much at all.

"I'll be rooting for you," she said with a coy tilt of her head.

Then she spun on her heels and walked out of the gate casually as if she hadn't just turned his whole world upside down with just a single touch.

The cap that Tyson had been holding onto all evening, fell to the ground as he lifted his hand and touched the spot where her lips had landed on his cheeks. All rational thinking evaporated from his head as he continued to stand there in the courtyard, completely dazed. He thought about pinching his cheeks tightly because surely this had to be a dream, an almost perfect game and a kiss from a girl? On the same day? No, that couldn't be his life. But on the off chance that it was, did he really want to ruin the buzzing warmth Hilary's touch had left on his skin by pinching it away? It was a big risk to take, so instead Tyson brought his fingers from his cheeks to his lips, closing his eyes as he tried to imagine what it would feel like to have Hilary's lips against his own.

There wasn't anything else left to think about once he crossed that line.

He swallowed a dry gulp and bent down to pick up his fallen cap, attempting to straighten out the crushed wrinkles for a while before he put it on. Shoving his hands in his pocket, he began to make his way back to the dorm, all signs of hunger having disappeared from his stomach.

Maybe she likes someone on the team.

A wide grin spread across his face as his pace quickened, he couldn't wait to tell Max that he'd been right about Hilary all along.

She did like someone on the team.

And that someone was Tyson.

- x -

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