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Millennium Falcon - Coruscant Orbit

Zeego awoke early the next morning- or at least whatever passes for morning in deepspace. He couldn't believe what he had learned. He was traveling with Revan. The Prodigal Knight, the last great Sith Lord. If he hadn't been allowed to see inside Revan's mind, he would have thought the Jedi was crazy. Although now it made sense. Zeego saw how Revan fought. The way he incorporated force techniques in his lightsaber forms appeared unparalleled. No doubt he was more than a match for any Jedi alive today. Still, Revan's return meant change. Change was either good or bad. Zeego voted good. Revan was going to change the galaxy again. And Zeego knew that he would be with him to see it through.

After a visit to the refresher, Zeego entered the main corridor, only to see Revan sitting cross legged on the floor. The dejarik table was floating across the room. Great, more crazy jedi stuff, he would have to get used to this. He decided that while Revan was busy with that, he would head up to the cockpit.

Revan sensed Zeego approaching, however he chose to allow Zeego to go about his own business. Meditation helped Revan focus, his best strategies and plans often came to him while he was meditating. Once he arrived on Coruscant, his first move was to visit the Jedi Temple. The archives on Dantooine may have been up to date, but they weren't specific enough. Revan needed to learn as much as he could about this time before he began laying his plans. Revan thought to himself. What would he do after he visited the archives? He couldn't return to the Jedi Order. He expected the Council would see through his ruse if he stayed on Coruscant very long. No he would have to- wait.

He felt a disturbance in the force, no. Not a disturbance, a presence. One he hadn't felt in a long time. Revan opened his eyes. Only to see that the room had darkened, as well as being laced by some form of blue aura. He watched in the corner as a force ghost began to materialize. Within moments, it managed to take form. A man of Revan's age was easily depicted. He had the appearance of a Jedi about him. His robes depicted him as a Jedi Master. Revan recognized him immediately, due in no small part to his beard.

The ghost approached him, grinning.

"Revan, it has been far too long, my friend."

"Maybe for you, for me it's only been a few days." The two chuckled. "Still, it is good to see you again, Gonar. But why are you here? You should be one with the force."

"I am, my friend. Very few have set foot here while they still reside in the world of the living. Welcome, Revan. To the Netherworld of the Force." the apparition gestured to their surroundings.

"You mean, this is where I'm gonna spend eternity?"

"That is correct."

"Well, I can do with the dimmed world, but the blue is gonna get on my nerves." Revan said as he took a look around.

The Exile stopped smiling, "You'll get used to it."

"I guess I will, so I don't mean to seem impatient, but why are you here?"

"4,000 years ago the Force gave you the chance to bring order and peace to the galaxy. You succeeded, but for a time. 300 years later, you sought to protect the galaxy again, however the Force had already chosen it's hero."

Revan thought for a moment, "The Hero of Tython"

"Your insight still serves you Revan. And now, once again you have a duty to protect the galaxy. I can't tell you everything, but I've been watching silently since the day you disappeared. You felt how powerful the darkside is here. This time you can't do it alone, or with just a few of your friends. You need to prepare, you need to train, and you need to build an army."

"You can't tell me everything? Could you be more cryptic?"

"I could, but I know you hate it."

Suddenly Revan felt himself preparing to leave the Netherworld

"The connection is breaking. Do what must be done Revan, like you always do. And when the time comes, go out there, and give them hell. You were born to do this." As the Exile finished his sentence, Revan felt himself returning to the Millennium Falcon. He decided to check on Zeego in the cockpit.

Revan entered the cockpit to see the ship descending upon Galactic City, he could see the Jedi Temple on the horizon.

"Where are we landing?"

Zeego looked up from the control console. "Galactic City Spaceport, and there's a shuttle you can take straight to the Temple.

"Excellent. Hopefully this will be finished quickly."

"So what am I supposed to do while I wait for you?"

"I don't know, you said the hyperdrive was acting up, you could take a look at that. Coruscant has cantinas, I'm sure you could go play sabacc or something at one of them."

"I suppose you're right. I'll go play some cards or something."

"Alright, just don't lose the ship." Revan stated jokingly.

"Believe me, you aren't telling me anything I haven't told myself." Zeego answered as the comlink began to flash. He activated the comlink, a moment later a representative of the spaceport began to speak.

"Unidentified freighter, this is Galactic City Control. Please transmit Starship ID signature for landing clearance."

Zeego activated the outgoing transmitter. "Understood, transmitting ID codes now."

A few moments of silence passed.

"Transmission received. Please proceed to landing bay 327, sending coordinates." The comlink shut off.

"So, Revan. Are you ready to see Coruscant 4,000 years later?"

