he host club and Maka chapter 6

I woke up the next day with my legs as heavy as lead. I groaned and tried getting up, in my head I thought," resonating with myself puts me in so much pain, its the same power I can do with soul, maybe even less... I'll only do it when I'm by myself in a dyer situation." I nodded to myself and I stiffly got up from my bed, my legs were so sore

! I got my ass together and started walking normally to the kitchen,"ow ow ow ow ow" my head thought. Soul already had breakfast on the table. I looked at the clock and I freaked out. "Ahhhh! Soul! Were going to be late for school!" He dished some food on two plates calmly and said," I told Lord Death you couldn't come because you got injuries." "Then why are you here!?" Soul calmly responded while sitting down," because i told them I was taking care of you.." He took one bite... "Maka-chop!" Soul ended up having his head bleeding a fountain as Maka asked," so where's Blair?" "Just a second Maka "

He got his head to stop bleeding," well, she went to work, I kinda threw her out the window, but she went to work..." "Soul!" "Eh"

-Souls Flashback-

Souls face was suffocating in blairs boobs as she said," come on soul, no ones here to stop us now!" He yelled,"Maka !" No one came... He growled, got Blair to stop suffocating him and she turned into cat form as he picked her up and threw her out the window. end of flashback "And that's what happened" soul said. I laughed and wiped a tear away as soul smiled sheepishly.

I said," well, you didn't have to stay... I'm sorry" " nah, this is better than going, in a way I still am taking care of you." He smirked and I smiled back at him. "Yup, so do a good job!" We ate in silence for a few seconds. He then said," so your cousin went back,and your stuck with me, so, maybe we could watch a mov-"

"IM HERE!", yelled a certain blonde with six followers ~silence~ "Boss, they don't look happy to-" started kouru "See us."finished hikaru "Tamaki, don't break the door down." Said kyoya. "But, my dear cousin is in pain after a huge fight after saving the world, so! I wouldn't be doing my part if I just stayed at home and watched from afar as she recovers! I'm here to help!" Replied tamaki, ignoring the other comments. I plainly said," go home." "So cruel! To your own cousin! Just let me help!"

Souls POV

I said," if you want to help, clean the house, that'll be fun." "Sir yes sir!" Answered hunny,tamaki, kouru, and hikaru. They rushed to the other parts of the house as haruhi sighed. She then asked," so, how is your recovery?" Directed to Maka

Maka shrugged and said," my legs are sore but, other than that its fine. I forgot to ask about your injuries. Some of you were bleeding." "Oh we're fine. We're just worried about you, you did save us." "No, not really" "yes you did, and we're thankful" haruhi said while bowing.


I sighed then kyoya asked," soul eater? Have you noticed you put those idiots, in charge of something as cleaning, we are very rich after all, they don't even know how to clean."


"Ahhhhh! Put it out! Put it out!" "Help!" "Fire!" Everyone wondered," how the help did they do that!?" Then Maka shot up and marched to the scene. Oh no...

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