'Can't run from the past'

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-Normal POV-

"Well…. let me show you your rooms." Kori said. They followed Kori through the hallway. Kori then stopped at one room to the left and said "Here is your room Garfield." Inside the room the walls were a lime green and it had a queen sized bed, a big flat screen TV attached to the wall in front of the bed, a computer, and a bathtub that could be mistaken for a hot tub and a walk-in closet. Garfield literally ran into the room and yelled "THANKS KORIIII!" Kori only smiled. Kori then turned her head to the room across from Garfield's on the right and said "Victor this will be your room." As soon as Cyborg saw his room he screamed "AHHHHHH! KORI THIS IS THE BEST ROOM EVER!" he said hugging Kori. Inside, the wall was electric blue; it had the same electronics as Gar's but a small refrigerator filled with snacks and sodas in case he was hungry, a walk-in closet and a bathroom.

"Goodnight Kor." Victor said and smiled, "Goodnight Victor" Kori said. The walk to Rachel and Richards room was quiet; they finally came to a stop. Kori pointed to a door and said "Rachel this is your room." Kori heard a mumble that sounded a lot like thanks from Rachel, and continued to venture down the hallway to Richards room. Kori and Richard were dead silent; Richard was desperately trying to find something to talk about. "So what are you doing nowadays?" Kori raised a brow to his question "Modeling." She replied unenthusiastically, "Oh right" he said mentally slapping himself. They came to the final stop "Well this is your room Richard." She said taking her leave; Richard didn't want her to leave so with quick action he grabbed her hand. "What are you doing?" she asked with a confused/annoyed expression on her face, since today she was extremely tired.

"I'm sorry Kori, for everything I did to you and I still care about you." Richard said with desperation in each word. Kori sighed, not only because she was tired, but because she felt sorry for him. "Richard…" she said while putting a hand on his cheek and looking into his masked eyes. (They haven't changed yet), he held the hand on his cheek never wanting to let it go ever again. "Richard I'll always care for you, but don't dwell in the past. That is why I had left because every day I would have been living the same betrayal and broken heart; I moved on Richard, you should too." After she was done she kissed his cheek softly and smiled then walked away. Richard watched her walk away; when he heard a door close he closed his door and slid down to the floor, he shut his eyes and whispered "I'll always love you." Then went to his bed and once again dreamt of Kori his beautiful princess.



Richard awoke to the smell of pancakes, bacon, and eggs in the air. He took a shower and went downstairs to see everyone already there. Kori looked up at him and smiled "There you are, I was wondering if I had to drag you out of bed." Kori said. Richard laughed "The beds just so comfortable, that's the first night in months that I slept that good." He replied smiling also but thinking "The only reason I slept that good is because I finally found you." he thought. Rachel looked at him knowing what he was thinking and frowned he just ignored her. Ever since St-Kori had left he had locked himself inside of his room. Raven had sensed that depression was sinking in fast and noted that she had herself to blame also.


"Someone needs to get Nightwing out of his room before he dies of starvation." Raven said with little emotion in her voice. Ever since Starfire had left the only feeling she had been used to was sadness, Starfire was the only one who even tried to hang-out with her. "Why don't you get him yourself, you are his girlfriend." Beast Boy said with anger in his voice angry that the two ran his big sister out. "We aren't dating anymore." Raven said a little annoyed. "IF YOU GUY'S KNEW IT WASN'T GONNA LAST WHY'D YOU DO IT!?" yelled a furious Cyborg. "YOU KNOW IF YOU WERE IN THE SAME POSITION AS I'M ALLWAYS IN YOU WOULD HAVE DONE IT TOO. I REGRET WHAT I HAD DONE IT REGRET IT CAUSE I LOST THE ONLY ONE WHO CARED. SHE DID NOTHING TO ME AND I BETRAYED HER!" Raven yelled. Beast Boy then spoke "Your wrong Raven, we do care about you…I care about you he said. Ravens eyes went wide "W-What?" she said surprised. Beast Boy looked up "I care about you I…I love you." He stuttered, "Beast Boy…I love you too!" Raven said with tears in her eyes, she ran over to Beast Boy and kissed him. A loving kiss turned into a passionate one, Cyborg smiled "it's about time." And left the OP's room to give them privacy.


