Whoot! Update! Continuation in the jealousy series. Exciting.

Summary: It's one thing she doesn't enjoy much about this world and all of its complexities.


He's doing this on purpose. She knows he is.

She can tell in the way he follows her to every room, with that blonde-haired nitwit attached to his arm. The girl was svelte and pretty and curved in all the right places. Her laughs were tinkled and light and placed just so they could compliment him.

The way he also refuses to look at her is a dead giveaway as well. Honestly, she isn't sure why he is in such a huff, and so determined to show off his ability to capture the attention of any and every girl. For the last time, she knows he's a charmingly handsome devil, even if she wants to bust his lights in.

Sometimes, she thinks, there is a disadvantage to having a nine-lived enchanter for a best friend.

Miserably, Millie tries to ignore the girl's light giggle and Christopher's loud, becoming voice. She wanders over to where Conrad is sitting, admiring the impressive decorations on the tree.

He gives her a look of understanding pity as she sits next to him. He only has to glance over at the couple on the couch to realize what's happening.

"You know he's only mad because Fleming kissed you." He tells her, as if that's reassuring. She lets out a sigh of annoyance, twitching the dress on her knees.

"He's such a child." She seethes as quietly and calmly as she can. "One would think I purposely attacked his dignity."

Conrad shoots her a look, as if to say that was exactly what he thought. She glares at him half-heartedly, too sullen to properly insult back. "What? It's not my fault his ego is the size of all of England."

Her friend laughs slightly at that, and she smiles, remembering fondly the first night they had met. They had done their best to destroy Christopher's character then as well. It had been raunchy fun, even if she had spent the next few days constantly worried over his disappearance.

The brief happy mood is spoiled, though, as Christopher leads his date within obvious closeness of Millie to show her to the refreshments table. Once again, Conrad looks at her empathetically. Piteously, she mutters that she's going to go to the drawing room.

Refusing to look at them as she flees, she pushes past many of the guests in the living room. She makes her way up the stairs, and left, into the drawing room.

There, many of the older guests linger, and Gabriel seems surprised to see her amongst the adults. She merely smiles half heartedly, before, with a stroke of luck, spotting Elizabeth on her own.

Her new lad, a handsome Italian named Antonio, is busy talking with one of the other guests about the business of potions. She looks bored on her own, already knowing enough of the business without the actual care that would help her in this situation.

Millie sits next to her, and Elizabeth immediately perks up. "Darling, what pleasant timing!" She says welcomingly. The younger girl nods, also happy to have found some sort of relief.

For minutes, they talk together, speaking of unimportant, girlish matters as they love to do. Millie has always admired Elizabeth's finesse and her wonderful talent in music. However, as Millie is explaining one of her magic lessons to her, Elizabeth falls strangely silent. Following her gaze, Millie freezes when she sees Christopher guide the girl into the room.

She could kill him, she thinks furiously. Elizabeth looks concerned, placing a hand over Millie's. The girl turns away from the sight, trying to banish the ferocity from her face.

He's doing this on purpose. She knows it. And he's dead wrong if he thinks that two can't play at this game.

Poor Millie. It must be tough having someone like Christopher around. But don't worry, she'll get him back.

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