"I was born ready... well actually no, I wasn't. But I am ready, now."

"Alright, here take this earpiece so we can stay in touch."

"Good, I'll contact you when I'm finished."

"Alright, I'll be in the Dealer's Den Cantina." Zeego didn't wait for an answer before heading for the boarding ramp. Revan watched him leave. He had his own priorities on Coruscant he had to worry about..

Jedi Temple - Coruscant

Obi-Wan and Anakin had just finished another sparring match. Once again, Obi-Wan was the victor. He couldn't believe how far Anakin had come since the first day he met him. He wished that he could go back to those days, when all they had to worry about were border disputes. He still couldn't help but think about the disturbance he, Yoda, and Windu had felt last night. Something was wrong, he knew it had nothing to do with the Sith. But what it actually was, he couldn't be sure.

"Obi-Wan? Hello? Are you even listening to me anymore?"

"Oh, sorry, Anakin. I was thinking about that lucky blow you landed earlier."

"Ah, well I was asking you if you saw last night's Huttball game."

"No, I missed it, headed to sleep pretty early after we sparred."

"Too bad. You missed a good game." Anakin complained.

"Well, there will always be more."

"Yeah, I guess you're right."

The two rounded a corner to see a youngling approaching them. He bowed before speaking.

"Master Yoda has called a special session of the High Council. He requests your attendance, Master Kenobi."

Obi-Wan turned to Anakin. "We'll talk more later, Anakin. I have to deal with this first." He turned to the child. "Tell Master Yoda I will be there shortly."

"Yes, Master." The boy bowed before leaving.

Dealer's Den Cantina

Zeego sat focusing on his cards. This Sabacc game wasn't going well. A young dark skinned human had cleaned him out. But Zeego felt like this was his lucky hand, he was sure of it. So sure of it he made the ultimate wager. He bet the Millennium Falcon. The automated console beeped, Zeego watched intently waiting for it to give him what he needed to win. The console beeped again, Zeego's heart sunk. He had just lost the Millennium Falcon to Lando Calrissian.

Lando smiled "Well, it looks like I have a new ship."

"Yes, it looks that way."

"Well, I'll take the ship information if you don't mind."

Zeego handed him a datapad with all the necessary information, including the Docking and takeoff procedures, and the ID signature. Once it was done Zeego went to exit the cantina. He shouted as he walked out the door.

"Fierfek!" He lowered his voice so nobody would hear "Revan is going to kill me. I am going to die today."

Jedi Temple - High Council Chamber

Obi-Wan ascended the elevator to the Council Chamber. He knew why Yoda had called this session. It was about the disturbance. The elevator doors opened. Obi-Wan entered the chambers and took his seat.

Ki-Adi Mundi addressed him, "There you are, Obi-Wan we've been waiting for you."

Obi-Wan was speaking to the entire council now "I apologize for the delay, I was discussing Huttball with Anakin"

"No need to apologize, there is. Here now, you are. Begin we may. Called this session I have to discuss an important matter. Master Windu, elaborate you will."

"Last night Master Yoda, Obi-Wan and I felt a powerful disturbance in the Force. It brought us to our knees."

Plo Koon interjected "Yes, Master Mundi and I felt it aswell."

"Master Yoda called this session so that we may discuss what it could possibly be."

Eeth Koth; a zabrak jedi spoke "I believe it was some sort of Sith alchemy technique. It makes the most sense, after all."

"No, I don't believe it was the Sith, not even they could cause such a thing. This was something else." Obi-Wan answered

"Agree with Master Kenobi, I do. Caused by something far more powerful than the Sith this was."

Eeth Koth was growing impatient. "Well then what do we do? There has to be something!"

"Right you are, Master Koth. Dispatch an investigation team, we shall. Master Kenobi, assigned to this task you are. Bring Skywalker with you, need something to occupy him, he does."

"As you wish, Master Yoda." Obi-Wan bowed his head slightly.

"Very well, until we learn more we need not discuss it more. For now we should debate our next move in the war. The droid armies have landed on Mygeeto. We need their factories to arm the Republic."

Shaak Ti, a female togruta answered him "Then we should dispatch a battalion of clones at once. I recommend a division of the 501st."

"She's right. We can't afford to lose Mygeeto, the 501st is our best chance." Obi-Wan added.

"Indeed, I will go with them. Cereans are more adaptive to the cold than most other species." Ki-Adi offered

"Then it's settled, Ki-Adi will take the 501st to reinforce the troops on Mygeeto." Windu stated.

