Albus stared at the ruby red sky, his eyes focusing on a jet black owl that was soaring across the sky, towards the Burrow. He thought he'd imagined it, but he was pretty sure that a man was approaching him.

"Albus?" a familiar voice asked, one that had once guided him through a dark period of his life. "Are you...okay?"

A feeling stirred inside him, and tears welled up in his eyes. He was too ashamed to let them fall, and his bit his tongue, will the darkness to hide his tears. Luka stumbled over something and cursed. "Lumos!" he gasped.

"Go away!" Albus snapped. Luka shook his head in frustration.

"I know you're not well, but we have to press on. Lily's boys are a month old and you're their uncle. One day they'll need you to tell them about their father. You knew him best, after all! And plus, the Ministry have only just released his will - they want you inside," he announced, outstretching his hand to Albus.

He sighed. "Really?" Albus gritted his teeth and grabbed Luka' s hand.

"As you know, Sky passed his will to the Ministry, and...Well...he left two fifths of what he owned to you and Lily. A fifth has gone to Mr Malfoy, and the last part to Mr Longbottom. I suppose you're curious as to what Sky left you?" Roberts asked loudly, clearly directing the question at Albus.

The Potters, Weasleys, Scorpious, Arthur, Androclus, Luka and Jason, from the Light Brigade, had gathered in the Burrow' s living room, which had been extended to fit extra members of the family. Luka raised his eyebrows and frowned.

"Well, he left all of his estate to you and Lily, which includes Ellis Manor-"

"Wait, Sky had a manor?" Scorpious spluttered angrily. "Don't tell me you conducted a thorough search of the grounds and the buildings?"

The minister nodded grimly. "However, after reviewing the case, it was decided that, because Sky had two heirs, the estate that he owned, would be given to you, his widow, for safe-keeping until your sons are old enough to choose what happens to it," he said.

"That's not really fair!" Androclus cried out. "Sky left half of it to Albus - shouldn't he have a say in what-"

"Wizarding law determines that if Sky owned it, it must be passed onto his wife and children, in the event that he died! But, in the unlikely case that he didn't have a heir, it'd be given to who he dictated in his will!" the minister snapped.

"What else did he leave, then?" Scorpious demanded.

"To you, half of all the money he owned, and some of what was contained in the Ellis family vault. The brooms, designs for them. Do you know why he left you them?"

Scorpious nodded. "Sky knew that I had a passion for the game..."

"Hmm. And for you, Mr Longbottom, he left the other half of his funds, and something that was unknown to the Ministry previously - his grandfather's shop," Roberts announced.

Albus remembered with a jolt to nearly seven years previously, when he'd stepped into Victor-Hugo Ellis' charms shop and bought three leather-bound books on his favourite subject at the time - Charms. That was when, for the first time in his life, he met Sky Ellis. He smiled at the long-forgotten memory.

"You're kidding!" Arthur muttered. "He had a shop?"

Albus nodded swiftly. "Oh yeah. After his grandfather was killed by...Well, you know...Sky employed a couple of people to take care of his shop legally. He made thousands of Galleons, and the people who ran it for him had a pretty good salary," he answered, watching Arthur's awed reactions.

"So, now, I'm their boss?"

The minister nodded, beaming at Arthur. "Technically, yes. Androclus, Jason and Luka? Sky also left you all something. For Jason and Luka, he left you most of the contents of his family's vault, which includes swords, shields and gems...

"Androclus, you recieve his wand, and the rest of his belongings, along with his owl and his Firebolt Fury. And a rather intriguing thing is, he left you a ring..."

Androclus' widened at this prospect. "Me, a ring? Nah, you must be joking..."

After settling down for the night, the members of the Burrow saw the Minister off, and thanked him for bringing them some good news to cling to.

Albus hastily made a poor excuse about wanting to go to bed and hurried to his bedroom, slamming the door shut and clutching the gold Gringotts key he'd inherited from his dead best friend. He fell onto his bed, and yanked the covers over his head.

He had no more tears left to cry.

Scorpious stared at a vacant chair, wondering briefly about Sky and Androclus. It was strange, the fact that Sky's brother had suddenly appeared when the Hogwarts Express was in trouble. How had he known?

And there was the one thing that struck him as odd: the way that he'd accepted Sky's wand.

It was as if that wand belonged to him... But it was impossible! Androclus hadn't won its allegiance, Scorpious was sure of that. He displayed all the characteristics that belonged to Sky - how that was possible when he hadn't even seen his brother for years...

It was time to investigate Androclus, the Malfoy heir decided.

"Lily?" Androclus asked loudly.

The youngest Potter looked up, after cradling Oliver. "Yes?" She stroked her son's forehead, and began singing him a lullaby. Her low crooning voice soon had the boy snoring gently.

"What was Sky like?" Androclus demanded, his inky black hair falling into his warm cobalt grey eyes.

"He...He was the most caring person that I've ever met. He was calm, gentle and loving. I suppose he had his defining qualities, but in all fairness, when he was younger, he couldn't control his anger. He tried to direct it at the one thing he hated - the Dark Riders... He'd hide away his anger, bottle it all up.

It drove inwards, and when he couldn't restrain it any longer, it used to burst out of him when he was dueling or practicing his charms... It just gave him a fury and made his spells that much more powerful... But that was when he was quite young. He was confident, loyal, sometimes arrogant. He was determined to do what he could do."

A tear fell down Lily' s cheek. "And he made a sacrifice for all of us..."

Androclus swallowed and nodded. "Thank you for telling me. I really appreciate it." He hurried out of the room and began clambering up the stairs.

When Androclus passed Scorpious crouching by the door, Scorpious swore he heard the faintest sounds of a stifled sob. So, Sky's brother curious about the wizard who'd died only months ago?

Or was it something much more deeper, more sinister than that?

A thunderous creak overhead made Scorpious jump. It was like a cannon blast, compared to the deafening silence, in his ears. A gloomy shadow fell across the stairs.

"Stupefy!" came a hoarse whisper from Albus. Sparks of stunning red shot out from his wand and Scorpious slumped against the wall, unknowing of the betrayal that Albus had just committed.

The second youngest Potter strode across the hall-way and swung the door open, and disappeared into the black night.

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