The light blinded me momentarily but I was shocked at the result of my action. Diego lay motionless at my feet. I couldn't tell if he was alive or not so I kicked him harshly in the side. When no movement was made I stepped over his body and walked out the door. "I loved him Bailey. Did we really need to kill him?" I asked as she walked beside me. "He was a distraction. You are mine and I am yours. We need only each other." she said as she absorbed herself into my body. Guards lay dead at every corner which made it easier. "I don't know how to get to the mansion." I told Bailey. "Go to the entertainment room and find the television." she said and I nodded.

I managed to find the entertainment room with ease. Laughing Jack stood in front of the door. "Move" Bailey said through me but Laughing Jack only smiled and shook his head. "Please?" I asked and he shook his head again. I smirked "Get rid of him" Bailey told me. I nodded and unsheathed my sword. I ran at him with the sword raised high above my head. I slashed at him but he dodged and kicked out my feet. I fell to the ground and face planted the ground. I growled and raised my head to look up at him. He only smiled.

I shot up and the sword went through his stomach. He started to bleed profusley. I pulled my sword back and stabbed him again. I did this over and over again but he still would not die! I pulled back my sword and cut off his head. Only then did he stop breathing. He still smiled though. I opened the door to the entertainment room and walked up to the television. My hand glowed as I touched the screen and I was sucked into it.

"Their television shouldn't be too far away" Bailey said walking ahead of me. She stopped in front of one not too far from the one I stood by. "Did you find them?" I asked running up too her. She pointed to a screen that had showed the whole household of creepypastas sitting in the living room. "How should I approach?" I asked. "Leave it to me." Bailey said smirking as the lights in the living room started flickering. The lights suddenly went out "Huh? Hey Slenderman what is going on?" Ben asked "I don't know" came a reply. The light of of the television lit up the room suddenly and I decided to make an appearance. I allowed myself to be seen walking up to the screen.

"Is that- guys! Bethany is coming home!" Ben said happily "Her eyes Ben..." Eyeless Jack said "Huh?" Ben looked at me closer "Oh no..." My hand slipped through the screen and I gripped onto the sides of the television pulling myself out of it. I now stood in front of the television "What do you want!" Ben spat "My dear is that any way to treat your big sisters?" Bailey said "Big sisters? There is only one of you." Ben said. "I smell two souls coming from her. One older and the other younger." Slenderman.

"How is that even possible?" Ben asked "Yes my have two sisters. We are twins you see. My dear Bethany..." I put my hands on my chest "My dear Bailey...she was stillborn" I said with a small smile. "We have always been together through thick and thin. Although my sweet Bethany wasn't aware of it untill now." Bailey appeared behind Ben and put her hands on his shoulders. Ben stiffened at this. "My dear it seems you can feel me. Lovely..." all of her words coming from my lips.

"We will kill you. Only then will Bailey and I truly be alone together." I smirked at Ben "Well you'll have to get through us" Smile growled stepping in front of Ben "That's okay we were planning on killing the rest of you too"

*Time Skip* (A/N:I'm really bad with fight scenes)

They had defeated me. I had been out numbered and out matched even with my powers. The walls and floors were splattered with blood. "What now?"Ben asked Slenderman as I was held up with a strong black tentacle. "I say we kill her" Jeff said getting in my face. "NO!" Jeff was pushed aside and strong arms were gripping me in a warm embrace. "Diego? I thought I killed you" I mummbled weakly. I was pulled away from the others "I won't let you hurt her anymore than you already have!" Diego said. "Do you really care for me?" I asked looking up at him with wide eyes. "Of course" he smiled warmly. "No! No he doesn't! No one loves you. No one loves you but me!" Bailey said making me glare at Diego.

"Don't listen to her my dear Bethany. She is not the type of person you should think highly of" Diego said "Well neither are you hot shot." Baily snapped "Bethany looked around you these are your friends." Everyone but Jane smiled at me. Ben walked up to us "Please believe us. We care for Jane Does ...Deep inside somewhere." he told me. I smiled "If you really love me...then you'd kill me"

"What! No!" Diego and Ben said "Why would you say something like that dear sister?" I smiled "As long as I am alive Bailey will keep trying to kill you all and I would never want that. I wasn't suposed to come back to life anyways. I am tired and only want to go back to sleep." I said. Tears slipped from Diego's eyes "No I only just got you back. I don't want to lose you." he said "Yeah and I just got my favorite big sister back!" Ben said. "Do it...please." I said with pleading eyes. Diego sighed and laid me on the ground "I really don't want to do this" he said. "What! You can't be serious!" Ben said "I'm only doing doing as she asks" he said as he unsheathed his sword "Thank you" the last thing I saw was Diego's saddened face "NO"

(No one's POV)

Bethany opened hers only to be blinded momentarily. "When I said I wanted to be together forever this isn't exactly what I had in mind" Bailey said coming up to her sister. "I know but it's what I had in mind. It's what I've had in mind for a while." Bethany said with a smile. " sweet baby girls." said their mother. "Mummy!" Bethany said hugging her mother tightly. "Mom...Dad?" Bailey said unsure "Yes's us." their father said. Bethany and Bailey looked just like their father. He had blonde hair and blue eyes while their mother had light brown hair and forest green eyes. "Daddy! Mommy!" Bailey said as they all got into a group hug.

"I love you. I love you all." was Bethany last words before thry all silently walked through the meadow and into the light. Togther...Forever.