Leaving Me Broken Hearted

Chapter 1

It has been two and a half years since starfire and robin have been in a relationship

-Starfire's P.O.V.-

I was looking for boyfriend robin, and when I had flew past robin's room I heard "We can't keep doing this raven." Robin said. Then I heard raven say "But we are in love robin we have to tell her." raven said in her monotone voice

I barged in there, hot tears running down my face. I couldn't help it my heart was broken. "I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU TWO WOULD DO THIS TO ME!" I yelled. "I TRUSTED YOU, AND YOU GO BEHIND MY BACK AND DO THIS TO ME!" I said. "RAVEN OF ALL PEOPLE YOU, YOU WERE SUPPOSE TO BE MY BEST FRIEND… my sister" I whispered the last part.

-Normal P.O.V.-

They were wide eyed, they never thought that they would get caught…especially like this.

-Robin's P.O.V.-

As I saw her eyes I was immediately shot with guilt. I am such a fool thinking I could hide what Raven and I had behind closed doors.

-Normal P.O.V.-

Starfire was so angry by what her so called "friends" were doing behind her back. But before she could say anything else raven beat her to it. "Starfire I'm sorry you had to find out like this, but robin and I are in love and you can't change that..." but before she could finish she was shot with a starbolt. Robin could never describe how angry she looked her eyes were fierce neon green with tears spilling over.

Starfire then looked at robin with pained and saddened eyes then she asked "why robin? Why do you do this to me? *sniffle* Do you want to see me pained and broken?

-Starfire P.O.V.-

All robin said was "I'm so sorry starfire but raven and I are in love." I could not believe what I was hearing. All of a sudden I was filled with such anger I have never felt before in my life.

Before I could catch myself, I started to yell again. "SO YOU HAD TO BREAK MY HEART!? YOU ASK ME TO THE DATING NOW YOU ARE DOING THE CHEATING WITH MY BEST FRIEND!" I yelled. Then ran out tears spilling down my face.