# The Host Club and Maka?

I was on the airplane waiting for my cousin, Tamaki to pick me up once I got off.


"Maka Albarn please come to Lord Death's office". I looked at the speakers and I excused myself from the conversation. I headed to Lord Death's Office and said,"hello, Death" he said,"whazzup, whazzup, whazzup! As you know you are getting to get better at your weapon abilities" I said,"I'm still working on it I'm not that great". He said,"don't be modest Maka, anyway, there is a special mission I would like you to go on! There is a witch in Japan and I want you to kill her, there is also some weapons and meisters I would love you to recruite". "You will be going undercover as a school girl at a private schoolfor a month, I believe your cousin,Tamaki goes to the school and your uncle is the chairman.I already contacted Tamaki and told him your mission, he promised to keep it a secret and you will be staying at his place". I groaned saying,"Tamaki and secrets aren't a good combination". My dad came in hugging me saying,"don't leave me MMMaakkkkaaaa!" I maka-chopped him and continued the conversation,"my cousin is just like my dad, he is selfish, stupid, oblivious and,plays around with women a lot he even sounds like him (lol)." A picture of him laughing his stupid laugh appears at the back of my head. I clenched my fists and said,"Lord Death do I have to stay with him, is there any other way?!" He just said bluntly,"nope!"

# A Few Hours Later Of Telling My Friends

"I will be going to a private school and my flight is tomorrow in the morning at six " "my cousin will be there, he looks like this" I pull out a picture of him posing with his hand in his hair. The girls immidiately start swooning. I roll my eyes and say,"he is like my dad, he doesn't cheat but, he flirts with women a lot. He is so dumb, he is nice though. So I'll be ok, so don't worry, Lord Death said,he'll hook up a monitor for me and you guys can watch. Its a little creepy though, being watched by your every move. I'll be anything but in danger. I'll be meeting his friends too".

# Boring Time Skip Nobody Cares About!

I wake up in the morning and I pack my bags. Soul drives me to the airport and it's almost six. Once we get there Soul hugs me wich immediatly causes me to blush, he notices what he did and he blushed to. He says," I'll be watching you on the monitor you know" I say," geesh Soul you almost sound like a stalker" he smirks and I get on the plane


# six hours later and plain boards into Japan

I get off the plain and get my luggage. I see Tamaki and I head over to him, I see six other people and a small little boy says," hello I'm Honey!" And he says ,"you must be Maka-chan" I said,"yes I'm Maka Albarn, nice to meet you" Honey said," you look so much like Tamaki" i said, " how so?" A man with glasses and black hair says," why you face stuctures and blonde hair" you look alike in a way, what are my manners I'm Kyoya Otori nice to meet you Albarn." I say," nice to meet you" and I extend my hand to shake but, he grabs my hand and kisses it. I Maka-chop him and everyone looks surprised. Tamaki says," she is vicious, she is the only one I know who can get as scary as Kyoya, joyful as honey, as calm and silent as mori and so much of a leader like me." I Maka-chop him he goes to the corner and I rub my temples. Two boys with orange hair come to me and one says," I'm Kouru and that's Hikaru" I extended my hand and say," I'm maka albarn and you better not do what the other guy did" I say with a smile and Kyoya just shudders. They looked terrified and Hikaru said," don't worry we're not like him" I say,"then it's a pleasure to meat you two". Then the tall guy says," I'm Mori" I say," it's nice to meet you Mori, I'm Maka albarn" a girl said," hello I'm Haruhi Fudioka" I say," hi I'm Maka albarn" I shake her hand and say," I don't mean to be rude but, do you like dressing like a boy?" She said,"somehow it just feels comfortable" I said," I guess that's true I hate dressing up in dresses and make-up, I guess we get adapted to different outfits" Tamaki looks bewildered. I say,"it was nice to meet people who can deal with my extrmely stupid cousin. Sometimes he is just to much to handle.". I mutter," he is just like my dad" I think the twins heard me and they asked," what happened between you and your dad. "I just said," nothing"

# with the group at death city

## Soul's part

I see how everything plays out and I growl when the man in the glasses kisses her hand and I was happy when she Maka-chopped the living daylights out of him. They got out of the airport soon and they got into a limo and a boy with orange hair openes the door for her and I again as the other orange head elbowed him and he blushed. Maka-closed her eyes for a second in the limo and opened her eyes again. I guess she is using soul perception and she looks around and her eyes widen when she sees tamaki and she rubs her temples.

# maka's part

I use soul perception in the car and everyone was eather a miester or weapon and my eyes widened when I see tamaki, he is a meister. Why of all the options tamaki would have to get a responsible part. I rubbed my temples, I have to tell them when we go to the destination.

Once we get there, I say," can I talk to all of you in private" they all nod as the maids leave I lock the doors behind them. Everyone is shuddering as I point to Kyoya and say," your up first" he walks over and I use soul perception and when I open my eyes I figure out he is a weapon. I say," there is a school called DWMA wich means death weapon miester academy for people who can turn into weapons and miesters who wield the weapons. I have figured out some of you are weapons and some are miesters. The school has been built to defeat something called a kishin where a person feeds off of human soul instead of a bad soul. I am a miester/weapon wich is rare. Kyoya you are a weapon, think of a weapon and concentrate think and something will click. I will demonstrate" I think about my scythe form and next thing you knew I fell to the ground in my scythe form. Everybody was in awe as I changed did the same and he was a dagger and when you lost the dagger it would come back like a bumerang. Next was mori who was a miester, itold him miesters have a very important job where you are the one actually fighting and you have to make sure you don't die. He nodded and next were the twins who were two matching swords. I told them you will always take the hit for you miester and grow a loyalty to them. You will have to resonate with your miester at one point and you have to put an ego asighed and understand eachother. They nodded as I explained to honey he was a huge thick sword in weapon form. Haruhi was a miester and I headed to Tamaki, I said, "Tamaki, you are a miester out of everyone you should focus the most put your ego asighed and if you let stupid things get in your way then one little slip up, will end the life of you and your weapon you got that?!" I used venom in my voice so he would understand he nodded. I smiled and said," good now I need to contact Lord Death, come with me everyone." I found a mirror on the wall and blew fog into it and said,"42-42-564 whenever you want to knock on deaths door" the screen apeared and I said,"hello death." Whazzup,whazzup,whazzup maka" I said," I found all the miesters and weapons wich were my idiot cousins friends, I have not caught the kishin yet though sir" he said,"good work Maka! Your friends would like to see you!" I first saw Soul and said," everyone this is my weapon partner Soul and very good friend" he smiled and said," how are you doing Maka?" I smiled and said,"good I found the miesters and weapons on my first day" Kouru and Hikaru came up behind me and put there arms around me and Kouru said,"she is like an angel, she taught us how to go in our weapon form and she said if we don't find" Hikaru continued," a miester then we can wield eachother" they both said thanks and kissed my cheeks, I blushed furosiously and coughed. Soul growled and Tsubaki came up and pushed Soul away and asked how I was and swooned over Tamaki and I ended up being in an awkuard position because she liked my cousin. Liz and Patty ended up doing the same thing. Blackstar ended up ranting on how great he was and kid complimented on how symetrical the twins were. Lord death came back on the screen and said,"have everyone help you fight the kishin and train the screen went blank. I said,"ok everybody will be working today!"