"So how is everything at Jump City?" Kori asked, "Fine, just everything got really boring ever since you left." Garfield said. (DING DONG) "I'll get it Charles." Kori called, Kori opened the door and the Titans heard her mumble a "thanks" and a door closed. Kori walked back to the table, "Who…wa…dat?" Gar said between chews. "Mailman" Kori said, "Aren't they supposed to deliver it to your mailbox?" Victor said "Yea, but he's been crushing on me ever since I moved here; he wanted to give me the mail in person, I think it's cute." Kori said smiling. "Is it just me or did it just get hot in here?" Victor said trying to air out, looking at Richard to see him emanating heat off of him. Victor cleared his throat "Never mind." He said quietly. Kori flipped to an envelope that had gold edges and said Ms. Kori Anders in cursive letters. Kori opened it and read: Dear Ms. Kori Anders, you are invited to a party at the Johnsons Mansion at 2365 Carol St August 11, 2013you are allowed to bring guest minimum of six.

"What is it?!" Gar asked curiosity burning in him; basically Rachel had to hold him down so he wouldn't jump on top of the table. Kori laughed at Gar's reaction. "Well it an invitation to a party at the Johnsons party. You guys want to go?" Kori asked. "Sure." Richard replied, "I don't know…" Rachel said "Ohhh come onnn Rachel!" Garfield whinnied; "Oh alright" Rachel said "Yea!" Victor boomed "Can Bee come?" "Of course!" Kori said excited to see her girlfriend again. "Alright let me call her up." Victor said pulling out his phone. "I'M IN! IMMA PARTAYY ANIMAL!" Garfield yelled, "Gar you know it's not that type of party but a ball like party." Victor said "Oh…ok I'll still go." Gar said disappointed. "Alright so let's go get some clothes. Hey Victor when is Bee gonna get here? Kori asked. "She'll be here in an hour." Victor replied. "Ok so since we have an hour to spare, want to go to the outdoor pool?" she asked.

"WOAHH DUDDEEE! YOU HAVE AN OUTDOOR POOL LETS GOOO! Garfield said excitedly. The Titans and Kori went upstairs to go change the first one there was Victor because…Well he didn't need a swimsuit, so he just waited for the others to finish changing. The next one out was Rachel wearing a black one piece with her towel over her shoulder a book called The Cask of Amontillado by Edgar Allan Poe in the other hand. Next out was Richard in navy blue and black swim trunks, the next person out was the only loud and annoying one out of all of them up Garfield in black and white swim trunks "Hey Vic I bet I can make a bigger cannon ball than you ever will" Gar taunted "You wish ya pea." Victor said. Last but not least Kori with a purple white striped bikini and glasses on her head. With her crimson hair swaying behind her with every step she took and her sparkling emerald eyes flickering to each and every one, Richard's mouth was wide opened mesmerized at how beautiful she was, Victor nudged him in the side immediately Richard composed himself. "Well we're already let's get going." Kori said showing her pearly whites.


"RACE YA VIC!" Gar yelled out running towards the pool area. "OHHHH YOUR ON YA LITTLE BOOGER!" Victor yelled; then both yelled "CANNON BALLLLL!" while doing a cannon ball into the pool. Kori, Richard, and Raven just sat down in the chairs. Kori just laid down soaking in the sunlight having on a smile that could light up a whole city, Richard zoned out he didn't even know he was staring until she said "You know Richard, staring isn't polite." Kori said with her eyes closed smiling. Then laughed when Richard almost fell out of his seat, "Oh, s-sorry I kind of zoned out for a minute." He replied rubbing his neck nervously "More like thirty minutes." Raven said in her monotone voice keeping her eyes focused on her book. Richard glared at Rachel, but when he turned to see Kori walking towards the pool. Kori took her diving position and dived into the pool. Richard got up from his seat and went over to the edge of the pool and dived into it. Kori heard someone jump into the pool and turned around emerald clashed with cerulean sapphire. Kori cocked her head in a confused way holding her breath; she then felt two arms encircle her around her waist pulling her closer to him. Shaking her head she untangled herself from Richards grasp and swam back up to the surface. Richard watched her swim back to the surface, crestfallen he swam to the surface also for air. Kori removed her wet hair from her face and got out of the pool and wrapped her arms around herself and went into the mansion.

Richard practically ran after Kori as he passed Rachel he heard her say "Nice going lover boy." Rachel said in you're an idiot type of way. That comment really got Richard angry, "Why don't you mind your own damn business?!" Richard hissed, "Or did you forget that it's half your fault she's mad at me!" He yelled again. Seeing the two yell at each other Victor and Garfield jump out the pool to stop the fight. "YOU KNOW WHAT RICHARD?! I SO DONE WITH YOUR ASS, I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT I SUPPORTED YOU, YOU'RE SO FUCKING STUPID! Rachel yelled tears brimming threating to spill over. "YOU THINK I GIVE A FUCK ABOUT WHAT YOU DID FOR ME! YOU'RE RIGHT I WAS FUCKING STUPID FOR PICKING YOU OVER KORI!" Richard yelled veins popping out of anger. "Whatever I'm done with this." Richard said his eyes in slits and walked away leaving Rachel on the verge of a nervous break done almost losing control until Garfield held her and whispered loving words into her ear.

