Title: Hot Springs

Rating: T

Contains: Mentions of nude Nanao-chan. This was originally posted for the Week of Love challenge on the shunsui_nanao community on LiveJournal. Prompt: Hot Springs. I don't own Bleach, in case there was any doubt.

"But these hot springs are said to be very healthful, Nanao-chan. They're full of special minerals that are all the more effective when gently massaged into skin." He loomed over her, eyes full of mischievous intent.

"Absolutely not, Captain." She said stepping back, glasses glinting threateningly. "And you will please keep your hands to yourself."

"But I want-"

"I said, no."

"Lovely, lovely Nanao-chan," Shunsui warbled, ignoring her threatening posture as he inched closer.

"Stop it. You're making a spectacle of yourself."

His grin widened as large hands reached for her. The loud smack and Shunsui retreated, nursing his now injured right hand.

"So cruel." His lips turned into a pout that Nanao expertly ignored.

"Nanao-chan need to relax more."

Nanao sighed, rubbing the bridge of her nose. "I am trying to relax, Captain. But you aren't helping in that regard."

"How am I not helping when I just offered to give cute Nanao-chan a massage after we soak in the hot spring?"

"You know perfectly well how you're not helping," she snapped, suddenly loosing her temper, eyes blazing. "I did not come to soak in the hot spring with you. I came at your express insistence, since I apparently need some time to relax. You will go to the men's section of the hot spring with Captain Ukitake and I will go to the women's section of the hot spring with Rangiku."

"But, my practical Nanao-chan, it would be much more enjoyable and efficient if the men and women were not separated. Just think of all the constructive conversation we could have?"

He was enjoying this far too much.

"Besides," he continued, grinning. "Who is going to give you a relaxing massage later?"

His massages were excellent, if the rumors were anything to go by. Nanao swatted that thought almost as soon as it popped into her head. Thinking like that would only leaf to trouble of the most disastrous kind.

"There are highly trained members of the staff who can give me a massage if I require one, Captain," she emphasized his title pointedly, turning to walk towards the women's dressing room where Rangiku was waiting, and probably listening. A hand on her arm stopped her.

"What will it take, Nanao-chan?" When she turned, the look in his eyes nearly stole her breath.


"A week's worth of personnel reports?"

She snorted.

"A month's?"

Between her eyes, a crease formed, her eyes searching his. "You're really serious about this."


Suddenly she was aware of how close he was standing. The mischievousness had left his eyes, leaving a dark intensity that made her heart flutter.

"I don't-" she groped desperately for words, stunned.

"Think about it, sweetheart. I'll be waiting." He kissed her forehead before moving off towards the men's locker room. "And dreaming of my Nanao-chan in the hot spring and her beautiful, delicate-"

He ducked behind the door just in time to avoid the flying towel.

A/N: Sorry this entry is a little shorter than the others. The idea came to me randomly. Writing these two bickering is just too much fun. Thanks for reading!