"May the Force be with us." Yoda added

"Until we need meet again. Council adjourned" Windu concluded

Jedi Temple - Archives

Revan sat at a terminal reviewing a few datapads about the Republic, and Jedi Order. He was disgusted by what he found. Not only had the Jedi fallen more into their hypocritical ways, but the Republic now used them as a tool to extend their influence where it did not belong. Not only that but the Republic had become even worse than it was in his time. It was now a bureaucratic cesspool of corporate greed. Revan felt his anger growing.

"There is no emotion; There is peace."

Reciting the mantra managed to calm Revan, but not much. He couldn't believe what he had read. He wouldn't allow this. The Republic had become the very thing it had swore to prevent, and the Jedi had fallen from their glorious ways. It was settled, Revan would wage war against the Republic yet again, and from the ashes. A new government would rise. Revan returned the datapads to their shelves. As he was making his way towards the exit, he came across a second room. One that which he didn't remember existing. A sign above the entry way read "Artifacts of the Jedi". Revan decided this could be worth a look. Maybe he would find Bastila's lightsaber. He scanned the displays, many of which ranged from the Great Hyperspace War to the War with Exar Kun. Then he came across a pair of sealed hangar bay doors. Next to it there was another sign. "Revan and the Jedi Civil War" he pressed the side panel, and the doors slowly opened. He looked inside, and went for a trip down memory lane. He saw Jolee's Robe, Mission's Vibroblade, Canderous's Heavy repeater,Zaalbar's Bowcaster, Carth's pistol, and Bastila's lightsaber. In the middle of them all was a giant durasteel statue depicting Revan himself. And then he saw it. Revan's face had a wide grin on it, he couldn't believe what he was seeing. It was still intact. His ship; the Ebon Hawk had survived the past 4,000 years.

Revan's earpiece beeped, Zeego began speaking "Uh... hey, Revan. We have a slight problem."

Of course something had to go wrong "What did you do?"

"First of all I just want to say that it wasn't my fault, but I lost the Falcon in a game of Sabacc."

Revan just stood there for a moment. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. "You're kidding me... you lost the damn ship in a game of Sabacc?"

"Um... yeah. Please don't kill me."

"Relax, I'm not gonna do anything."

"Really, you aren't?" Zeego sounded surprised.

"No, it just so happens that I've found another ship. Or rather, my old ship. It's in the Jedi Temple I plan on taking her back."

"Alright, well if you could come and pick me up, that'd be great."

Revan hesitated "I'll be there soon."

"Great, thanks." Zeego cut the transmission.

Revan approached the Ebon Hawk, he couldn't believe what just happened. Zeego had managed to lose his ship. His SHIP, in a game of Sabacc. But he couldn't worry about that now though. Revan went to press the emergency boarding control to lower the boarding ramp on the outside of the ship, when he heard an elderly female jedi call out to him.

"Excuse me, young one. But only Jedi Masters are allowed to be in this wing of the Artifacts museum. I need you to leave at once."

Revan turned to face her, thanks to the archives he knew her name. "Oh, I'm so sorry Madam Jocasta, but you must be mistaken. I am a Jedi Master. Jaco Reglian at your service."

"No, young one, I'm afraid you must be mistaken I know every Master of the Order, and I'm afraid you are not one."

Well, I had hoped it wouldn't come to this." Revan unleashed a powerful blast of force energy against the jedi, sending her flying back, landing just short of the wall. Revan sealed the inner doors, locking her out. At the same time he opened the outer doors to allow for take off. He used the force to increase his speed and sprinted to the Hawk. He pressed the emergency entrance panel, and the boarding ramp lowered. He stepped inside, and felt at home. But there was no time to be reminiscing. He headed for the cockpit, and tried to fire up the engines. They wouldn't start.

Revan muttered to himself "Damn it! Where's T3 when I need him?"

Revan got up from his chair, and headed for the cargo hold. Inside he found a few spare powercells, although they were likely drained, he chose to try them anyway. He carried them into engineering, and hooked the up to the main power coupling and set them to start transferring power. Revan returned to the cockpit. He looked through the transparisteel window and saw that the inner doors were still closed. He tried to start the engines again, and after a few minutes, they started. However they wouldn't last long. Revan would be able to make an estimated one hyperspace jump before he needed to replace them, and it had to be within 200 parsecs. He strapped himself him, and began the takeoff procedure. He had to hurry, he could see the hangar doors beginning to open. He looked at the console again, the engines were primed. He raised the boarding ramp, disengaged the landing gear, and flew out of the hangar as the inner doors opened.

"Better luck next time, Madam Jocasta."

Madam Jocasta finally managed to get the door controls to open. Once there was enough space for her, she ran into the hangar that served as Revan's monument, only to witness the most important piece fly out of the temple. Damn it. the Council would not be happy about this.

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