Sleeping has become a series of nightmare.

I don't know what is real or fake anymore.

I see Jason and me sitting and laughing closer than ever, which then turns to me with blue fire shooting out of my hands with screams filling the air.

I see me with a blank mask showing deep coldness then see Piper smiling at me with Jason holding her hand.

I feel fear and rage then pain and heartbreak not knowing where either came from just watching everything flash by.

What is real?

I see my mom dying in my fire or bleeding to death in my arms.

I see myself fighting with skill and grace greater then even Percy's.

I see two people who are the same yet completely different. One goofy and happy on the outside, but lonely and insecure on the inside and the other hard and intimating, hiding his fears and memories deep inside hoping no one will ever see.

Both of them are different in every way except their looks and name, different sides of the same coin.

I can hear someone shouting and screaming my name in a panic shaking and slapping me.

I ask myself something I have been questioning since the very beginning of this mess,

who am I?