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Summary: He finally accepted what others said about him. Now it was his turn to help the others accept who they were...


agreement with or belief in an idea, opinion, or explanation.

I wasn't accepted, so I'll just copy their actions and repeat them. I'll copy and finally be accepted, like how he says I will be.

"wow you really are useless, sakura"

"Psh sasuke, aren't you supposed to be an uchiha"

"You guys are nothing"

"You guys are useless, good thing I'm here"

He didn't know when it started, the taunting and degrading of his friends and those close to him. It just spilled out of his mouth without his permission and when he realized what he said, it was too late to take them back. He tried saying sorry but soon enough, sorry lost all meaning to them. The thoughts were almost not his, not completely anyway. They just came from that dark part of his mind, that since everyone taunted him, they deserved a little in return. The fox only egged him on.

"you don't think they actually care do you?"

"They all made fun of you, it's only fair you can do it too."
"Yeah, you're right…"

"I always am…"

He continued with the degrading taunts…only getting worse with time.

"Why are you still here useless, I told you to leave already…deaf too?"

"You'll never get that right. Let me show you how to do it right, stupid"

"You want to be with me? In your dreams ugly."

He agreed with the fox…the entire village taunted him and degraded him when he was younger. Now he was agreeing with their reasoning for taunting him. How could one get stronger when you didn't know your own weakness? He used to think they were monsters, taunting a poor orphan kid for no reason and leaving him out of everything. Now he was glad they did. The fox did too. But not everyone agreed with them.

"Stop Naruto! That's crossing the line!"

"You're being an idiot, stop with the insults!"

"You know you're only hurting yourself!"

He never did believe that last one. They all said that. How was he hurting himself? If anything, he was making himself proud. He was helping others realize their weaknesses and helping them become strong. Especially Sakura and Sasuke. He paid special attention to them. He knew he was helping them. Especially when they were all reunited and they trained together. Sakura took into consideration his words now. She would train for days but since she never looked tired he kept telling her.

"That technique isn't perfect, didn't you practice?"

"Even I can do that Sakura, you need to try harder."

"You call that a strategy? There so many holes even I see them!"

Sasuke took them into consideration too. After Naruto improved techniques that Sasuke had been working on, he used his Sharingan a lot more to copy them. Naruto also egged him on knowing that the more he used it, the better he would get.

"C'mon Sasuke, you're an Uchiha!"

"Look at me! I can do it better than you are!

"Stupid, use your Sharingan, maybe you'll be able to do it!"

He was helping everyone. He knew and so did they, why would they listen to him if he wasn't. He was helping everyone. The voice in his head agreed as well. He was helping everyone.

"Keep telling them! They're so stupid, you can do that. You can do everything they do better. If you can so could they. They taunted you. They tore you down. They were right. We agree. We're stupid. We're idiots. We're…we're…nothing. So we help them. We help everyone. Like they helped us."

Even if he wasn't there, he repeated it until his words stuck with them. Just like their words always rung in his head. Reminding him how worthless, stupid, idiotic, useless, and how much of a nothing he was. He was helping them, they should accept it.

He and the voice in his head agreed. They should accept it just like how he accepted their words.

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