Richard searched for Kori in every room or at least he tried, until he heard sniffles and opened the door for him to be able to peek through. He saw Charles comforting Kori holding her she looked so fragile in his arms heard Charles whisper to her "Do not cry over him my dear." Charles whispered soothingly. They were interrupted by a knock at the door, then Richard walked "Kori can I please talk to you?" Richard said in a pleading way, Kori seemed hesitant but then nodded her head yes. Charles got up and walked to the door just as he was about to walk through the door he stopped near Richard and said "You already hurt her once, hurt her again and I promise you I will kill you." He said in a deadly tone then walked out. Richard shivered but was not fazed at all but surprised at how he changed from the kind butler to the protecting father figure, but he took it to heart to never hurt Kori again. Richard walked up to Kori and sat on top of the bed near her but not too close to make her feel uncomfortable.

"Kori… Richard sighed. I'm sorry I couldn't control myself, I just missed you so much." Richard said being sincere. For a while Kori didn't reply, "Kori please talk to me." Richard said desperately reaching out to touch her but she moved away standing up her back facing him hugging herself. "I want to know why…" She whispered in a shaky voice. Richard was not shocked at all by her question he knew it was coming but wasn't sure how to answer it. "I don't know Kori I guess it just happened..." Richard said rubbing his neck an anxiety of his Kori sharply turned around her eyes into tiny emerald slits "How do you not know why." She said "Kori look I'm sorry for what I did in the past." Richard said trying to get through to her. "Sorry doesn't make up for what you did Richard I'll believe you when you show me you actually mean It." she said looking up at him. "Kori I do mean it I Iove yo-""Save it Richard." She holding up a hand to silence him, "Just because I let you stay here does not mean that you can walk your way back into my heart. Kori said trying to wipe the tears from her face because she knew deep down in her heart she still loved him.

She ran away from the pain, she thought she left it behind. Forever never to be hurt again. She should have known better, she should have known that it would come back and haunt her, to try to resurface those old feelings that she repressed a long time ago and she let them in. Every feeling she had felt in the past, happiness, joy, pain, sadness, confusion, fear, anger, love, loneliness, depression and so much more. She was pulled away from her thoughts by a hand on her shoulder she looked up to see Richard looking into her eyes pleadingly. He looked into her eyes and saw so many feelings he knew Kori was an emotional person but he never saw this many emotions in one person he saw sadness, happiness, anger, he dare say maybe even love for him hidden behind all the other emotions. He lifted the hand to caress her cheek she closed her eyes to remember the warmth that emanated from his palm to her cheek.

"Please…Kori" he said wanting her in his arms again. He brought her face to his but before their lips met the doorbell rang, Richard never thought he would have so much hatred for a doorbell. When Kori opened her eyes she saw his face twisted with anger, Kori giggled, Richard looked down to the giggling women in his arms and smiled a real smile, in years he hadn't smiled he finally had what he need for him to smile that big. Kori and Richard walked out of the room hand in hand together, they saw Bee hugging Victor. Kori squealed in happiness and ran to Bee, "Beee!" Kori said hugging her "STARRRR!" Bee shrieked hugging her "I missed you so much!" Bee said "I missed you too!" Kori said smiling, "but it's not Starfire anymore but Kori Anders." Kori said

"Then you can call me Karen Beecher." Karen said. They hugged each other again and smiled. "So everyone lets go change and head out." Kori said every one complied and went upstairs. Garfield came out wearing his ring that would make him blend in and jeans and a green shirt and black Jordan's , Victor came out wearing his ring two and a red shirt and some jeans and Jordan's, Karen came out wearing a ring to hide her wings, a black and yellow sundress and black stilettos and her hair out , Rachel came out wearing jeans and a dark purple tank top and flats, hair out, next was Richard wearing his shades and his hair up in spikes and a blue shirk with jeans and black and blue Jordan's, Kori was the last of them all wearing a black romper with star earrings and a star necklace with her hair up in a ponytail with only a small amount of red lipstick and black stilettos. Richard was practically gawking at Kori with his mouth dropped Kori walked by him and closed his mouth for him then took his hand and led the way to the garage. "So we need two rides Victor you want to drive?" Victor shook his head up and down vigorously in a dreamy state. "What ride do you want to take? Kori asked. There were so many expensive car's infinity's, mustangs, Mercedes, and Porsches.

