Authors Note: Hello! This is the first fanfiction I have ever posted. I am doing HarvestMoonAddicts/Regardless1608's 100 Theme Challenge. I have chosen to write about Mary, a character whom I feel is always forgotten about, or made into a flat character. This is my attempt to give her some depth in 10000 words. I hope you enjoy!

Awkward. Brainy. Stuck up. Weird. Sad. Lonely. Silent. Push over. Loser. These are the negative words used to describe Mary.

Idealistic. Shy. Loving. Dreamer. Honest. Creative. Helpful. Hopeful. These are the positive words used to describe Mary.

Words are so limiting. Mary was all these and more. Every day she sat in the library, waiting for someone to walk in the door. Her parents worried. She was no social butterfly. She was not like the other girls. Yet, she dreamed of a life where she was. Mary craved acceptance, love, and excitement. She just preferred to keep quiet about it.