For my favorite fantasy author and my favorite book through out her entire (massive) collection.


It was many years since she had seen her friend, at least in the up close, personal way they had once known each other as. She's memorized his place in the sky, and she always thinks that he can see her as well. But he seems so cold at this distance, when she knows his heat perfectly well.

She didn't lead a short life, nor a sad one. There was heartbreak, but there was laughter as well. She fell in love, and had a beautiful daughter. She lived in Britain until old Miss Smith died, and then they left to settle in the green hills of Ireland.

Day by day, though, she grew old, as all men and women do. Her young skin wrinkled, and her eyesight faded as well. She relished in the joys of grand children and peace, and adopted many starving animals, as was her nature.

At the end of her life, Miss Smith told Kathleen that all separation is merely an illusion, and every person is united at one point with the ones they love.

These are the words she repeats to her tear stained daughter as she lies, hapless in her bed. Her husband is long gone, but the sun continues to shine. Sol, in all of his bright, eager pride, will never wan.

That night, she wakes up as the moon's at its highest, but she can't move her arms or legs. At first she thinks she's having a dream, but then realizes it's something different. She feels detached from her body, as if she's no longer a physical being.

A green light bathes over her, and she opens her eyes to see a familiar figure. She hasn't seen him in years, and the shape looks dimmer than she recalls. She supposes a celestial body must dim down, or else they'd burn up all in sight.

She thinks she'd have a hard time adjusting to the name Sirius, but she realizes he hasn't been Leo in a long time.

"Are you ready?" He asks in a rumbling voice, what she would imagine from such a proud, bright star. He holds out a flickering hand, and when she touches it, it doesn't burn. He then whisks them out from the house, away from Earth, past Sol, and to his sphere. He introduces her to his untenanted companion, bright and pearly.

She doesn't know if she's bright or strong enough to live here, but Sirius was always there for her when she needed, so she tries her best. He assures her that is enough.

When on Earth, she knows that a dog's nature held back his true power. He is awesome, and she can't deny that. He never spouts his flames at her, but she's there when he loses his temper at Polaris. It's a terrifying sight, the way he burns and roars. She risks being attacked by his flames, but when she touches him, he immediately cools.

"How come you can do it so easily?" Asks Saiph miserably, after being flamed by Sirius. He was usually much kinder, but he still couldn't stand other stars lingering around her too long.

She pauses, and then smiles fondly. "He needs me to look after him." She says after a moment. "And he knows it, too."

To the people on Earth, they'll merely look like twinkling lights in the sky.

Something short. It's hard to mess with perfection, right?