Kori decided to take the red mustang, and Victor decided to take the blue Mercedes. Karen, Garfield and Rachel went with Victor and Richard went with Kori to get some alone time. They drove off toward the mall, When they arrived they enter the mall immediately when Victor saw the food court he dashed for it at a speed that Flash could compete with. Garfield saw GameStop and ran towards it, Richard was being bombarded by girls. The girls looked at each other and ran towards their boyfriends (Well Kori and Richard haven't made it official yet sooo…)

*Rachel/Garfield *

Rachel was walking up to Garfield seeing him drool over the game called 'The Last of Us'. Rachel shook her head side to side. "Garfield." Rachel groaned annoyed, "Hold on Rachel I have to buy this game." Said Garfield hypnotized over it. Rachel frowned "Isn't that what you said about the 266 games you have at the Tower?. "Yeaaa buuuut Rach I really want this gammmmeee." Gar whinnied. The counter clerk shook his head looking at the couple like they were a mother and son, Garfield finally got his game, and Rachel pulled him out of GameStop by the ear for looking at another game.


"Ugh!" Kori went to get Richard, she pushed past the girls and grabbed Richards hand when a girl with blonde hair and pretty much fully pink pulled him back and said "Like who the fuck do you think you are slut?!" Kori turned around and glared daggers at the girl "Like I'm the girl who's gonna kick your ass if you don't let go!" Kori said in a mock voice. The girl moved to get a better look at who was challenging her, when she saw it was she screamed so loud everyone clamped their hands over their ears. "LIKE OMG IT'S LIKE KORI ANDERS! LIKE I'M SO SORRY!" The girl said. All of the girls turned around to see Kori "KORI ANDERS!" They screeched, one of the girls screamed "KORI CAN I HAVE YOUR AUTOGRAPH?!" "Sorry but I have to go." Kori said grabbing Richard's hand. Security came to hold back the fan girls. Richard felt a jolt of electricity go through his hand when Kori held it and decided he'd want it there forever.


When Karen caught sight of Victor she reacted fast. Then owner of the all you can eat Chinese restaurant place was angry that Victor was eating everything that they had Karen called out his name "VICTOR!" she said. Victor was eating everything the owner said he couldn't eat, "Man anything you throw at me I can eat." Said Victor cockily putting his arm on the table. The owner was infuriated "Oh yea….WELL EAT THIS!" the owner started throwing pots and pans anything he could throw really. Karen grabbed Victor and sprinted out of their ducking they were almost to the exit when they ducked once more just in time to see a knife thrown at them but hit the wall. Victor and Karen were breathing heavily Karen looked at Victor with anger in reply Victor shrugged his shoulders and smiled nervously and rubbed his head in return to get a smack upside his head.

*Normal POV*

They all met at the suit and dress shop so they went in, "So let's get looking." Kori said excitedly Kori went with Richard. Basically Kori was in her element with matching close and styles, she picked out a black bow-tie and a black suit and dragged him inside the changing room and waited for him to come out. The door swung open and Kori turned to look at him and her jaw was on the ground in seconds, he smirked at her reaction, "I hope I can fully win her heart and trust again" he thought. She composed herself and cleared her throat "umm…you look handsome" she said blushing. He smirked "Thanks" he said smiling. She turned to see Victor, Garfield, Karen and Rachel waiting. "Girls we don't have to shop I already got a room filled with dress in my studio room and don't worry it's just your types." Kori said smiling. "YOU MEAN YOU HAVE A ROOM FILLED WITH DRESSES!" Karen said jumping up and down Victor had to calm her down. Kori laughed at Karen's excitement.

Kori went to go paid and was about to walk away when someone grabbed her arm, she turned the cashier around to be met it icy blue eyes, brown spikey air and MUCSELS! Kori looked at I'm in a dreamy way "Hey I'm Chad" he said in a voice that could make any girl melt. "Kori Anders" she replied shyly for the first time, Chad lifted her chin with his index finger "call me babe" Chad said and was about to give Kori his number when Richard snatched it right out of his hand then ripped it to pieces and growled "Fuck…Off." He said in a deadly voice, Richard put an arm around her waist and walked out. "Someone's jealous." She said in a singsong voice while smirking. "I'm not jealous…" he said with gritted teeth. Kori leaned up to his ear "Are you sure about that?" she whispered into his ear her warm breath tickling his ear. He shivered and fully flushed. Kori giggled then winked at him then walked back to the car.

Richard just stood there for a minute, watching her walk away her hips swaying

"God I'm in love." he whispered smiling


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