I'm sorry, but this isn't a chapter update. No, this is much more important. The Stop Online Piracy Act is back, though it's being far more sneaky. There are three of them: "Voluntary" SOPA's, The Trans-Pacific Partnership, and "Notice and Staydown."

The Voluntary SOPA is just that. Instead of trying to force it upon the people through legal action, it is accomplished by having the companies that own internet service providers, domain name registers and hosts sign a contract to force new regulations down peoples' throats, without the chance of the people saying "Fuck this noise," and telling them to stick their SOPA where the sun don't shine.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is, essentially, a closed committee negotiating international treaties. From my understanding,(And my legalese is pretty shitty) it forces the gov't to turn commercial copyright issues into a "criminal activity," with all the bad juju that comes with getting involved in the criminal justice system. Call it the TPP, not the damn SOPA, so we don't trip ourselves up/confuse one another and give them an advantage.

And finally, Notice and Staydown. I don't know much about this, but it effectively places criminal liability on the ISP's and websites themselves when it comes to copyrighted content, and forces them to keep a blacklist of things that are not allowed. They have to prevent people from uploading that kind of content, and find those who do upload it and punish them. Sounds all well and good, right? Not so much. It isn't perfect. Take a look at Google and Youtube, there are a lot of false positives even now, so it's definitely not a perfect system. It's also expensive to produce or license the software/hardware to run that kind of stuff, which would screw over the smaller place that can't afford it.

Places like Fanfiction, who don't try to make a fuckton of money off of us. This would practically destroy a great number of sites that host fan-based content overnight. So don't ever vote for any politician that supports these kinds of measures, because it isn't about protecting the content producers who need to make money.

It's about the big companies that don't like to lose even a single hay penny, and have enough weight to throw around and get whatever they want. The other part,(Grab your tinfoil, kiddies) is about the big gov't not liking it when someone tells the people about their latest scheme. Half of these measures are given big brother's stamp of approval because it allows them to prevent whistleblowers from telling us what's going on under our noses.

Now I know what you're thinking. This doesn't have anything at all to do with any of your stories! Quit wasting my time!

Well, guess again, junior!

If these kinds of things are allowed to pass, you can say GOODBYE to fanfiction, fan-art, youtube videos, abridged parodies, torrents, and most of all...

All the pirated porn with be LOST!

So help us to save the porn. Enter "Stop SOPA 2014" in your search engine of choice and add another name to the petition.

There is a second petition, known as the "Stop SOPA-like policies in the Trans-Pacific Partnership, Notice and Staydown efforts, and other policies." That's a mouthful, ain't it? It's the one we want, but it has the FEWEST signatures. So get off your ass, and get to it. I've taken a good five minutes out of my busy, busy, busy schedule to have all of you, my minio- Err... My loyal readers,(All six of them) add their names to these petitions.

I've done my part.(Getting hundreds upon thousands of suckers- I mean, signers) So unless you want little old me going to prison for writing these works of fiction that you all love so much, go on.