So, Diana Wynne Jones is honestly one of my favorite authors, and I just reread some of the Chrestomanci series. Really, of all her (very few) love stories, I think Christopher and Millie are one of the best besides Kathleen and Sirius (from Dogsbody, by favorite of her books. If you haven't read it, I recommend it highly) and maybe Howl and Sophie as well. So I couldn't resist doing a little something for them.


Summary: Christopher's hungry and tired, but even then he can't resist learning some of her secrets.

He wakes up extremely late that day, dragged away at the middle of the night by Gabriel deferring a summon to him. He had collapsed in his bed, finally, just as the sun was rising, and no one was able to roust him until nearly noon.

Groaning, he pulls himself from slumber and dresses himself carefully before lumbering downstairs. Breakfast is over, but Henrietta, Conrad, and Bernard are still in the playroom. He saunters up to them, ignoring Conrad's grin and wondering about Bernard's scowl.

"You were impossible to wake." Henrietta giggled, taking a break from practicing levitation magic. "Bernard tried, but you called him a 'bloody badger-faced boy' and kicked him out of the room."

At this, both Conrad and Henrietta dissolve into hysterics, and Bernard throws him a dirty look.

Christopher shrugs apologetically. "I was gone most of the night." He tries to explain. He glances around the playroom, asking, "And where did your other legs go to, Henrietta?"

She smiles back at him. "Elizabeth went outside with Jason to see some of his new booby traps. I think Millie's up in her room." She says the last sentence vaguely, as if she were unsure at what Millie was exactly doing, and didn't care much, either.

"Hm." He grunts, before turning on his heel. "I think I'll pay her a visit." He says, flouncing away.

Bernard stares glumly after him, and Henrietta pats his shoulder kindly. "There, there, Bernard. I'm sure Christopher doesn't really believe you have a badger face."

Conrad rolls his eyes, trying not to laugh.

Millie isn't in her room, actually. In fact, he finds her in the library, tucked into the corner she usually is in. However, instead of reading, she's sketching something. He ventures closer, and sees that she's actually drawing.

Somewhat surprised, as he never knew her to be the artistic type, he steps towards her. He doesn't get very far before she shoots a lazy spell at him with a wave of her hand. It's one meant to push someone back, but she doesn't put extreme effort into it, so he dodges it easily. "Go away, Christopher." She mumbles, looking focused on her work.

He smiles disarmingly, dropping down into the seat across from her. He doesn't try to sneak a peek at the drawing, not right away. Instead he starts idle conversation. "I didn't know you liked to draw."

"Hm." Millie mutters. "Well, it was the only thing I didn't mind learning while I was in the school in Switzerland." She says.

He flinches slightly. Those weren't great memories, although her escapade did lead them to befriend Conrad. "And what would you be drawing? A great landscape, perhaps? Or maybe mister de Witt?" He jokes, although he can see what he thinks is a human face from his angle.

He tries to look closer, but she shuts the sketchbook suddenly, all coy, innocent smiles. He thinks he may be rubbing off on her too much. "My inspiration is for me to know, and you to not find out." She tells him finally.

Somewhat affronted, Christopher grumbles, but then brightens up. "Well, I believe it's about time for breakfast, isn't it? I'm starved."

Millie laughs, conjuring the sketchbook away, much to his own chagrin. "It's almost lunch." She says, and he stands to loop and arm with hers.

"Doesn't matter." He grins. "Come on, let's go sneak into chef's private store."

She rolls her eyes, but laughs as they scamper away.

Most of the shots are already written, so the next update should be soon. Until next time!